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Summary (for chapter 1): Sora has Kairi and Selphie over and the two girls give him pie. Riku freaks out and rushes over to stop Sora from doing something stupid. Fluffy RikuSoraKairi

Food Stories

Chapter 1: Pie

Riku sighs as he loosens up his school tie and steps into his house. He slips off his shoes and drops his bag by the door before calling out, "I'm home!"

"I'm in the kitchen!" Riku's mom calls back to him. "You may want to check the answering machine! Sora's been calling for you!"

Riku raises an eyebrow. He just saw Sora fifteen minutes ago when they were leaving school. And Sora only calls a lot when something has happened. 'What did he do this time?' Riku wonders as he walks into the living room. He sits down on the couch and then drapes himself across it before he presses the playback button on the answering machine.

"Heeeeey Ri-Ri!" (Riku suppresses a twitch.) "It's Sora! Oh, and Kai's here too. Oh, and Selphie." Sora giggles. Yes, giggles. "You'll never believe--"

There's a beep as the message ends and then the machine clicks and Sora's voice comes through the speaker again. "Oops! Sorry about that. Riiiiiikkkuuuuuuu! I miss you! Come over and play! I've got," Sora giggles for a second time. "Pie!"

There's a click and the sound of the dial tone before the answering machine resets itself so it's ready to take more messages.

Riku stares at the answering machine for a minute or two with a horrified expression on his face. Then he curses loudly and rolls off the couch, banging his leg into the coffee table on accident. He leaps to his feet and runs for the door. As he passes by the kitchen he yells to his mom that he'll be back in a little while.

Outside he grabs his skateboard from where it's leaning up against the wall and drops it on the ground before jumping on it and pushing off. He flies down the road, avoiding rocks and stick that are on the stone. He rolls straight through town without slowing down and nearly crashes headlong into a group of girls from school. He doesn't bother shouting out an apology since he's already too far away from them. Colors and shapes blur together as he rolls down the biggest hill on Destiny Island and then he veers sharply to the right, cutting off onto a path that leads straight to Sora's house. His speed doesn't decrease until he's right at Sora's house and when he's close enough he jumps off the skateboard and lets it slam into the side of the house. Riku quickly jumps over the porch steps and barges through the front door.


Selphie and Kairi stop in the middle of whatever it is that they're doing to stare in shock at Riku. Sora giggles insanely and then rolls off the couch, not paying any attention to the fact that Riku nearly broke down his front door.

"Riku!" Sora happily says, stumbling to his feet. "You're here, so now we can have fun!" He spins around in a circle and nearly falls backwards onto the floor.

Riku glares at the two girls, who are trying to sneak out of the room and not doing a very good job of it. "Which one of you was it?" He demands. "Which one of you was insane enough to give Sora pie?! You know what happens when you give it to him! You both saw him after the one time Lulu brought pie to school for Wakka and Wakka decided it would be a good idea to share it with all of us. And Sora didn't see fit to warn us that his mother has banned him from eating pie!"

"It's an awful lot like what happens when you get a hold of a mocha." Kairi deviously says.

Riku turns a different shade of red. "I told you not to mention that ever again, Kairi!" He hisses. "You promised?"

Kairi looks innocently up at Riku. "Oops?" She offers, hoping her puppy-eyes will be enough to make Riku forgive her for bringing up the mocha incident.

"Uh, guys?" Selphie speaks up in a worried tone. "I know you two are arguing and all, but Sora's gone."


Selphie winces from the loud yells. "I'm sorry! I wasn't paying much attention to him because I was watching you two and then when I looked back at him he wasn't there. I'm so sorry." Her voice and expression hold all signs of her being truly sorry, so Kairi and Riku find themselves unable to be too angry with her.

Instead of staying to yell at Selphie the two bolt for the door to go hunt down Sora. They split up once they're outside and Riku goes to search the woods around the house while Kairi heads in the direction of the docks, wondering if Sora's heading off to the play island like he did last time.

The two search for over an hour and are joined by Selphie halfway through before the brunette girl has to go home for dinner. After searching everywhere they think Sora could be, Riku and Kairi meet back up on Sora's front porch and prepare to go inside and inform Sora's mom that they lost him. Before they can knock on the door it opens and Sora's mom smiles down at them.

"Hello, Riku. Hello, Kairi. Looking for Sora, I presume?" She asks. Before Riku or Kairi can say anything she steps aside and gestures for them to come in. "He's upstairs asleep if you want to go see him. Poor dear wiped himself out cleaning up his room and doing laundry."

Kairi and Riku exchange surprised looks and then dash past Sora's mom and head upstairs to Sora's room. Together they swing open Sora's door, which wasn't completely shut, and then stop in their tracks to stare at Sora, who is fast asleep on top of his covers.

Kairi covers her mouth and giggles a little before the giggles are replaced by a warm smile. Riku sighs, in relief and annoyance, and then crosses the room to Sora's bed.

"Riku, what are you doing?" Kairi asks. She watches with worried blue-violet eyes as Riku tries to gently tug the blankets out from under Sora so he can cover him up. She giggles softly when Sora rolls over and grabs Riku's wrist.

"Sora, let go." Riku whispers, trying to get back his captured wrist. He looks pleadingly at Kairi, who pretends like she doesn't know what he wants. Less than a minute later Kairi errupts into quiet giggles and then crosses the room.

Instead of trying to help Riku get his wrist free she crawls into bed with Sora and wraps her arms around him. She yawns and closes her eyes, trying to give Riku the silent hint to do the same. Just a few minutes later Riku gives up trying to escape from Sora's grasp and does the same as Kairi.

When Sora's mom goes up to check on them a half hour later she finds them asleep all cuddled up together. She resists the urge to squeal and scampers off to find her camera so she can takes lots of pictures and show Kairi and Riku's parents. Or maybe just their mother's.


Oh dear goddess, what have I done? I've sort-of, kind of started a new fanfic. (groans) The only good thing is that this one is just going to be a bunch of one-shots, all involving food in some way. Not all of them will be RikuSoraKairi ones, since there's this one ZexionDemyx one I want to write and I've got to do an AkuRoku one. Heck, this thing is just going to be a big mix of different pairings that I like. Fun!

I probably won't be updating this one very much. It's more of a spur-of-the-moment writing thing where I think of something that I can't drag out for a few chapters and toss in some food somewhere. Or like with this one, where I got the idea to make Sora go crazy off of pie and then just let it write itself out. Fun!

I have one more thing to say: I like pie. :P