She smiled ever so happily and smiled even more when he smiled back. Yes, she was happy and she will never regret it because all she ever felt was joy and never less.



Chapter One: The Meeting



If she remembered correctly, it was that day, a day of rain with the darken sky that made the day gloom. It was that day when she walked home from school with her red umbrella shielding her from the rain. It was then she saw a man wearing a white, simple old fashioned yutaka, decorated at the bottom of the hem with blue waves and white cheery blossoms that floated along the wind and was outlined in pale pink that seem to made it glow. She remembered clearly how he knelt down, playing with a dog and his white hair that wasn't even wet with the rain. His white skin made him glow even more along with the yutaka. Though what's weird was that instead of a pair of wooden or straw sandals that would complete his look, he was barefooted. She remembered that she only stood a few feet away from him and she didn't know what possessed her but she was glad when she spoke out.

"Hey," She had said, "Why aren't you getting wet?"

The man paused before turning around slightly, revealing a handsome face and a dark eye. He seemed uncertain that he had heard her correctly.

"Are you..." He started with his voice deep and calm though a bit uncertain, "Are you talking to me?"

She nodded before saying, "Yes mister, there's no one else here besides you."

He chuckled lightly as if he couldn't believe it.

"What's so funny?" She had demanded, almost with a pout forming on her face.

"Nothing, nothing," He said calming down, "It's just that..."

"Just what?"

"It's just that normally people won't talk to me. In fact, they won't see me."

She raised an eyebrow, "Why?"

He didn't answer her at first as he got up from his kneeling position and as he turned completely to her, she realized that his left eye was completely red with black pupil. He smiled gently at her before explaining why and what he said next was something she never really would comprehend.

"Because Sakura-chan," He spoke, saying her name, surprising the young girl whose barely out of elementary school, "I'm not human."

Sakura's eye widen before narrowing her eyes, "Please mister, even if I'm a kid, that is not funny. I could clearly see you playing with that dog, you so are not a ghost."

"Ah, I might have not explain clearly. I am not a human nor a ghost. I am what you call a death god, shinigami in your language."

"W-what?" Sakura frowned, no way was he a death god. She was a child but in no way was she stupid.

"I am not lying," He said as he knelt in front of her with a gentle smile, "Though I am not the death god, I am one of the many in this world. I just happen to be assigned in this area a long, long time ago."

"But..." Sakura tried to reason, "How come I can see you and you can touch the dog?"

"I can touch the dog because animals are different then humans," He said as reached out to pat her head but his hand only went through, startling Sakura, making her take a step back, "We can not touch human as we can do to animals. Why you can see me...It must be because you're sensitive to our beings."

Sakura stayed silent, bowing her head, shaking while the death god didn't know what to do.

"H-hey, um...don't cry, okay?" He said, trying to calm her down.

"Wah!" Sakura cried out as she clutched her head, "This is too confusing!"

"Eh?" He said surprised, "What?"

"Whatever," Sakura said, accepting things was easier then trying to make sense of them, "You're a death god and I can see you...Okay, yeah, I get it."

The death god was surprised, he was certain she would be afraid and running away but she, the little girl just accepted it as part of her life.

"So mister death god," Sakura said, "What are you doing here."

"I came to take people that past own to the other world where spirits reside until they are ready to be reborn." He said.

"Oh," Sakura said, "So you can tell when people die?"

This girl was blunt, he concluded before answering her, "Yes, it's part of our job."

"Then," Sakura said with all seriousness, "Can you tell when I'm going to die?"

"Why...Why would you want to ask that?" The death god was certainly surprised even if he encounter many who ask that question but never from a child who doesn't seem to fear him.

"Why not?" Sakura asked, staring unblinkingly at the him.

"Nothing," He said wondering if he should or should not tell her.

"So are you going to tell me or not?"

"Are you sure?"

"Yes I'm sure, if I'm not sure I would not ask you. That's what my mom always say, 'If you're sure, go for it and never let go, if you're not, then make sure you're sure.' So tell me, mister death god."

"Fine but don't regret it," He said as he closed his right eye. Comas started to appear in his red eyes and spun lowly at first before to rhythmically turned faster and faster until it stopped completely.

Sakura waited expectantly even if she was awed by the swirling eye. "So when?" She asked almost excitedly.

"..." He couldn't say she was going to die before the age of twenty.

"Come on, tell me. When? I don't care when, I just want to know so I won't regret anything." Sakura said with her big green eyes staring at him.

"I don't want to regret, that's why..."

That's why what? He thought to himself before shaking his head mentally before staring at the young child, "At age nineteen."

Sakura stared at him, looking at him with a blank expression before grinning cheekily at him, "Thank you mister death god, I won't regret this. Now I won't waste my time before I go on."

"Hehehe," A giggle resounded in his mind like bells, "Thank you, I won't regret this. Now I'll be able to fully live my life with you..."

He smiled gently at the girl, "Are you not afraid?"

"Afraid of what? I know when I'm going to die, there's not time to be afraid."

"What a blunt child you are," He mused to himself.

"I've been told that a lot, you know. Adults think I'm stupid even if I'm a kid. Too bad they don't know what we could know at this age. Internet does that to you."

He chuckled lightly that made her heart warmed up even if the cold rain still prickled her skin once in a while.

"So mister death god, what's your name?"

"Hey, what's your name anyways? You never told me. You know mine already..."

He almost smiled ruefully before saying in a clear voice, "Kakashi. They call me Kakashi so long ago, so very long where trees dominate the land and work around and with nature, never cutting the life."

Sakura could only stare at his eyes that was glassy and not here with her.



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