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Food Stories

Chapter 5: Coffee and chocolate

It is just another average day at school. There are kids running all over the place causing trouble and throwing their trash everywhere. The seagulls are swooping happily above them, waiting for food to be dropped on the ground so they can dive down and retrieve it. And Axel is standing in the usual spot waiting for Roxas to show up.

It is around that time that Roxas shows up that the average day changes into a very bizarre one.


The redhead in question turns around just in time to catch Roxas as he appears out of nowhere and glomps him, snuggling up against his chest. Axel looks down at him in bewilderment, wondering what is wrong with him. Sora and Riku soon arrive, hand-in-hand, and Axel decides to ask them.

"Roxas is experiencing some technical difficulties right now." Sora says with a smile. "Please try again later or leave a message after the beep. Beeeeep!"

"You didn't get him drunk, did you?" Axel asks worryingly when Roxas begins rubbing his cheek against his shirt affectionately.

Riku rolls his eyes. "No. Sora put extra sugar and chocolate in Roxas's coffee this morning and he's been like this ever since. He'll be back to normal in a little while."

Axel looks down at Roxas, who continues to hug him and rub his cheek against his shirt, and then back up at Sora and Riku. "But- but I like him like this! He's actually hugging me! He's hugging me with feeling!"

Riku and Sora stare at him for a moment and then back away slowly, wondering about Axel's remaining sanity.

"Axel, you've finally lost it." Riku tells him.

"What are you talking about? Axel never had it." Kairi remarks, walking over to them. She notices Roxas and raises an eyebrow. "Why is Roxas hugging you?"

Axel shrugs. "I don't care right now. He's willing to hug me and I like it!"

Kairi rolls her eyes. "Of course you do. So, which one of you gave him chocolate?"

"Sora." Axel and Riku say in unison, while Sora raises his hand.

Kairi sighs and then taps Roxas on the shoulder. "Hey, Roxas, I've got a piece of chocolate for you."

Roxas detaches himself from Axel and clings to Kairi instead and the auburn-haired girl leads him away before he can further embarrass himself. Sora and Riku quickly follow, leaving Axel all alone.

A while later - Lunch

Axel spots Roxas walking across the lunchroom to his usual table and ambushes him halfway. He slides in front of him with a grin and Roxas stops walking and glares at him.

"Move." The short blonde growled.

"Aww, come on, Roxas. How about a hug? A hug with feeling!" Axel spreads his arms wide, expecting it to be like that morning when Roxas glomped him. Instead, the glare intensifies and then Axel's face meets Roxas's tray of cafeteria food.

"Shut. Up." Roxas seethes before stomping off to his friends.

Axel stares down at the tray for a moment and flicks a tomato off his cheek. Then he looks over at Demyx, who looks to be on the verge of laughing.

"You think that means 'I love you' in Roxas-speak?" Axel asks him.

Demyx's only response is to start laughing until his sides ache and tears spring to his eyes. Then he falls onto the floor, continuing to laugh and attract more stares than usual.

A while later - Before Last Period

Axel spots Roxas walking down the hall to his next class and hesitates a moment, the memory of what happened at lunch fresh in his mind. Then he gathers up his courage and walks over to Roxas with a big smile on his face.

"Hey, little buddy! How you feeling?" He asks.

Roxas glares at him and keeps walking. "Shut up, Axel."

"Geez, someone's all PMS-y today." Axel remarks, wondering what he did to invoke Roxas's temper. It can't have been the lunch-room thing, since he was angry then!

"I am not!" Roxas yells before stomping off for the second time that day.

Axel watches him go with a 'what-the-fuck?' expression on his face.

Selphie bounces up and watches Roxas storm off before looking up at Axel. "Hey, what's wrong with Roxas?"

"He's a woman." Axel mutters, shoving his hands in his pockets.

Selphie gasps in discovery. "I knew it!"

Axel gives her an odd look and then leaves to go to class.

"Didn't anyone tell you?" Naminé asks, swinging her legs from her perch up on the school wall.

Axel leans against the wall and looks up at her, waiting for her to continue.

"Roxas has a reaction to chocolate like Sora has to pie, except instead of falling asleep for twelve hours after, Roxas experiences more hangover-like symptoms." Naminé explains. "Sora has promised to not put chocolate in his coffee anymore."

"Oh…" Axel sounds a little disappointed and then perks back up when he thinks of something. "Hey, how long does his high usually last?"

Naminé giggles and then jumps down from the wall. Her pale blue sandals clack against the cement as she lands. "Three or four hours. But I wouldn't try it again. Roxas will be watching everyone carefully for a while, especially you and Sora."

Axel snaps his fingers in disappointment. Together the two begin the walk home to their neighborhood.

"So, what's with Selphie telling everyone that Roxas is a girl?" Naminé asks.

Axel chuckles and explains what happened earlier that day as they continue walking home.

End chapter

See, this is what happens when you get me and my friend Seto-chan on the phone and we start RPing. I don't even remember how this whole thing came about, although I know we were talking about how weird it would be if Roxas were to randomly glomp Axel. Now the two of us randomly shout, "How about a hug? A hug with FEELING?!" and hug each other. It's fun. Still not sure how I came to be Axel when I'm only around 5'2" and Seto-chan's taller than me and is Roxas.

Hmm... I need to do a cute LeonCloud chapter for this thing. I meant to, it's just that they're about as hard to write as Zexion is sometimes.