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Chapter 14: Welcome Home

About a week and a half later, after the boys had been rescued, Hunter was sitting on a park bench drinking a large cup of coffee and reading the sports section of the newspaper. Suddenly, a bullet hit him the chest. Hunter's body landed on its left side but remained on the bench. His eyes were closed and it looked as though he was only sleeping. The cup had slipped from his hand and its contents had ended up on the neatly manicured grass.

One Shot was across the street from the little park and was standing on top of an abandoned building that was going to be renovated to make fourteen apartments. One Shot smiled in satisfaction at his skill and began to take apart his sniper.

"Freeze! Texas Rangers!" A man's voice commanded from behind One Shot.

One Shot swore underneath his breath, dropped the pieces of the sniper onto the ground and raised his hands into the air. He slowly turned around to see the one who had spoken. He saw a man, with sandy colored hair and a short, dark-haired woman who had her gun aimed at his heart.

"You're under arrest, for the attempted murder of Hunter Prescott." Gage said firmly as he stepped forward, grabbed One Shot's arms and bent the arms back to put the handcuffs on.

"Attempted murder? The man is dead!" One Shot shouted triumphantly.

"No, he isn't." Sydney said as Gage began giving One Shot his Miranda Rights.

"Gage and Sydney caught him." Trivette said as he closed his cell phone

"Good, let's go tell Hunter he doesn't have to lie there anymore." Walker said as he began to walk toward the park.

"Yeah, thank goodness we can get away from here because this dumpster smells as though it was hooked up to a sewer line!" Trivette commented as he followed his partner.

"Ok, Hunter, Sydney and Gage have One Shot." Walker said once he reached the 'dead body'.

Hunter straightened and then stood up. "Good. I'm really glad that Andy found out that it was One Shot who was trying to kill me, because if he had shot at my head instead of my heart than I wouldn't be standing here right now." Hunter took off his coat revealing the bulletproof vest beneath that had prevented the bullet from going into Hunter's heart.

. "I'm glad that this is over." Trivette commented as he took the bulletproof vest and the bullet that Hunter had handed to him.

"It's not over yet." Hunter replied his green eyes shining in determination.

Hunter entered the visitors' room of the prison and sat down in the same chair he had before. He waited patiently for the guard to bring Diego in.

"My, my, look whose here, the amazing Houdini!" Diego shouted and slapped the table with his right hand once he had sat down.

"One Shot has been arrested, Diego." Hunter leaned forward and stared into Diego's eyes. "I think you've learned that you are not getting out of jail and I'm not backing down."

"Really, there was a lesson here somewhere?" Diego said smugly.

"Yeah, there was and you had better not even think about calling any more hits, Diego." Hunter warned, his dark eyes blazing as though the sun's rays were hitting an emerald.

"First of all, I didn't call a hit out on you." Diego said with a smile. "Why would I have another one put out on you?"

"Well, one good reason is Bobby Hollow. Do you remember Bobby Hollow? I see by that look of fear in your eyes that you do. He just might get transferred here and if he does, he might become your new roommate." Hunter said casually as though he were talking about football or about some changes on a restaurant menu.

Diego coughed to clear his throat, but the fear didn't leave his eyes. "All right, counselor, you win."

Hunter stood up, walked up to the door, and knocked on it twice. When the door was opened by the guard, Hunter turned to face Diego. "That's what I like to hear."

At the time that Hunter was speaking with Diego, the Malloy house was busy being set up for Trent and Carlos' homecoming.

Katie had Tyler and Tandy placing the streamers around the backyard with Tommy helping them. Butch was forming the hamburgers and getting the grill ready to go. Trivette and his fiancé Erika were setting up the welcome home banner that the kids had made earlier. Gage and Sydney was blowing up the balloons, in which Sydney had commented that it was a perfect job for Gage, since he tended to blow a lot of hot air. Kendra and Kim were setting up the picnic tables. Katie and Alex were chatting and cutting up the strawberries for the strawberry short cake and with Alex keeping an eye on the sleeping Angela.

Walker arrived with Trent and Carlos, he was driving Alex's car because it was easier for the two injured men to get in and out of than Walker's truck. Walker brought the two men around the house and into the back yard.

"We're here." Walker yelled to get the group's attention. Everyone came running over to greet them.

"Where's Hunter?" Walker asked Kendra as the others brought Trent and Carlos over to the picnic tables.

"He'll be here. He told me that he had to finish something." Kendra replied and Walker just nodded.

Hunter arrived about ten minutes later while Butch was grilling the burgers and hotdogs.

"Hey, Butch, it's time to flip those burgers." Jimmy said as he strolled over to the barbeque.

"It's not time to flip the burgers. They'll fall apart." Butch replied

"If you don't flip them now, they won't be juicy." Jimmy explained pointing at the burgers.

"All right, Jimmy, then why don't you flip the hamburgers?" Butch said as he held out the spatula to the Ranger.

"Alright." Jimmy said as he took the spatula from Butch and slid it beneath one of the burgers. He flipped the burger and it fall apart.

Jimmy coughed. "Ah. Here you go." He said as he handed the spatula back to Butch.

"Uh huh." Butch remarked as he proceeded to repair the damage done to the poor burger.

Butch finished grilling and brought the burgers and hot dogs to the already set picnic table and everyone began to dig in, after saying grace of course.

"Who made the potato salad?" Trent asked. "It's really good."

"Kendra made the potato salad." Katie replied, as she poured some more iced tea into his glass.

"Kendra can cook?" Carlos asked pretending to be bewildered.

"Yeah I can. Remember those cookies I made." Kendra said.

"Oh you made those? I thought you just bought them." Carlos replied with his eyes twinkling.

"Besides, potato salad isn't that hard to make. All you really need to know how to do is boil water. Can you boil water, Carlos?" Kendra asked with a smile.

"Yes, Kendra, I can boil water." Carlos replied.

"Good. I think you should make Trent and yourself some hot tea. Tea is good for you." Kendra replied with a grin. "You can drink the tea with cookies I made for you and Trent.

"Ok. Where's the teapot?" Carlos asked Katie and everyone just laughed.

guardianM3: That was the last chapter of Volume 2 everyone! I try to amuse, but sometimes I end up only amusing myself. The scene between Jimmy and Butch is a tribute to CD Parker and I hope that there wasn't a scene about the same thing between Jimmy and CD and if there is, sorry about that. Well, I finally decided what time my story is taking place. It is taking place about a year after Angela was born, so that means that it is 2002. That means it is before the TV movie "Trial by Fire" that aired in 2005. Plus if I made it 2007, Angela would be about five or six and six years seems too long since Trent and Carlos have seen Walker and Trivette. I don't know how long it's going to take me to start posting volume 3 titled "Kendra Stone Volume 3: Reunion", so just keep an eye out for it. I hope you all enjoyed this volume and will continue to read the many volumes to come.