Hey guys this story came to me in a dream and some parts didn't. This has a few lemons, no not one a few, so if you are not mature do not read. This story will focus on only our six main favorite people, the main digitamers and their digimon!


17 year-old Takato woke up and groaned; he slept late again last night, and with having to get up early for senior high school, It didn't help to have to wake up extra early for the last day of school. He got out of bed and scratched his head; his brown hair was now like a wild mane.

He began working out with Guilmon everyday. Guilmon would chase Takato and Takato would run like crazy. He also trained his upper body in the school gym. He was toned but not so much so that he was a muscle head, he had that perfect body that most girls drooled for. He had his own personal fan club. Practically half of the single girl populace of his co-ed secondary high school.

The other half was after Henry. He had grown a lot taller over the years and kept his hair pretty much the same. He still has his care-free nature about things as does Terriermon. He also works out with Takato and has pretty much the same results.

Both of them keep their grades up and still laugh about the old times battling the devas and d-reaper.

Rika though has become an enigma. She matured gracefully and hourglass figure that makes most guys stare, her orange hair was no longer up in a high pointy ponytail, it flowed down her back in waves. She's been touring with her mother a lot on fashion shows, barely ever coming home and coming even less to school until it was announced that she was to be home schooled. Takato was hit worse he had just worked up the courage to tell her how he felt about her.

Rika though did not wish to be home schooled, but she didn't want her mother to be in a tough spot. Having to leave her grandmother alone now that she had Alzheimer's, she had refused any help outside of their family and the rest of their small family resided in China. So she chose to be home schooled, so she could also care for her grandmother. She hasn't spoken to Takato and Henry in a year and she has drifted apart from the two. Well whatever, let's get back to the story shall we?

Takato scratched under his armpits and stretched out his kinks. He turned to the bunk bed and shook it a bit.

"Hey Guilmon get u-" Takato stopped his order short and stared up at the bed.

His jaw dropped and his eyes widened. There where Guilmon should be sleeping was a grown man. He had blood red hair and tan skin. A blanket was covering his torso and lower body. The man sat up, the blanket still covering his torso, and scratched his head. As the man did so his face took on a look confusion.

He looked straight at Takato and said, "Takatomon why do I have hair and skin like you?"

Takato froze and his jaw dropped, "G-guilmon?"

The man nodded slowly, "Yes Takatomon?"

Takato just kept gawking, Guilmon sighed and jumped off the bed, and there he was in all his glory. He was tall and sculpted, his frame was strong and his most private part... was... let's just say it was big! And upon his chest was his regular insignia that proved he was the one and only Guilmon.

Takato was quiet and then he began yelling, "WHY THE HELL ARE YOU HUMAN!?!?!? HOW DID THIS HAPPEN!?!?!? AHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!"

Then Takato's mom ran in, "What's wrong Takato?! Are you..."

She couldn't help but stare at Guilmon; she got an eyeful and a wet sensation in between her legs before she fainted. Then at the sound of the falling mother, Takato's father ran in and yelled.

"WHO THE HELL IS THAT!?" He exclaimed kneeling next to Takato's mother.

Takato gulped, "It's Guilmon dad."

Takato's dad looked at Guilmon back to Takato a few times and groaned.

"Get him to my closet and give him some clothes!" He sighed.

Takato nodded and took Guilmon to his father's closet. He picked out a few of the clothed his father wouldn't wear anymore due to a bit body than the shirts could handle. Soon Guilmon was in some cargo pants and a black casual suit jacket; he refused to wear any other shirt his father owned, so his bare chest and his insignia showed.

Takato sighed, 'I wonder if this is happening with Henry and Rika.'


Henry yawned as he stretched in his bed, he didn't want to open his eyes, and there was wonderful warmth around him that just made him feel secure. He snuggled in closer to it and sighed happily until he heard a shuffling. He turned around and opened his eyes cautiously. When he did, he yelled out, and jumped out of his bed.

There lying in his bed was a completely naked woman. She had strange hair, it was pale cream colored until the tips which were a pale green. Her skin was very pale, but still had enough color to show that she was alive. She had a very generous bust and her hips were sculpted perfectly.

The woman awoke and sighed, grumbling about crazy boys, "Henry, Henry calm down. Momentai."

Henry quieted down, "Wh-who are you?"

He looked around the room, "Wh-where's Terriermon?!"

The woman looked at him strangely, "Henry I'm right here."

She put her hand up to wave it in his face, but stopped. She stared at her hand as if it was some kind of creature she had never seen before. She began to tremble as she raised her other hand to join it. She was quiet and then began to scream.

"Oh my god! Why do I have skin like you!?" She said in a panic.

She looked down at herself and screamed louder, "What the hell are these?!"

Henry let his jaw fall. When the woman bowed her head to see her own body a horn on her head made itself visible. It was Terriermon. He began to walk forward when Susie walked in.

"Hey bro, why is there scr…" She began, until she saw Terriermon.

"It happened to you too?!?" She asked incrediously.

"This happened to you?" Henry asked surprised.

"No." she answered simply.

Henry sweat dropped, "Then who'd it happen to?"

"Me," came Takato's voice as he stepped in with Guilmon in tow.

Henry's eyes almost bugged out of his head, "I-Is that Guilmon!?"

Takato didn't answer, he just pointed to Terriermon, "I thought you were a boy!"

Terriermon blushed, "I-I… w-well… no…"

Takato sighed, "Ok… so Henry, what do we do?"

Henry just shook his head, "I don't know, maybe we should check on Rika"

Terriermon piped up, "And get me clothes!"

Takato looked down, "Maybe… you guys could uhh do that and I could cover for you in school?"

Henry frowned at Takato. When it came to Rika he became that small 12 year-old again. Terriermon frowned as well; it was sad how it hurt him so much that she distanced herself from them. Terriermon than got an idea.

"No! It'll be suspicious if you cover for us. But it won't if Henry goes." Terriermon stated.

Henry smiled at her seeing the plan immediately, "Yeah Takato. Plus you haven't spoken to her in a while so you should go."

Takato flinched and was about to argue when Guilmon grabbed him and began dragging him out of the room.

"Hey! Let go Guilmon!" He yelled at the dino turned human.

Guilmon looked back and shook his head, "Takatomon needs to see Rikamon before he does something drastic."

Takato sighed in exasperation and defeat and let himself be dragged to Rika's mansion.

Meanwhile back in Henry's house.

He looked back at Susie who was staring intently at him and his face twisted into one of confusion.

"What?" he asked a bit annoyed.

Susie just smiled mischeiviously at him, "I better get some clothes for Terriermon before perverts like you get her."

Henry looked even more confused, "What?"

Susie bit her lip to stifle laughter and pointed her finger at his lower half. Henry looked down at where she was pointing and turned a shade of red never seen before. It seems he could take all those scantily clad hormone raged high school girls grabbing and groping him with getting the least bit aroused. But when it came to the human Terriermon he got hard within seconds.

Terriermon just stared at him, "Why are your boxers bulging out like that Henry?"

Henry just blushed more and turned his back to the two, "Just go with Susie and get some clothes. I might tell you later."

Terriermon nodded slowly and stood up. She and Susie left the room and left Henry to think about this new situation.

'Okay so I now have a human Terriermon. A hot girl human Terriermon.' He groaned as his erection twitched and an image of Terriermon stark naked on his bed ran around his head.

He sighed and shut and locked the door. He made his way over to his bed and sat down. His blush that had calmed down by now returned as he took of his boxers and gripped his erection, this always made him embarrassed. He slowly began to move his clenched hand up and down, half groaning and half moaning as he did so. Then suddenly Terriermon in her new form appeared in his head. He began to move his hand faster and subconsciously was moaning out her name. He began panting loudly as he came close to climaxing and then finally he released his seed onto his hand. He fell back on his bed panting and blushing.

'Oh god, did I just… t-to… To Terriermon?' He sighed again and his blush intensifying.

He sighed, this was going to hard.


Takato and Guilmon walked wearily to Rika's house when he heard a vaguely familiar scream.

'Rika!' Takato yelled mentally as he began to race towards her house.

He vaulted himself over the high wall around the property and kept running right towards her room as the guards of the home ran after him shouting at him to stop. Takato paid no heed and kept running towards Rika's room. Out of the corner of his eye he saw Guilmon catching up fast. He burst through Rika's bedroom door and his eyes went wide at the scene before him.

There was Rika, apparently just out of the shower, wide-eyed and blushing holding a towel around her petite figure. Right next to her blushing and grabbing a blanket for cover was a naked woman that he did not recognize. But he had a pretty good idea of who she was.

The woman had golden blond hair except for the tips which were snow white. Her face was like an angel's, a tropical angel, her skin was a light tan. She now had the blanket over her upper body and her most secret parts so he couldn't really get those details, but finally he was sure of her identity. Upon her nice sculpted thighs were the purple marks that showed that she was Renamon. And this was the first time that Takato could remember Renamon looking flustered and confused.


Rika looked straight at the man whom had burst into her room with annoyance, "Who are you!? This is private property!"

She was confused, blushing and angry at herself for being so and on top of this someone had burst into her room, she was a bit pissed. But she grew more confused when the person that had intruder slumped his shoulders and the guards ran into the room. They grabbed his arms and were about to handcuff him when another man slammed into them and growled lowly. The cowardly guards gathered their wits and ran, shutting the door in hopes that it would slow the man down if he was to chase them.

The man turned to the other and the first intruder just signaled the international 'let's go' sign.

"Hold on!" Rika shouted and nodded to Renamon to block the entrance.

Renamon nodded back and still found herself nimble enough even as a human to beat the two intruders to the door.

"I asked you a question, who are you?" Rika asked again.

The intruder turned and sent a cold glare at her, "I was silly to think you would remember since you've kept yourself distanced from me and Henry for the whole year."

Rika tensed and looked at her intruder closer, 'The same color hair and those eyes… oh my god how did I not notice. Have I been that distanced from my friends?'

"T-Takato?" Rika asked incrediously.

"Yeah," he answered bitterly. "Can we go now? I'm going to be late for graduation."

"No," Rika said biting her lip.

"Why the hell not?!" Takato roared.

Rika winced at the volume of his voice and kept quiet.

The second intruder smiled at Renamon sheepishly as if trying to apologize for his partner's behavior. Renamon smiled a bit at his actions and she felt her heart beat go a bit faster. She looked at him closely and then her eyes went wide.

"G-Guilmon?" Renamon asked as surprised as Rika was.

Guilmon nodded happily, "Yeah, what?"

Guilmon smiled at her reaction to him. He didn't know why though. He just felt really happy that she was there. Renamon was also feeling the same and as she kept looking him over she felt really nervous and a blush come to her cheeks.

Guilmon frowned a bit when she did so and put a hand on her forehead.

"Are you okay, your face is red, maybe you should lie down," he stated in a worried voice.

Renamon turned redder and gulped, she had never experienced this. She was sort of freaking out.

"I-I'm fine. Th-thank you Guilmon," Renamon said, stepping back from his hand.

Guilmon nodded and turned back to the drama unfolding behind him. Rika looked sad and was biting her lip as Takato stood there waiting for her to say something. He looked angry and hidden in his eyes was a huge amount of pain.


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