Author's note: School's in. Sorry it took so long!!

Small snowdrops fell slowly from the sky. Maureen stuck out her tongue, hoping to catch one or two. Eventually, one landed softly on her tongue and slowly evaporated, sending water dripping in to her throat. Mark and Roger sneaked up on her slowly, both holding a handful of snow. Mark counted silently on his fingers to three- one, two and-

"AH!!" Maureen screamed. Mark and Roger sniggered under their scarves, silently celebrating their victory. Maureen giggled to herself as she picked up a ball of snow, and quietly balled it up-

"Bah!" She had gotten Mark right in the face.

"Haha!" She mocked. "I got you!!! Ha, ha, ha, ha-ha! I win, I win, I- Ow!" Roger had gotten her in the back out of a surprise attack. "I'm gonna get you, Davis!" She ran after Roger, who barely escaped her treachery as the bell rang.

"Aw man!" She said hitting her knee with her hand. "I almost got you!" They all ran to the classroom, dieing to get inside to the warm heater. Roger caught out of the corner of his eye the little Mexican girl…she had ignored the bell and continued swinging around on the play set. He had learned a bit about her- one thing he knew though is that she always played on the jungle gym, swinging around on the fireman's pole. He wasn't quite sure the name of it; he did know that in the movies, the fireman always swung around on the poles to get to the fire truck. How he liked fire trucks…-RING!!! The bell rang again, telling them to go inside. He looked back once more at the girl, who smiled and waved at him. She actually looked at him… her smile was so cute…

"Come on, Davis, we have to go!" Maureen said, pulling him along. "Mrs. Trillo said that if we were late again that she would put us in the corner!"

The trio ran to class, all in an attempt to be on time.

"Alright, before the bell rings to go home, I want to pass out this paper for you to give you your parents, telling them what to bring for the Christmas party tomorrow. Be sure to give it to them, so they know what goodies to bring, alright?" The green colored paper was passed down the isle, which eventually got to Maureen, who pursed her lips and raised her hand rather snottily. Mrs. Trillo ignored her.

"Anyway, please give these to your-!" "Ahem" "-Parents, who will pick up your-!" "AHem" "Snacks so we can have a-!" "AHEm" "Great Christ- WHAT DO YOU WANT, Mrs. Johnson?

' Mrs. Trillo said, as she looked it Maureen's direction.

Maureen smiled. "I don't like green- can I have a new one; a different color?"

Mrs. Trillo looked rather annoyed to be interrupted by such an irrelevant question, but then gave a look of, 'this is what I get for teaching third grade. "Maureen, doesn't everyone else have the same color than you?"

Maureen looked to both sides of her. "Yes, but-"

"Don't they have the same paper as you?"

"Yes, but I-"

"Then what are you complaining about then?" Maureen opened her mouth to argue, but just then, the bell rang, and it was time to go home.

"I hate that teacher." Maureen said as she joined the two boys who were walking down the busy streets of New York with their new companion. For six months, Roger and Mark had been walking home together, as they lived rather close. Maureen had just joined them two weeks ago, but the two boys were still getting used to it.

"Hate is a very strong word." Mark said as he pushed his glasses up his nose.

Maureen gave him a very snootish look as they continued walking.

Eventually, Maureen branched off the group as she walked up the stairs to her house. Mark and Roger continued, soon to be split, as Roger's house was coming up.

"Hey, I wondered if I could stay at your house for a bit." Mark said as he stared at his feet. "I didn't get the whole 'two digit adding' thing that Mrs. Trillo showed us and-!"

"My mom, um, doesn't like visitors. We don't even have our grandparents over. It's just a thing of hers." Roger blabbed, trying to make up an excuse.

"Maybe you could come over to-!"

"I'm not allowed. I got grounded for not taking out the trash." Roger once more excused as they stood outside his house.

"Next week, maybe you can-!"

"I don't know. I have to go." And with out a single word, Roger ran into the house.