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Summary: What if Itachi and Naruto were to fall In love beacuse of some Rainbow? What would happen
if Sasuke's love got rejected? Itachi and Naruto find it hard to admit love but when something terrible happens

fate brings them together. (i suck at summary's)

The Kitsune and The Lunar Rainbow

The rain had started to pour down. The smell and the sound of water hitting the cold floor had calmed a certain blonde down. The boy had been sitting under a tree due to the fact that he had exhausted himself over training...again. Naruto would train until he either reached his limits or when he would get hungry. He always ate ramen, breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Everyone kept telling him to eat something different once in a while. Eating ramen all day was utterly unhealthy. Naruto didn't care tough.

Naruto's ocean blue eyes stared at dark Grey clouds. Wondering when the rain would stop, not that he minded that it was raining. After all he did love the rain. With a sight he gathered up enough energy to get up and go home.

The cold streets were empty and Naruto was great full for that. Sure getting wet and not having an umbrella was bad, but having people glare and mumble things about you was worse. Everything had started 12 years ago. The day the Kyuubi was sealed inside him. A demon known as the Kyuubi had attacked Konoha. It was midnight and many brave ninja's had been killed and injured. Konoha had been practically destroyed. But if it had not been for Yondaime, who had weakened the fox and sealed him inside his new born baby, Konoha would've defiantly been no more. That was the only way to kill the demon, if he were to be sealed inside a human body he'd die along with that person.

Now one knew why Yondaime had sealed the Kyuubi inside Naruto. Nobody would care if they found out the truth. The villagers would hate Naruto, not for who he was but for the demon he carries inside him. The blue eyed boy kept walking towards his destination. After a few minutes he realized that no rain was making contact with his body. He turned around only to see a smiling Uchiha before him. "What are you doing out here without and umbrella? You'll catch a cold" the raven haired teen asked. Naruto just shrugged and said "I guess I just like the water touch my body." Itachi just stared at him. "if you do that then you'll get a cold and a fever."

"I'd like to think of it as, the rain hitting my body is when it's trying to purify me. It's washing away all my crimes...even though I haven't done anything." Naruto lowered his head and stared at the floor as if he found something interesting about it. Itachi lifted Naruto's chin up with his free hand.

"I know you didn't do anything wrong. Naruto you were born innocent and you still are. You may think otherwise but to be honest..." Itachi leaned closer to Naruto's ear and whispered the last sentence. "Some people think you're a hero and the light in this village." he stood up straight and threw a heart warming smile. Naruto blushed slightly. "Not to men chine you have ton's of friends that care about you Naruto-kun. Especially those 3 fan girls of yours. They'd do anything to keep you smiling." He chuckled softly. Naruto's blush went even deeper but not from embarrassment he blushed because he was Happy.

Itachi would always find some way to make his favorite blonde happy again. Leaving his thought's, Naruto then hugged the older teen. Itachi stumbled a bit but got his balance together not wanting to fall down on the ground. 'I should've seen this coming.' Itachi thought to himself mentally.

They hugged each other for a few minutes. Eventually they a parted from the hug. The older teen took the blonde's hand on his own and decided to walk him home safely. Itachi me the boy when he was 5. That day was tragic yet special. He promised himself that he would never forget that day not even till the day that he dies.

XxFlash BackxX

The sun was setting, taking in it's last sunlight from the land.
"Why can't you just leave me alone!!" a small boy had screamed to a group of boys. 3 older teens had chased Naruto down and alley. They had corned the boy and there was no escape. None of the 3 answered the boy's question, instead they kept walking towards the boy. The blonde was shaking in fear as they got nearer. "S-stop don't come any closer." but It was no use. Naruto was trying to think of something quick, but before he can think even further one of the teen's had grabbed a hold of Naruto.

He grabbed Naruto by the collar of his shirt, "you know, you're kinda cute up close" the onyx haired boy whispered in his ear. Sending shiver's down Naruto's spine. "what should we do with him?" said his redheaded friend. "should we kill him? It'll be fun" said the other teen with an evil smirk on his face.

By now the blonde was trembling. "We could. But before we do that what do you say we have some fun with him first" Naruto was confused and scared at the same time. What could be worse than getting killed? Well. Naruto was about to find out. The redhead had pulled out some wire from his jacket and started to tie Naruto's writs together. "W-what are you doing?" the poor boy struggled to free himself from the powerful grip but the teen wouldn't let go.

"You'll find out soon enough shorty" the teen holding him had then put Naruto on the floor to stand on all four's. Naruto had no idea what was about to happen but he knew it wasn't going to be pretty. He felt a hand tug his shorts. Naruto was going to turn around, when he felt something cool against his throat, he immediately froze. "Make any movement and you'll regret it." He obeyed the older teen's command. Why did these sort of things had to happen to him? Why did he have to be punished for the crimes he did not commit? ‚ƆHurry up and finish your business Reiku" said the teen who just stood there observing the teen. The onyxes haired boy nodded. Just then Naruto felt something hot and big enter inside him. He screamed. "ahhh- s-top" tears were forming in his eyes. No matter how much he begged him to stop, he wouldn't, instead he would thrust harder and faster. He never before felt this feeling, but it sure as hell hurt a lot. He wanted it to stop, he didn't want it. This pressure was to hard to bare.

The other two just laughed. Naruto's pain was there amusement. "God damn your so tight" the teen behind him said. He gripped Naruto's hips making him cry out even louder. He can feel the older boys nails dig into his flesh and draw out blood. "Make it stop PLEASE!!!!!" The pain just kept coming, it never went away nor did it try. "God I can't take it anymore." the redhead then pulled his pants down along with his boxers.

He stood in front of the blond. Naruto can tell the teen had been aroused by the scene. "Try and make me feel good will ya. If not..." he pressed the kunai in Naruto's throat hard. Naruto winced and obeyed. He wanted this to be over already,

He took the large member into his mouth. The teen hissed at the immense pleasure he received. The blonde's tears kept coming, they feel freely down his whiskered cheeks. After what seemed like an eternity, the redhead came into the Naruto's mouth, who spat out the hot liquid out of his mouth, not wanting to swallow something awful. Unable to handle the tightness of the small hot cavern the raven haired teen spilled his seed deep inside Naruto. "That felt good" both teen's said in unison. "don't you think so to demon?" the redhead had asked Naruto, who didn't reply. "Finally it's about time you too finished" the other boy had said.

"Now what should we do with him?"

"He's no use to us no more...so we might as well kill him...put him out of his misery."

The boy's smirked, they took out their kunai's and charged towards the bleeding boy. Out of the blue, a tall dark figure had appeared in front of the group. "what the hell? Who the hell are you?" They said at the same time. "why did you do this to this poor boy?" The raven haired teen asked with eyes as red as blood. "what we did is none of your business. Now get the fuck out of the way and get lost." The redhead said charging towards the stranger. With a blink of an eye the teen fell to the ground."W-what the hell did you do and who are you?" the boys said with complete shock.

"I am the one who will punish you for what you've done to this poor child. And your friend here won't be getting up. You see I killed him" the boys gasped. "but don't worry you two will share the same fate."
with fast speed the raven haired stranger had plunged kunai knives in each boy's heart.

He slowly made his way towards the blonde boy who was there just breathing steady. He slowly picked up the boy in his arms. "hey can you hear me? Are you alright?" he asked with a concerned voice. Naruto opened his eyes and said above a whisper "Thank you."

"Hang in there kid. They wont hurt you anymore."

"who are you?"

"I'm Uchiha Itachi. And I will protect you from any bullies that bother you." he said with a small smile.

"M-my guardian...Angel" Naruto couldn't say another word, he was to tired and then fainted.

"don't worry Naruto -kun I'll protect you."

XxEnd of FlashackxX

Naruto and Itachi had finally arrived at their destination. The Kyuubi vessel searched for his keys. He opened his door and before he went inside he looked at Itachi. "Do you wanna come in?" he said with a big smile. "Maybe some other time. I better get home before my parents find out I'm not there." He slowly turned and walked away. He felt a tug on his arm, he turned around to find Naruto signaling him to bend down.
"what is it?" Naruto leaned closer and kissed Itachi in the cheek. "Thank you...my angel" Naruto then ran inside his apartment and waved good bye. Itachi just smiled "I swear that boy is unpredictable."

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