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Harry Potter and the Last Marauder

Chapter 3: Yeah…So…

We're going to say three months later.

"Come on Remus!" Sirius called from the common room.

Remus, who was on his bed reading, stuck his finger on the page and closed the book. Rolling his eyes, he walked down to the bottom of the staircase, where Sirius was holding his coat and tapping his foot.

"I'm not going Sirius." Remus said folding his arms (and book) over his chest and leaning on the wall.

"Yes you are."

"No, I'm not."

Sirius took a dangerous step closer and stared at Remus, "Yes."

"Sirius, I can't. I have reading to catch up on and…"

Sirius rolled his eyes and grabbed Remus' arm, pulling him off the last step.

"It's the last game before Christmas break." Sirius said taking the book from Remus and throwing it on the nearest table.

"You do not throw 'Great Expectations' on the nearest table Sirius Black!"

"Oh, shut up." Sirius said pushing Remus through the door.

"My coat, Sirius." Remus said before Sirius came though.

"Right." Sirius said grabbing Remus' coat and fingering through it before handing it to him.

"What were you looking for, drugs?" Remus said pulling on his coat as they started heading out to the pitch.

"Books actually," Sirius smiled at Remus, "I know you have those pocket sized books."

Remus rolled his eyes but smiled none the less.

"Why exactly do I have to attend this match?"

Sirius' mouth dropped open, "It's a damned grudge match!"

"But we just played Slytherin." Remus said confused.

"Well. Its more of a grudge match for Prongs and…well just Prongs."

"Ah, Diggory?" Remus asked.

"He can't stand the guy. And this will be the tie breaker. They won the first time and then 2 weeks ago, we won."

"It's a shame you know," Remus said looking up at the sky, "That you aren't a beater still."

Sirius smiled and put his arm around Remus' shoulders, "Malfoy deserved it! He shouldn't have said that to you."

"I know. You didn't have to hit him with the bludger every time it came to you though. Then go looking for one, and hitting him again."

Sirius laughed and dropped his arm, "It got pretty hard after a while."

"I can imagine."

"I didn't know Sirius was on the team."

"He didn't like to talk about it." Remus said shaking his head.

"What did Malfoy call you?" Harry asked gently.

"Oh, um…He called me a half-bred monster. I guess Snape let it slip to him." Remus looked up and smiled, "One of nicer things Malfoy has ever said if you ask me."

"What are you doing here Evans?" Sirius asked sharply went the reached the Gryffindor stands.

"I didn't think you were that thick Black. The game is about to start, I am here to watch."

"Shouldn't you be over there?" Sirius pointed to the Hufflepuff stands.

Remus grabbed right above Sirius' elbow and whispered, "Sirius don't start something."

"No, I am right where I should be." Lily snapped at him.

"Aren't you Diggory's girl?" Peter asked coming over to them.

Lily opened her mouth to respond but Remus cut in, "Let's go find a seat…now."

Remus grabbed Sirius in the same place and pulled him away to the seats that Peter saved.

"I hate Evans." Sirius said to Remus as the teams came out.

"Easy Padfoot." Remus said before he started to cheer with Peter.

"Hated? Sirius hated my mum?"

"I'm not quite sure how Sirius felt about your mom at the time Harry. He just saw her hurting your dad and if you hurt James you hurt Sirius. Sirius felt like he had to protect your dad and to some extent your father protected Sirius, it's just the way they were."

Harry nodded his head.

"Here," Remus handed Harry a picture of James and Sirius celebrating, "I took it after the win, don't judge them, they were drunk."

Harry saw his mother in the corner with a friend and purple hair, "What happened?" He asked, pointing her out to Remus.

"Oh, here and Sirius got into it after the game. She said something about your father being arrogant, and Sirius insulted Diggory, and then she did the worst thing you could do to Sirius, talk about his family." Remus laughed, "She was all purple actually…your father made him turn her back, but he couldn't get her hair to turn back."

"Couldn't or wouldn't?" Harry said smiling down at his father and Sirius dancing on the tables.

"Good question, but I really do think he couldn't get it to turn back, it was fine the next though."

Harry smiled, "Did you guys spend Christmas together?"

Remus handed Harry a stack of pictures, "We all went to your dad's house that year."

Harry stared down at a picture of Sirius, his dad and his grandparents.

"They took Sirius in when he ran away."

"Yeah," Harry nodded, "Where they…What were they like?"

"They were kind, gentle, and just naturally caring people. A lot like your mother actually.. When they found out that I was a werewolf, I was shaking at the time, and then she laughed and said "Remus dear…What did you think we were going to say? 'Oh Dear!! Get the pitch forks!!!'?"

Harry laughed and picked up another picture, "What are you and Sirius wearing?"

"Oh…" Remus reached in his shirt and pulled out a dog tag, "James thought it would be cute to get the two canines matching dog tags."

Remus took it off and showed Harry. "Its metal you see, so it won't kill me." Remus said laughing.

It was a plain metal tag that had 'Moony' engraved on it along with his birthday.

"Sirius had 'Padfoot' along with his birthday. Your dad said the wizard that he bought them for thought he was joking when he said the names he wanted on them.

Harry laughed and handed the necklace back to Remus who returned it to his neck.

"Alright, where were we?" Remus asked.

"Just skip to the end of 6th year so we don't have to miss a lot of 7th."

"Alright…The end of 6th year, your father finally stopped asking your mother out everyday, your mother ended it with Diggory."

"Thank god…Oh, sorry." Harry mumbled.

Remus smiled, "That was your fathers reaction.. Um…Sirius and I," Remus looked up and Harry felt that he was either searching for the right words or not sure what to say about him and Sirius.

"Sirius and I have been fighting for about three months over me getting help in Potions of course, and about Severus…"

"James, you really should pack tonight." Remus said closing his trunk.

"I should, but where is the fun of scrambling around truing to find everything before 11:00?" James replied laying on Sirius' bed reading on of his Quidditch magazines.

"Oh yes, who would want to be prepared?" Remus asked collecting his books.

"James!" Peter said running into the dorm.

"Wha?" James answered lazily throwing the magazine in a pile of rolled over on his back.

"I just heard Evans talking to a Ravenclaw about you."

James, who was almost asleep, fell off of Sirius' bed, scrambled to get up, which in the process getting his feet tangled in one of his or Sirius' shirts. Both Remus and Peter snickered at him as he untangled his feet and grabbed a hold of Peters shoulders, shaking him slightly.

"What'd she say mate?!?!? What did she say?!??" James yelled.

"Oh yeah Potter, you're really not interested in Evans anymore." Sirius said walking out of the bathroom.

"Sod off Padfoot, Peter come with me." James said with a smirk as he leas Peter to the common room.

As soon as James shut the door, Remus felt the tension reach a new level. He felt Sirius staring at him, but couldn't bring himself to look up. 'Some Gryffindor…UGH!'

"So…" Remus said, 'After there bloody months of fighting all you can think to say is so?' He thought as he looked up.

"Yeah." Sirius answered and smiled.

Remus returned the smiled and he felt the tension fade.

"Want some help collecting your books?" Sirius asked.

"Yeah." Remus answered slowly. "I can help you pack if you want."

"Yeah." Sirius said picking up Remus' copy of, 'Magical Beasts and Were to Find Them.

"Seriously? All you two did was say 'Yeah' and 'So'?" Harry said unconvinced.

" I know, right?" Remus smiled.

"Sorry…I just, I mean Ron and I had to form sentences! All you two said was two words!"

"Then again, you and Ron have a friendship that will most likely stay a friendship."

"Good point, go on."

Remus nodded. "The train ride home was pretty normal. Lily came to say good-bye to James and I, which Sirius told her to leave as soon as she walked in. Then Sirius gave me the surprise of my 16 year old life…"

"Peter!" Sirius called after the smallest boy, "Tell your mum I want those cupcakes again!"

"Alright mate…See you lot later!" Peter said waving to them as he found his way to his mother.

James looked over the students' heads and found his mum. "Its just mum today Sirius, but I'm sure Dad will be home for dinner."

"Alright mate, go get her, and I'll take Remus to his mum. I see her over there." Sirius pointed in the opposite direction, "And don't talk to Evans on the way."

"Whatever you say Padfoot…Although I can't make any promises." James smirked as he headed the other way.

"Sirius I don't see my mum." Remus said trying to look over people's heads.

"Neither did I. Come over here." Sirius said pulling him out of everyone's way and view.

"Don't ask if I can come over. My mum won't let me, she doesn't know that you guys know about my…condition."

"Iwasjealous." Sirius said suddenly.

"What?" Remus looked at him confused.

"We fought for three bloody months because I was jealous of Sni—Snape."

"Jealous? Why would you—"Sirius grabbed Remus behind the neck and kissed him.

Remus felt awkward, angry, loved, confused, and most surprisingly: want.

Sirius pulled away and opened his mouth to speak but Remus cut him off with another kiss.

This is time Remus pulled away and Sirius opened his mouth to say something again, but Remus cut him off for the second time, this time, less pleasurable.

"I see my mum…Bye Sirius." Remus said pushing past him.

"Whoa, wait Remus!" Sirius said grabbing Remus by the arm.

"I have to go, you know she worries."

"You'll write this summer right?' Sirius asked, not breaking eye contact, "I mean we will discuses this,' Sirius moved his hand back and forth between them, "thing between us, cause that kis—"

"BYE!" Remus said ripping away from Sirius.

"Bye…" Sirius mumbled quietly, he didn't think Remus could hear him, "My wolf."

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