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Hilary, Mariah , Tyson, Max, : 17

Kai , Ray ,Tala : 19

Set About 3 years after G-Revolution




Chapter One : Its Happening when Least expected :

Hilary Tachibana had been staring at the positive test in her hands for over what had to be an hour, simply staring at the stick which now told the truth at hand; that she was indeed pregnant. But how can I tell Kai that I am pregnant with our child?She thought, worried about all thepossible scenarios that could happen when she told the boy she loved the news.

Unbeknownst to her, she was not home alone. The bathroom swung open, revealing her father standing in the doorway. He did not look at all pleased, especially when he spotted the object in her hand.

"Papa, let me explain please-"

The young girl's words were cut off as the older man grab her arm tightly and dragged her to her room. "Tou-chan, please let me talk!" Her pleads fell on deaf ears when they entered her room. He pushed her onto the bed. It wasn't till then did the older man speak his voice strained and harsh from anger.

"I knew that this was going to happen one day, with you hanging out with those no good punks," the older man said, brushing back his graying dark brown hair. "I want your things packed and I want you gone immediately. I shouldn't have trusted you to not be like other girls today. That's what you all think about today," he left with one more strike. "There is no daughter named Hilary in my heart no more."

He was gone and Hilary was left in her room feeling very alone and cold at the moment.

She moved slowly, almost mechanically towards her closet taking out the suit cases and pulling down clothes from the hangers and drawers. Weeping silently at the task at hand with all the clothes she needed packed, she moved back on the bed when her eye caught the nightstand where pictures of all the tournaments that had come and gone placed at. Soon she met with a hand drawn picture stuck on the mirror one that brought back pleasant memories for her.

Standing up she took the picture and carefully slid it into her back pack and went to gather more things from her room. She grabbed a few lotions, more hand drawings and of course her pictures of the team. Finally, she grabbed her family photo.


Heido Tachibana stood outside, his temper still hot from learning what his only child had just done to him. Taking his tobacco pipe from his coat pocket, he began to light up the pipe, taking deep breaths. The man's thoughts went back to his daughter coming home. She had always been such a good girl. She made him proud with her excellent grades and she always did what she was told.

But soon she grew up and met other people. Bladers. Misfits. Her grades lowered, though they still remained in the top percentage, but still she continued to socialize with them. When the day came when she brought news that she had begun dating one of these co-called bladers, Heido demanded to meet him. He was introduced with a male called Kai and not very impressed with the boy's appearance. All he could think of was that no one was suited for his daughter and surely not a foreign boy who was famous for playing a so-called sport.

He should have nipped it in the bud soon as possible, but he had hoped that she would've come to her senses and overcome this attraction for him. Now he regretted the decision of waiting; she had gone and disgraced herself.

Taking one more plume of smoke went in the air as he traced the smoke his eye locked with a familiar set of crimson.


Kai Hiwatari stood just outside the gate of the Tachibana residence. He walked through the gate and met with one angry man.

Heido felt his anger couldn't be contained, and threw the only thing he could; his wooden pipe. The younger man easily dodged the object. Kai had the audacity to look back at him and glared to defy him even more. Heidi's anger reached a peak. He walked up to the nineteen year old man. His anger finally was allowed to explode walking right up to the 19 young man. "You – YOU! It's YOUR fault what happen to my girl, I should have never let her be anywhere near her to begin with YOU foreign TRASH!" Heido's anger was evident at this point, having grabbed the front of the younger man's shirt.

Kai made no move except to simply move the older man's hand, and easily removed the grip Heido had on his shirt. He spoke to the man with brusque tone, "I would appreciate if you didn't scream accusations at me, Tachibana."

He made a move to side aside to let the older man inside the house, stopping only short of the door way from the clipped tone of Hiedo. "IT'S- your fault that she's- pregnant!"

Kai turned around, quickly looking him straight in the eyes. Crimson met with dark brown. He turned around to head inside. It didn't take him long to find an open room. He found Hilary sitting on her bed looking at something in her hands. Going up to the girl, he gently crouched down to her eye level, letting one finger fall under the chin and moving it up so that Kai could see her eyes. Small ruby eyes with unshed tears still pooling around the lashes, met his eyes, their hands coming together."Hilary, is it true?"

He could feel her hands tighten in his own, knowing the words were true. "Hilary, I would never would be angry with you nor would I blame you ever," he replied, his voice was soft and warm.

Hilary placed her hand on the side of his cheek gently caressing the skin. Kai's eyes dropped slightly; his guard always dropped around her no matter what. He leaned forward and met her lips for a chaste kiss, feeling her arms wrap around his neck and body move closer to his. No more words were needed. Hilary reached for the bags that had been packed now and turned for a moment, looking at the room that had been hers for the last seventeen years of her life. A heavy sigh left her lips.

Kai was now waiting by the doorway watching his girlfriend look one last time around the room. "It's okay, I am just a little sad that's all. It was my home I have just as many memories here as I do in the dojo," Hilary spoke solemnly.

"Hn now we'll make our own memories," he said, reaching for one of the bags she had. He placed his hand on her back leading the way back down the stairs and to the door, until they reached the gate, stopping only when Hilary's father spoke one last time.


The brunette turned to listen to the man. "Yes, Tou-chan?" voice hopeful. Perhaps he changed his mind. The next words crushed this thought.

"You can only come back if you agree to never have the child or go back to that boy."

She didn't even hesitate with her reply, "I would never give up on our child like that, Tou-chan. I am sorry. Goodbye. I will always love you."

The young couple left quickly walking down the street leaving Heido Tachibana alone in the front lawn of his house.

* Tou-chan Means Father in Japanese

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