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As the day was nearing to an end Naruto laid on his couch for a couple of minutes to rest. "Damn, I knew clothes shopping was bad but I had no idea it was this bad when I go with the girls." Naruto said as he slowly rubbed his feet and back. He was so exhausted from the walking and carrying of the shopping bags.

He did get a few new things, like loose fitting pants and shirts. And other stuff that needn't to be said. In other words they haven't gotten any baby clothes yet. Naruto somehow managed to convince the girls not to buy any baby clothes. Just then Naruto's head shot up. "That's right. I forgot to stop by Sasuke's place to go pick up my Journal." The blonde stood up and walked toward the door, slipping on his shoes and grabbing his orange jacket he set out to the Uchiha estate.

:12 minutes later:

Naruto had been in the Uchiha Estate and was walking towards Sasuke's house. The fellow Uchiha's had been greeting him and saying their Hello's. It's rather pathetic thought. The villagers hate Naruto, but the entire Uchiha clan doesn't. They kept telling him that he was a hero to the village and that their sorry that the other villagers couldn't see that. That's why Naruto always felt safe and comfortable when he was in the Uchiha Estate. After passing a few blocks, Naruto finally arrived in Sasuke's place. He knocked on the door loud enough so some one can hear it.

"COMING" A feminine voice had called. "Yes—Naruto!!" it was Sasuke's mother who had answered the door and she grabbed him on a bone crushing hug. "Hello! But is Sasuke here? There's something I left here when I was staying over and I was wondering if I may come in and get it." Naruto said in a sweet voice. "Of course Naruto, I thought I told you before. You may come here whenever you like. You're family here." At this Naruto's face brighten up. No one has ever told him he was family. "Thank you very much." Sasuke's mother nodded and let the blonde come in.

She left to the kitchen telling Naruto Sasuke was upstairs. As Naruto was ascending up the stairs he could hear a few giggles and laughs, "Oh Sasuke don't be so modest. You can touch me anywhere you like." Naruto's eye twitched, 'Great. I guess Sasuke's mom forgot to tell me that, that annoying girl is here.' Naruto mentally thought. Though he chose to ignore it. He walked towards the room that he used last time. He placed his hand on the handle and was about to turn it when the door to Sasuke's room opened. "Naruto?? What are you doing in Sasuke-kun's house?!" Sakura had asked as she pointed a finger at him. "Sakura-chan! Didn't expect to see you here either." Naruto said nonchalantly. "Well you didn't answer my question? Why are you here?" She said as she placed her hands on her hips. 'I don't have time to deal with this. Itachi's probably waiting at the house already.' "Don't worry Sakura, I just came here to get something that belongs to me." Naruto then turned his attention back to the door and was turning the knob. "As I said before you need to ask Sasuke before going in!" the pink haired girl remarked. "Sakura just let him get whatever he needs." Just then the raven haired teen came in view. The blonde felt utterly uncomfortable, wanting to get back to Itachi, he quickly went inside the room. He remembered placing his journal under the pillow; he lifted the soft material and found his little orange journal. Seeing as nothing was wrong with it he grinned and left the room, closing the door behind him. "Okay, thanks Sasuke. I have to go now; I have to meet with…someone. See ya guy's tomorrow." Before Naruto took off he heard his teammate respond, "I'll walk you to the door." Naruto shrugged. "Sasuke-kun..." The pinkette was following until Sasuke turned and glared at her, she smiled nervously, "I'll wait in your room then." She turned her back and went inside the room. The boys were already on the front door; Naruto slipped his shoes on, turned and bowed, "Thanks Sasuke, I guess I'll see ya tomorrow." He was about to leave, though he felt his arm caught by the other boy. "Sasuke—", he was silenced by a pair of lips. Blue eyes widen. Naruto pushed the other boy and slapped him across the face. "What the fuck do you thin your doing?!" Naruto whipped his lips with his sleeve shirt. Sasuke rubbed his cheeks and smirked. "Just something I wanted to give you for awhile."

Naruto pouted, "Bastard!" Naruto left without another word. The raven haired teen smirked in satisfaction. "Oh Naruto…I have big plans for you. As I promised, I'll make sure that kid never get's born. You will have my babies not Itachi's." The teen turned and walked up the stairs to his room. "First I need to get rid of a nuisance…"


The blonde searched for his keys to his apartment. Though only to have it opened. Naruto blinked in confusion, "Sorry, I used your window." There stood the father of his child. "It's okay, just as long as you're not some crazy nut job who's trying to kill me." Naruto grinned. Suddenly he felt himself get lifted into the air and into warm, strong hands. Itachi carried his kitsune inside, bridal style. "So…how was your mission today?" the blonde asked, Itachi sat him on the couch. "It was okay, though I prefer to stay here with you." Itachi said as he kissed his Kitsune's cheek. Naruto blushed. He often wondered why he fell in love with Itachi, and it was moments like these did it remind him.

Itachi is a sweet loving man, caring and generous. He would understand why girls would drool all over him. Naruto considered himself as a VERY lucky boy. Itachi, without noticing, was lying on his back. Naruto had pounced on him so fast; Itachi didn't even feel the weight of his lover. "Naruto…?" before Itachi can ask anything else he was kissed by the loving blonde. Itachi could feel the blonde rub his body against the older man. At first Itachi didn't know what to do. He was thinking Naruto may be horny, but if he made love to his Kitsune….well it would be disturbing. After all, he IS pregnant.

Itachi returned the kiss, deepening it. He wrapped his arm around the small waist, while his free hand ran through soft golden locks. Itachi opened an eye. The sight of his blonde blushing a beat red made him smile and…hard. Itachi rubbed his tongue against the blonde's bottom lip asking for entrance. Naruto moaned and let Itachi's experienced tongue in. The battle for dominance was short as Itachi won, but didn't matter to Naruto. The kiss was broken for the lack of air. Naruto huffed and looked into onyx eyes. "I love you Itachi. So very much…" Naruto said on the verge of tears. He didn't know why, but he felt like crying. Never in his life did someone love him this way. He always thought he would die lonely and never find out what it means to love another. But that thought was tossed out the window. Itachi had come to his life and made him happier than before. His fondest memory with him was when it was winter…


"Ita-sempai!!" Naruto shouted as he ran towards the older boy. Itachi smiled and leaned down to meet Naruto's. "Ita-sempai, look what I got." Naruto opened his hands, and there on his gloved hands lay a small butterfly. This made Itachi blink in confusion. Insects would hibernate, or something during the winter, so how was it possible that a butterfly would be flying around.

"Isn't it beautiful?" Naruto grinned. All Itachi could do was smile and pat the blonde's head. "It certainly is Naruto." Both boys smiled. Naruto blushed a deep red when Itachi placed a soft kiss on his lips. It was short but to Naruto it felt like hours. This was little Naruto's first kiss and it felt…sweet. "Let's go Naruto, before you catch a cold." Itachi took Naruto's hand. The blonde in a sort of dizzy state just nodded and let the older boy lead the way.

The little butterfly flew into the cold morning air, making its way into the deep blue sky.

XxEnd of FlashbackxX

Naruto smiled at his lover. "Naruto, you're so damn beautiful. I don't know what I did to deserve you." Itachi said while kissing him once more. "You loved me with a passion. No one has ever done that to me." The raven haired man smiled and hugged his little kitsune.

Shifting a little from their position, Naruto rubbed his groin with Itachi's. This made the older man groan. Naruto blushed and smirked. He continued the ministration, making both latter moan in pleasure. 'Get it together Itachi, he's pregnant, this is too much work for him' gathering enough energy, and stamina, Itachi slowly pushed his lover off him. Naruto blinked in confusion, "W-what's wrong Ita-kun?" Itachi shook his head, "You shouldn't. It's a bit too much to ask. With your condition you don't need to do anything." He smiled. Though deep inside he desperately wished he could take his little blonde to the bed and fuck him senseless. But thanks to not wearing any protection, his Naruto was pregnant, not that he hated it, just that it was a bit too soon. Especially if your lover is a damn 12 year old!

"But—" Itachi held Naruto's hand with his, "its okay koi. Don't worry about me." Naruto pouted in anger. He wanted to pleasure Itachi. He knew he must be dying for not getting any because of his condition. Which is why he wanted to do a little something with him, like a blowjob maybe? Naruto got up and sat on the floor facing his lover. With out a word he reached out and unzipped Itachi's pants. Before the older male could protest he felt Naruto's tongue lick his head.

Naruto grabbed Itachi's member and started licking at it. The taste was amazing to the blonde. Itachi bit hi bottom lip and grabbed a mess full of hair. The blonde smirked in satisfaction when he heard a muffled moan. Teasing him was only the beginning. Licking up and down the length, he blushed deeper when he heard Itachi mutter his name. Naruto sucked the tip for a short while until he swallowed Itachi whole. Pink pouty lips pressed tight around the member. 'I almost forgot how good Itachi tasted' Naruto mentally giggled. With teeth gently brushing veins on his cock, Itachi hissed and felt sweat trickle down his forehead. 'Damn this feels so good…' Itachi mentally stated.

The blonde sucked harder, making Itachi's grip on his hair tighter. Naruto sucked and left his cock to attack his balls. Nearing to his end Itachi blushed lightly, "N-Naruto…I'm gonna…" Naruto, getting message, went back to suck Itachi's aching member. He licked his slit and swallowed Itachi's cock once more. The older male thrusted into the warm cavern, which made Naruto gag a bit, until he deep throated.

Naruto rubbed Itachi's balls with his hands, and it was enough to send Itachi over the edge. His head fell backwards and shot his load in Naruto's mouth. The blonde moaned. Itachi smirked as he spotted pearly white liquid slide down the blonde's chin. Naruto swallowed as much as he could. He whipped his mouth with his sleeve and grinned, "How was that Ita-chan?!" Itachi smiled and cupped the blonde's face. "It'll do for now." Naruto blushed and smiled. All Itachi could do was kiss his blonde. 'Once the kid's born, that ass will be mine once more.' Itachi smirked at the thought. Having the blonde moan and beg under him made him hard again.

"Itachi?" Naruto felt something was wrong but pushed the thought aside when he heard the word ramen. "Let's go eat some ramen." Itachi smiled as Naruto smiled.

'Love him to death'


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