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Mark looked at the Kindergarten in longing. He was dressed bad, but did that matter? He didn't have much money. Mark didn't realize that this was his first lesson in populars; if you dress crappy, you are crappy. His mom had persuaded him to bring the only toy he had, his big blue ball. He bounced it on the ground to entertain him self. He smiled at the sound it made when it hit the ground. Boing! Boing! It hit the ground, continuing to make this sound… until it hit his foot. It rolled off, and unfortunately hit the worst person possible's foot. Billy Fancman.

"Hmm… Nice ball, Cohen! Where'd you get it? Did it just fall off your dog one day? Does your dog only have one ball?"

All the kids around them laughed. Mark wondered about why some one their age would make that crude of a joke, but then he realized that Billy was probably several years older than the rest of the Kindergartners. Billy's 'thug' laughuped (laughed/ hiccupped) and said, "Haha, he has a balless dog, hahaha…it has one ball!" Billy turned around and punched him.

"Knock it off!" Billy said looking at his falling friend with flaring nostrils and a puff out lip. "Time to deal with Cohen." He said, turning around and smiling. "Matt, this is a nice ball and all but-,"

"It isn't Matt, it's Mark." Mark said meekly with his pre pubescent voice. "Did you interrupt me?" Billy said curling his fist and gesturing it violently at Mark.


"Sorry, I didn't hear you…" Billy said, enjoying the power trip.

"No." Mark said, a little louder.

Billy smiled. "Good. This awfully is a nice ball, Max." The fat boy smiled as he observed the shining ball. "I wouldn't want anything to happen to it. Would we?" He looked over at Mark with a devil like grin.

" No…" Mark said looking at the ground.

"It's too bad that I happen to have this…" The would be second grader took out a small nail, small, but sharp. He held it up to the ball and chuckled.

"No!" Mark grabbed at it, but was unable to reach it with the boy's nail holding hand acting like a restraint. "Give it to me, Billy!!" Mark said, praying that he wouldn't cry.

"I don't think I will." The large child laughed as the nail drew closer and closer. Mark looked at all the other kids. They were just watching,... laughing, until…

"Give him the ball, Billy." An unfamiliar voice came from behind Mark. Everyone involved turned to look who said it.

"I said, give him the ball." It was the new boy that Mrs. Raken had introduced that morning. He had slightly long brown hair, and fierce eyes.

Billy scoffed. "No way am I going to give it to you." He looked the boy up and down. "Skinny." He said under his breath, observing the boy.

The boy kept his cool. "I will make you give me the ball."

"Oh really." Billy scorned.

"Yes." The kid walked up to him. "If you don't give it to me, I will have to take it by force." Mark could tell the boy was smart, if anything. His last comment made the entire group scream with laughter.

"How are you going to take it?" Billy gasped through his laughter.

"Like this." The nameless boy punched Billy in the stomach. Billy huffed with pain and doubled his fat belly over. Visible tears fell down his face. The boy took Mark's ball from Billy, bending down to Billy's level, and said, "Thank you," with a smile. The mystery boy gave Mark the ball, and then walked inside the classroom. Mark looked down at the ball, and then ran after him.

"Thank you." Mark said, jogging after the boy. "What's your name?"

The boy looked at him and smiled. "My name is Roger. Yours?" "Mark." Roger smiled at Mark. "Well, Mark, do you want to play Legos with me?"

"That seems fun." Mark and Roger sat down and began planning out a huge robot man. This was the beginning of a beautiful friend ship.

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