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Chapter Four: Nothing Else Matters



Soon enough the party held at the dojo turned back to matter at hand. The latest Beyblade tournament was not going to be held by the BBA, but hosted by a generous benefactor who was still unnamed so far, but a DVD had been sent to all the teams. So Hilary had organized a get together for all the teams to meet up and to see what they were up against.

As soon everyone found a spot where they could see and were as comfortable as possible thankfully the dojo had the room to sit them all. Kai and Hilary managed to get a seat in one of couches along with Mariah and Ray, and Kenny managed to reach the player up by the front (snagging a seat between Ming Ming and Emily) and pressed play.

The feed started playing showing a beautiful serene view giving way to a large caption stating the country they would be going to first which was Greece. A narrator voice was heard.

" ~This tournament will consist of four main big tours. The first will be held in Greece. Furthermore for each battle won the winner will be given a declaration that will contain information for the final battle."

Daichi decided to speak up. "Ah man, what a pain! Why can't they just tell us where we're going?"

"So they basically want us to have something to prove we won at each location," Raul spoke up sitting next to his sister.

"Yes it seems they are doing as a way on managing who really won, or some form of crowd control. I speculate that the object we are given are going to be in a some form of puzzle," Emily said matter of factly.

"Yes. I also had the same thought. A whole other set of test so to speak," Kenny intuitively stated.

The information sank in as the video feed continued showing more views of the Greece countryside and city life.

"~ All those entering the tournament must have place their rooms in and at the Amphitryon Hotel".

The picture soon turned to an impressive picture of a hotel by the sea with the most clear sandy beaches and boats ready for sailing. A dining room had long tables decorated with candles and flowers and a lit outdoor pool next to a tennis court outside.

Soon a picture was shown of a large stadium out in the Mediterranean Sea.

"~ The start of the tournament begins in three weeks time, and you have three days to arrive and sign in or the persons or teams will have to face disqualification."

The dead line given was a hard one. The DVD was sent a week ago meaning they still had two weeks to arrive to train if they could, and three days to arrive and sign up.

"I sure hope that you get Tyson up otherwise you might have to swim over to the arena," Max teased him, though you could others trying to stifle their laughs as well.

Tyson tried to defend himself. "Hey, I can get up. It's Daichi that needs a bucket thrown at him."

The screen changed again to a snowing scene with a large castle reminiscent of Russia, the high domes and swirls of the red square; the very home of the Kai and the Blitzkrieg boys. The words Moscow, Russia were in bold as the announcer came to talk about the next stage.

Hilary wanted to poke fun at her boyfriend's expense. "Well, it seems like we have to yet again to travel to Russia. Hmm, why is that?" she said, while poking Kai in his rib.

He gave her a small smirk. "Hn. Of course, Russia is the best place, not to mention we have the best bladers as well."

"~ signing and accommodations are to be located at the National Hotel. All bladers are required to stay during the tournament trails. The teams and individuals are to be ready on the fourth day from the last trail and wait outside the National Hotel to arrive to the stadium."

The video feed changed and Spain was being shown now which gave Julia a reason for excitement.
" Oh yeah that's right, home advantage baby!" The Latina happily exchanged high fives with her twin brother. With part of the tournament being in their home of Spain they were sure to have the advantage of the crowd on their side and use the energy to win their battles like before.

"~ The arrivals of teams will be required to be admitted to the Occidental Miguel hotel."

Once again Julia squealed with delight. Everyone looked over at her direction though others made it know of their disdain of her reaction.

"What the hell, you clown? Why did you go have to go and scream for?" Bryan yelled at the girl standing up in his place. The Russian blader wasn't known for keeping his temper all the time, but neither did the orange haired latina. Julia's temper was an even match.

"If you had any sense of class you brute, then you would know that they have the best world class spa there." The girl went right up against the tall Russian blader, not even caring about the size difference. Before anyone could break the two apart before it got worse, the feed from the DVD went black causing some concern.

"Well that seems strange to end it right there. Kenny, are you sure nothing is wrong with the DVD?" Hilary asked, voicing concern. They were not given a whole lot of information to go on.

The young genius was as confused. What had happened ? As Kenny was about to check the player, the screen came back to life and showing a new video feed.

This time it didn't show any more views of countries or places but it showed a video feed of a wealthy gentleman sitting in a chair. This man wore a black waistcoat with black slacks. His hair was a silver shade that seem to be getting closer to grey, which was held back in a ponytail. Judging by the skyscrapers in the background, he was probably sitting in an office building in a high-rise.

The man soon spoke letting those who were watching the video feed know who he is.

"~ You must all be so excited to see where all of this year's tournament will be held. When you win each bracket, you will be given an item that will tell you of the last location of the tournament."

"So it seems that Emily's idea about the items being a clue was right," Ray said impressed with both Emily and Kenny's idea being right.

"Now that you know of this development I shall introduce to you the soon to be winners of My Excelsior tournament."

That was enough to grab everyone's attention at this point.

"I introduce to you Team Goddess Beast"

The reactions varied, but they were all shocked at the declaration given that this team would win.

The screen video feed soon shown a young women who spoke. "Hello Beybalders of the world, I am the leader of Goddess Beast and though I may sound arrogant in saying this, My Team will WIN." Soon as she said that her eyes opened letting everyone see her deep silver eyes.

Hilary looked into the girl's eyes. Her entire body went cold and her head started to ache. She raised her hand to her head to try and rub away the pain.

"I will give those who watch this, the pleasure of introducing my team and myself to you all because in the long run you will be remembering all our names."


Location: Unknown. Same time as Bladers in the Dojo viewing video


" Ha- ha so what do ya think? I bet the looks on their faces when the Lord said we would win the tournament were priceless," a young perky voice spoke with a slight Spanish accent.

This girl had a mischievous look in her eyes as she spoke, "O-ooo I know I can find out for myself what they're feeling right now." The her eyes had just begun to subtly glow when she was interrupted by someone else entering the room.

"Cari, you will do no such thing. Using our bit beast powers as we will is not needed now, you will just waste energy," the girl who entered the room spoke with a mellow tone.

The girl, known as Cari, whined. "Awww Amaryllis, why can't I? Seriously though these beybladers' haven't got a clue on the full potential of the bit beast," she spun around on the seat she sat on, a bored looked on her face.

"That's why my dear Cari, we wait until the tournament to judge and see if they will be able to handle the change that is coming." A new comer entered the room. She was an older girl of about nineteen. She walked through the doors calmly.

Another girl appeared from the shadows, a serious expression on her face, as she entered. "I agree with you Cerise, but we shouldn't have to wait for them. They do not have a good record of working with other. I say we ACT NOW." Acting out with anger, she hit the table hard enough to create cracks in the hard wood.

"Damn it, Aquilina! That was cherry oak! That amount of force you must have generated is fascinating," Amaryllis exclaimed, looking at the damage the girl had inflicted on the wooden table.

"Whoa, that was awesome Aquilina! You gotta show me how you do that," Cari spoke up from her seat, no longer spinning around in it.

Aquilina began to speak again, her tone laced with her thick Russian accent, "What we must do now is to go to them and show off our power." She was more keen on action than the plan Cerise had for the bladers.

"My dear girl, the only way we will find their potential is in the beydish," Cerise said, a smirk appearing on her face.

"Cerise, you better be right," said Aquilina, as she cracked her knuckles.

"Aquilina, next time don't hit the table - use the wall," Cerise said.


Back with the Bladers

" .. Now to introduce our selves, I am Cerise Lu, and as you know the leader of Goddess Beast" The girl looked Asian in appearance with her elegant shape of her eyes. Her dark black hair was tied to the side in a pony tail, save for a strand of gold on the left side of her bangs. She wore a corset like red top that tied around her neck and wore Indian style pants with a light pink flowing skirt over her them. A katana hung from her hip in an elegant sheath. "Now to satisfy your curiosity, I am nineteen years old and my father is the sword expert Jin Lu and mother Clare Lu formally of the French Burbonx family."

The name struck a chord in Ming Ming. "Oh my God, the Burbonx family are like the richest family in France!" You could practically see the dollar signs in her eyes as she thought about the money this family had. This girl must have had connections perhaps she can meet her and get connected herself.

Annoyed by the aqua haired pop diva, Julia pulled her back down to the cushion she was seated in."Ming Ming, shut up. We're trying to listen here." The younger girl complied, but huffed and pouted because no one was listening to her.

"And yes I am in fact of Chinese and French ancestry. Make no mistake; I won't simply go easy on you just because we hail from the same nation."

"I am the holder for the Dragon Bit beast Silverix, and with it I will beat of those who oppose me," the second girl spoke, her tone steely.

"Whoa, she sure is serious about winning," said Dachi, grabbing a handful of chips lying nearby on the coffee table.

Emily spoke up asking the White Tigers a question. "Is what she said true? Is her father really that well known?"

Lee and Ray looked at each other before answering. "Well, if it's the same Jin Lu, I am thinking of, then she is a force to be reckoned with. Jin is a master with the sword," Lee explained. Ray nodded in agreement.

Soon enough after Cerise's introduction, a new person appeared on the screen

"Hn. I will start by saying that I will take out any opponent I go up against in the beydish and out of it," she sneered. The smile appearing on her face was not a friendly one.

She was about an inch shorter than Cerise, but held herself well enough and she had more of a build in muscle. Her short hair was black with a blue sheen to it and a small braid on the right side reaching to about her chin. She wore a full one piece jumper, but had no straps and the top was fur covered with two patch work circles on her hips. She also wore arm bands with buckles at the end. She had shades of dark blue and purple with her case for her beyblade on her leg.

"I am the co leader of Goddess beast. I am Aquiline Ivonna. I'm seventeen, and Russian born. My family? Well I don't care for them; they are just rich snobs who love their money. They disgust me," she said.

"What the hell?" Ming Ming yelled out. "How dare she say that money is stupid? I mean seriously, she could buy a better outfit. At least I mean gosh, fur is so two years ago," said the diva-child.

"Ming Ming! Shut the hell up would you?" said Bryan, as he continued to stare at the screen with interest.

"Now with my Beyblade Wolf Vain, I will destroy anyone who thinks they are better than us." Aquilina laughed. The look in her eyes made her seem mad. "So I dare you to try and beat Goddess Beast because you will be in for a fight."

"Whoa, umm she's scary," Dachi shivered. The eyes of the bladers' were wide.

"She must drown kittens in her spare time," said Max who was wide eyed.

A sigh caused everyone to turn around to face the source. Bryan was looking at the screen with adoration. His next few words caught everyone by surprise. "I am so going to ask her out," he said, his eyes fiery at the declaration.

"Bryan, what the hell have you been smoking? Why are you always going after the crazy chicks?" said Tala, punching Bryan in the back of his head.

"Ow fuck Tala that hurt! I do not always have crazy girlfriends, besides she'd be perfect for me," he said, as he sat back down.

"What in God's name makes you think she is anywhere near nice?" exclaimed Julia, jumping up from her seat.

"Would you guys shut up? The next member is talking. We will talk about Bryan's love life later, okay?" said Kai. He had enough of their babbling. 'Yeah, we know he is an idiot. Crazy is what he likes'he thought. Kai felt something on his shoulder. Knowing who it was, he looked down to see Hilary giggling over the commotion the Russian and Spaniard caused.

She leaned up to his ear, "I bet those two will be together soon enough," she winked at her boyfriend's expression and looked back at the screen.

Turning back to the screen they could see a very cute girl. She was smaller than the first two girls.

"Hiya! My name is Cari Covas. I am also seventeen. Ha ha, I wished I could have seen your faces right now when Aquiline introduced herself," she giddily spoke a few words in Spanish.

"Hmm, she must be the Spanish member of the team," said Raul.

"Hey she's cute," both Max and Tyson spoke. The girls could only sign at this. 'Boys never think of anything else.'

"Well, what I can say about myself...well, my dad's the head of Mechanic T corps." The girl proceeded to twirl around in the video.

"Oh my God, Mechanic T corps!" Emily and Kenny screamed aloud in joy, jumping up and down.

The others waited for them to explain, however it was Hilary who offered an explanation. "Mechanic T is well known because they supply material and design cutting edge stuff for beyblade and the military around the world," she stated, looking at their shocked expressions. She blinked. "What? Stop looking at me like that, I've been the manager for a year; do you really think I haven't been reading up on this sort of stuff?" The mother to be reached over and stole the last sandwich that was on platter before Tyson or Daichi could take it.

Their attention was now back to Cari as she continued to speak. "Hm, my beyblade is Lisperay and I use my singing talents in my blade attacks. So watch out, especially that Ming Ming. You call yourself a singer? Wait until you see me!" said Cari, her finger pointed to camera.

"WHAT? How dare she say that about me? I am the best - I have millions of fans around the world," shouted Ming Ming, as she made a grab for something to throw at the television. Thankfully Garland and Crusher were able to hold her down long enough for the next and last member to be shown on the TV.

This time the girl was one who looked uninterested in what was going around her surroundings. "Now, I will try to make this short and simple for you all since you may not be able to comprehend what I have to say," a sly smile escaped her lips. "I am both the developer and mechanic for my team and if you think am weak cause of that, you have better changed it cause I am not weak by any means," she coldly sated

"I am Amaryllis Dorcas, seventeen years old. I am full Greek of the same line as the Dorcas line of computer developers."

"Whoa, wait I get it now," said Mariah, "Most of the girls are from places the tournament will be held," the young pinkette said triumphantly.

"That's an excellent conclusion there Mariah," said Emily. Both girls gave each other high fives.

-Soon enough the feed went back to the man from before still seated in the seat.

"Now that you bladers have been introduce I hope you would be as enter and come tour little tournament."

"But let me not forget the most important introduction of them all, for I am Lord Altar Skyalrk and I will be seeing you all."

"Be sure to bring your very best."

The screen became black for the last and final time.

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