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Henry awoke groggily to a snuggling against his chest.

'What happened last night?' Henry thought to himself, his fatigue clouding his memories.

He looked at what was laying against his chest and his eyes widened. Terriermon lay in his arms nuzzling his bare chest as she slept comfortably. All of it came back to him and he blushed in spite of himself and his actions. He brought his head closer to hers and took in her scent. His eyes softened in realization.

'This is someone I want to spend my life with,' Henry was calm now and stroked Terriermon's cream colored hair.

As he did her eyes fluttered open and she smiled up at him, "Good morning Henry."

He kissed her forehead, "Good morning Terri."

Terriermon cocked her head, "Terri?"

"You don't like it?" Henry asked, "People will think it strange if I keep calling you Terriermon."

Terriermon nodded smiling, "I like it."

Henry smiled back and gave her a peck on the lips, "Kay, good."

Henry stretched a bit as Terri sat up holding the blanket to her petite form. He got up out of the American style bed and walked toward the bathroom when a hand wrapped shyly around his arm.

"C-can I come with you?" Terri stuttered out, blushing, not wanting to be alone.

Henry chuckled light heartedly and nodded and the two accompanied each other into the shower.

Takato awoke and looked around the room to see Guilmon sitting with Renamon. The two friendly conversing... Well Guilmon speaking and Renamon blushing and nodding when she agreed with Guilmon. They sat together closely, Renamon leaning slightly against Guilmon looking out the window, Guilmon laughing slightly about something he had just told her. Takato ah-hemmed

"Morning guys," Takato greeted as they turned completely toward him.

Renamon nodded acknowledgment as Guilmon launched himself over, "Morning Takatomon!!"

Takato groaned as Guilmon sat on his chest. He pushed him off and took in a breath since Guilmon sitting on him had cut off his air. Guilmon groaned this time as he sat up and rubbed his head.

"That wasn't very nice Takatomon," Guilmon whined.

"It isn't very nice to sit on people either!" Takato shot back.

They held each others gaze, both eyes narrowing into glares. Renamon shook her head disapprovingly.

'Why do boys always have to argue and fight about such trivial things?' Renamon thought annoyed.

She got up and muttered a goodbye to Guilmon and headed to the door. Though when the goodbye was muttered, Guilmon immediately stopped the glaring contest between himself and Takato. He stood up and walked after her before gently grabbing her wrist.

"What's wrong Renn-Chan? Did I do something wrong?" Guilmon asked Renamon, now newly dubbed Renn.

Renn blushed at the new nickname, "N-nothing's wrong, n-no."

"Then why are you leaving?" he questioned locking his eyes innocently with hers.

"I-I wanted some air," Renn said quietly.

Guilmon smiled, "Come I come along Renn-Chan?"

She blushed deeper and nodded, "O-o-okay Guilmon."

Guilmon pouted, "Aww, c'mon. I wanted you to give me a new name too!"

Renn nodded, "Uhh..."

She looked at Takato who had gotten up and was sifting through his suitcase. He felt her eyes upon him, looked up, and shrugged.

"Umm... Gui-kun?" Renamon presented nervously.

Takato looked at her in disbelief and struggled not to laugh, but an outburst from Guilmon silenced him quickly and caused his eye to twitch.

Gui had jumped forward and hugged her, "I love it Renn-chan!"

He had continued on to nuzzle her cheek lovingly. Causing Renn's cheeks to heat up and the rush of blood to her cheeks had unfortunately caused her to faint. They both fell onto the floor and Gui looked confused as Takato began to laugh heartily at the couple's misfortune.

Later that morning:

Renn had finally awoken, much to Gui's joy and they had gone out for a short walk. Takato had gone down stairs and met up with Rika...

"Hey Rika!" Takato had called out from across the lobby to Rika who had been sitting at the bar, just drinking some coffee.

Some of the inn patrons had just arrived while others had looked like they were at the bar all night. Some were even singing dirty drinking songs, but most paid no heed to those who were.

She turned and smiled, "Good morning."

He sat next to her and ordered a coffee for himself as they spoke about random things. Now, there were some patrons of the bar who were eying Rika, but when Takato had arrived, most had stopped. Key word, most. One had the nerve to come right up to them, this one was of course, drunk.

"'Ey prette lady, dump thish losher and -hic- come upshtairs wit me," He said in a drunken slur eying her pervertedly.

Rika rolled her eyes and kept speaking with Takato, who was attempting to keep his calm as tis drunken bastard didn't get the hint. The drunk began to get annoyed at Rika's simple ignorance of his speaking.

"'Ey miss! You should lishen t' peoples when dey are talkin' t' ya! Now c'mon!" He said grabbing Rika's wrist.

"Let go of me you disgusting bastard!" Rika said trying to wrench her wrist from the drunkard.

"Why ya li-" the drunk raised his hand to slap her when Takato smashed his fist into the man's jaw.

The guy reeled back and growled as he spat blood onto the floor. Some of the other drunks rose up and walked forward until they were right behind the man Takato had just hit. The bartender gulped and turned away, pretending to polish some glasses so he would not see anything.

"You lil' bastard, me an' my pals'll take care of your ass," The man growled out and the men behind him cheered.

The other patrons seemed to just get up and walk back upstairs as if this were routine for them.

"Go upstairs and get Henry," Takato whispered back to Rika.

She bit her lip but nodded and ran upstairs, some of the drunks laughing at her. It seemed to take Rika swallowing all her pride to not run back and hurt someone. But she knew there were too many, she would just be beaten. She ran up to Henry's door and knocked hard.

"Henry! Takato needs your help!" Rika called through the door.

There was some stumbling heard from inside the room and out came Henry, he had no shirt on, just a pair of shorts. Terri stood in the room looking happy in some of Henry's clothes. But Henry's big frame differed greatly from Terri's petite frame, the clothes on her hid her frame completely, but enough of that.

"What does he need?" Henry asked.

"There's a bunch of drunks and he's got himself into a situation!" Rika said, clearly distressed.

Henry nodded and motioned to Terri, "Stay up here with Terri, stay safe."

Rika nodded a bit confused at the Terri part, but had no time to ask questions as Henry ran off. Henry saw from the top of the stairs that the brawl had already started, and Takato was doing well enough against the drunks. Three of them were already on the floor. Though Henry's eyes widened as one pulled out a knife, He launched himself onto the stairs banister and as he slid he aimed himself at the guy with the knife. When he reached near the end he pushed off the banister hard and as he flew through the air heads turned and he planted his foot in the knife wielder's face. All of these actions took only about fifteen seconds.

The drunks stood almost stupefied, before a more sober one of them growled out in highly American accented Japanese, "The guy broke John's nose! Get him!"

They all murmured in agreement and two more of them fell to the floor as someone kicked them in the back to get to Henry. Takato stood now next to his friend and they shared a smirk as they stood shoulder to shoulder each in their own favorite fighting stance. Takato stood ready in a Beom Soegi, his stance in which he could cause the fast damage, but still be ready to get away and regroup, while Henry stood almost aloof in Kyerugi Seogi, ready for a torrent of strikes.

They all growled and launched themselves at our two guys. Henry launched an open palm strike at someone who had tried to trip him and then kicked him in the stomach, knocking the wind out of the man and knocking the man to the floor. Takato was swarmed by three at once so he quickly stepped back toward the table and out the corner of his eye he saw a bottle of beer that was more or less empty. He grabbed it and smashed it against on of the men's head and then he delivered a roundhouse kick into the unprotected side of one of the more surprised men, a big, heavyset man. The man groaned in pain as he fell, and he fell onto the third member of the three who had come up to face him first, a small twig man who could not hold the weight and fell with the fat man.

The remaining four drunks gulped and backed up. Takato and Henry both had serious faces on now, they were going to finish this fight. So one drunk coward broke away and ran to the bar jumping over it and pushing the bartender away as he grabbed a shotgun kept by said bartender.

He aimed it at Takato, a crazed look in his eye, "Well boy ready to die?"

The drunk men suddenly got how serious this was, the situation sobering them up, and one went up to try and calm his friend.

"Now, Kazuma, it's okay, you don't want to shoot these kids, right?" A tall man walked forward, hands up in the air to show he meant no harm.

Kazuma turned his crazed look on the tall man, "Shut up Ryuho!"

"Now Kazuma..." The tall man, Ryuho began taking the barrel of the gun in his hand trying to move it somewhere harmless.

"Let go!" He shouted wrenching the gun from Ryuho and smashing it into the man's skull.

Ryuho fell to the floor, his head bleeding profoundly. Takato and Henry along with the now sober men yelled in detest and a shot went off. A man fell to his knees yelling in pain, clutching his shoulder. You see, a shotgun does not fire a clean bullet, as that bullet comes out, the inside is exploding and if it makes contact, the twisted metal that had exploded in the bullet becomes shrapnel and tears the surrounding area apart. Kazuma laughed wickedly, this man had gone crazy.

He aimed once again at Takato, cocking the shotgun, a shell flying somewhere. Kazuma smirked at him as he pulled the trigger. Everyone dove to the ground, a crash came, and then a yell was heard from the bar. The gun fell from Kazuma's hands and skid across the floor. Everyone had awoken now, sober and gulping, as they looked up. The shot had hit the ceiling and harmed no one. But on the floor right in front of the bar was Kazuma, and Gui was there as well a foot planted firmly on his head. Everyone sighed a sigh of relief as the bar was suddenly drowned with the sounds of sirens.

A group of police officers entered the inn and quickly secured the area. Ryuho and the man that was shot were whisked away to the hospital and everyone was sat down by the police. All the inn patrons were called down as well, a man who walked with great authority walked in front of them all and the bartender walked behind him.

"I was called here for the seventh time this month Kohaku, that's about right, right?" The man growled at the drunk who had started it all, now known as Kohaku.

Kohaku gulped, "Y-yes police chief Ozai."

The police chief turned his gaze upon Henry and Takato who both gazed right on back.

"Do you know what you would be charged with if the bartender did not vouch for those of you involved in the brawl?" He asked sternly.

Only our six shook their heads, Ozai sighed and shook his head, "The same amount of years the crazy guy is getting, fifteen years."

All whom were in the brawl and present looked gratefully at the bartender. He shook his head and sighed.

"Well chief I think you'll not have to worry for at least a month," the bartender said eying the regulars accusingly, causing them to shuffle in their seats.

"Good Tuko, well I have to write up a report and interrogate the crazy guy, I'll see you around," Ozai said nodding to Tuko, the bartender.

The remaining police force and Ozai left the building and Kohaku turned to Takato. They glared slightly at each other and Kohaku broke eye contact first grumbling as he walked away. Gui walked up to Takato and sighed.

"Takatomon, you should've called for my help!" Gui said annoyed.

Takato just hit Gui lightly in the chest, "We were fine until that idiot got the gun."

Gui sighed and then was knocked to the ground by Renn glomping him and burying her head in his chest. She held tight to him and Gui pet her head.

"What's wrong?" He asked.

Renn looked up fiercely and punched him in hard in the arm, causing Gui to wince and hold his arm in pain, "Idiot! The guy could've shot you by accident!"

Gui frowned and pet Renn's head once again, "I'm sorry Renn-chan."

Rika smiled warmly at the pair, but sighed as she remembered how dense Gui was, and Renn's face fell a bit as she remembered as well, but she enjoyed the moment she was having with him. Rika turned her gaze on the other, more apparent, couple and giggled at how cute they appeared. Henry held Terriermon a bit tightly around the waist, the fear of what might of happened scaring him, and her calm aura was relaxing him.

Rika turned around to look for Takato in the room and eeped as she bumped right into him. Takato held her shoulders to keep her from falling and she blushed from being in such close proximity with him. Takato's heart sped up as his own blush graced his face.

"A-are you okay?" Rika asked quietly.

Takato nodded and let go of her shoulders, "Yeah I'm fine, but that was quite a scare."

Rika nodded as well and locked eyes with Takato, "Takato, I..."

A man had just entered the room and called for Takato and Henry. The man had on old overalls that were dirty from oil and grease. The two boys immediately recognized him as the mechanic for the RV and walked over to him, the rest of their party following.

The man smiled a jolly smile and passed Henry a clipboard, who looked at it and looked surprised.

"Are you sure that the price is right?" Henry asked.

The bill was only for ten thousand yen (ninety dollars), and it had included the fixing of the pipes and a complete tune up.

The guy shrugged, "You don't need much to live all the way out here. That's enough for groceries for 2 months."

Henry nodded and pulled out his wallet and pulled out two five-thousand yen bills and handed them to the mechanic. He took it and stuffed it into his pockets and asking for Henry's and Takato's signatures on the release form.

"Your RV is right outside and ready to go, the smell is completely gone. and remember to empty that tank," The mechanic said walking away as soon as he had the signatures.

Henry sighed and turned to the rest of his fellow travelers, "Well we better get packed and let's go, we're behind schedule."

All of them retreated to their respective rooms and came down fully packed and Henry waiting in the driver's seat and Terri next to him. The other four all got in and settled and they were off to Kyoto once again.

It was eighteen hours later when they finally arrived to the house. It was nearing four in the morning and the manly men carried the tired girls out carefully before returning to get all the luggage and such.

Tomorrow their vacation truly began.

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