She smiled, but of course she smiled. She was here enjoying the day with her best friend she met long ago. Her best friend was also smiling, also happy. To both of them, they were enjoying the least of 'her' days.



Chapter Two: Seashells



It was only a few days later. She remembered it well enough it was then she had met her best friend. Only a few days later when she met the death god. She was walking around the small beach she lived near, she was only picking up seashells to make bracelets and necklaces. It was her favorite hobby and she was pretty good at it too. While she remembered picking up seashells alone, she saw a a pair of small white feet in front of her. A girl her size with shoulder length blond hair and big round blue eyes was wearing a simple white dress that flow down to her shins lightly with straps that holds up her dress. Sakura had notice she didn't wear any shoes and walked barefooted.

"Hey," Sakura had started to the girl with a big smile, "Want to help me look for seashells? I'll make a pretty necklace for you."

The blond hair girl looked surprised at first but quickly smiled happily and nodded her head and pointed to a direction with big and small rocks.

"There's shells there?" Sakura asked as she followed the bouncing girl. She had noticed she was so light on her feet as she skipped and bounced to the destination. Once they reached to the rocks, the girl climbed up a small rock that came up to their waist and motioned Sakura to follow. She made room for Sakura and her bucket she used to collect shells with. The blond hair girl motioned to a small hole with rocks that surrounded in a circle. In there, Sakura saw, was ankle clear deep water that filled the hole with sand. In it, there was plenty of seashells Sakura never saw and each one radiated their own unique color.

Sakura stared at it in awe while the other girl watched the expression on her face. Genuinely, the blue eye girl smile happily and pointed to a few rocks that she thought it was pretty. Sakura nodded and picked those up while she picked some shells she liked herself. Though Sakura kept on talking and the girl remained silent, she was active with her hand motions and her facial expressions. To Sakura, the girl's genuine emotions was more worth it then words.

As the day past and it was nearing night, Sakura had to leave.

"Bye bye!" Sakura said happily, "I had fun today. I hope you did too!"

At this, the blond hair girl nodded happily.

"Good, want to meet here again tomorrow? I'll make a pretty necklace for you with the shells you picked out."

The girl nodded happily again with a smile.

"I'll see you tomorrow at ten in the morning, okay?" Sakura said.

Though the girl seemed dishearten but nodded.

"Don't worry, I'll be here tomorrow." Sakura said as she waved good-bye and left the other girl.

The other girl waved to Sakura with almost no energy but nevertheless, she smiled.

When Sakura got home, she was hurried to clean up herself before eating dinner. After she had ate her dinner, she quickly went to her room and went to used the dried sea shells she washed earlier before she took a bath. She spread them out on a old newspaper and separated them into groups of two. Though one group was smaller, it was still pretty.

It was then Sakura started working, she picked out a small seashell that does not look awkward for a necklace. It was a small white seashell with stains of light and deep purple and on some parts, it looked blue and pink.

She had remembered it almost took her the whole night to finish it before she slept with a content look on her face. She had woken up early and pranced around her room before she dare leave the house around ten to go to the beach with her newly made necklace.



Once she felt the cool morning sand between her toes that seeped through her small sandals, she looked around and she immediately saw the blond girl facing the ocean. Smiling happily, Sakura called out to the girl.

The girl turned and smiled brightly before they ran to each other.

Sakura who couldn't wait, jumped on her feet and hurriedly show the girl the necklace she made. It was a simple but pretty necklace that made the girl smiled so wide and happily. Just about the blond girl was to grab it, she petite hands went through the shells making her frown. The girl tried and tried again until it made her desperate to cry with tears flowing down her rosy cheeks. Sakura could only look at the girl sinked down to her knees and stared wide eyes at her hand.

Even she was shocked, she didn't expect this. She never did. Sakura couldn't believe the girl was a ghost.

The blond girl look at Sakura, as if she remembered something important and she did.

Opening her mouth just a bit, she said, "I'm sorry...I'm sorry..." Her voice, Sakura noted, was echoing and sounded so lonesome and hurt.

"Why?" Sakura started, "Why are you sorry?"

"I...I don't know..." She said as she tried to remember why, "But...I just feel sorry..."

"So...um..." Sakura started but never knew her name.

"Ino, Ino Yamanaka," The girl said.

"Ino..." Sakura said before smiling, "What a nice name!"

Ino smiled shyly at Sakura while she calmed down.

"So, Ino," Sakura started, "Are you a ghost?"

Wide eyes, Ino stuttered, "N-no! I'm not..."

"How do you know?" Sakura asked curiously.

"It...It's just one of those thing you know," Ino said sadly.

"Hmmm...Why are you here then?"

"I...I don't know...It's all blurry...I just can't leave this beach...I-I just want to see mama again..." Ino sobbed.

"Ino..." Sakura quietly said before she thought up of something that relates to someone she knew just a few days ago, "I think I can help you!"

"Wha-what?" Ino looked up in surprise.

"Yep! I'll definitely find a way to help you! Since you say you're not dead yet, until you return to your body, I'll be keeping this necklace safe until I can hand it over to you personally." Sakura widely smile as she thought up the idea, almost scaring poor Ino.

"Erm...Thank you?" Ino said not entirely sure.

"Don't worry Ino, I'll find a way to help you and get you a chance to see you mother again!" Sakura said with a big smile.

Ino eyes widen a bit but her unsure face turn softly to a genuine joy before softly saying, "Thank you. Thank you very much Sakura-chan."

"No problem," Sakura said, "I just have to go find Kakashi-shinigami-sama after we spend the whole day together!"

"Un!" Ino agreed happily and got up and followed Sakura to find more seashells and even though she can't touch, she can now talk to Sakura.



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