The Not So Extreme List

First of all I am SO sorry that it took so long for me to update. I had a lot of things to do this summer and I ran out of ideas so I pretty much gave up. So, I would LOVE to thank these people for the ideas: Yumizuki, VampiressE12B, and WhereStarsComeFrom. Here it is!

1. You make an Edward Mii on the Nintendo Wii

2. You have so much things about how much you love Edward Cullen in your profile that you have to –sob- delete –sniff- some of –cries- them (I literally cried when they couldn't display it)

3. You literally beat (or cyber-beat) the heck out of someone for insulting Edward Cullen (I actually met someone on DeviantArt that said that. SHE CALLED HIM A FRICKIN MOD!!!!!! THE NERVE!!!) (a mod is a modern vampire, he is one but not the frickin part…I want to beat the frickin sense into her!!!)

4. You get over your 5-year crush…only to fall for a (totally hot) fictional character

5. You write –your first name- Cullen all over your notebooks without knowing it

6. You went through every single classic song you could find to find one that actually sounds like what you think Bella's lullaby would sound like (for me, I found the perfect one…it's in Diddly's (in my fav authors) profile

7. You plan on getting a HUGE mob of Edward-lovers to knock some sense into the person on number 3

8. In Twilight you only read the parts with Edward in it. Not the part when Bella was in La Push, not the part when Bella was in Port Angeles (the first part of it), and not when Bella went to Phoenix.

9. You totally understand why Edward wouldn't change Bella (I do, I'm just part of the "Change Bella" club…wanna sign the petition?)

10. You think tanning was sooooo last thousand centuries

Bonus: You are suddenly so looking forward to finding out who your lab partner is this semester, school year, whatever…

A/N: Here I apply to all of them including the bonus except number 5. I'm totally blank right now, and I'm gonna go to sleep.) I'll update my other story too.