The wizarding world is at war and has plunged into chaos. With indisputable evidence of the Dark Lord's return, events have taken a dark turn for the worst. The Ministry for Magic of Great Britain headed by Cornelius Fudge is not at a loss for words, only actions. But while England takes baby steps in an attempt to secure its own safety, Voldemort has wider ambitions.

In Eastern Europe, pure-bloods outnumber all non-pure-blooded, or otherwise imperfect magical persons nine to one and magical persons outnumber muggles in an outstanding ninety to one. The inbred, reclusive families harbor no small amount of hate towards the superstitious muggles, still known to have a witch hunt now and then.

The lonely Eastern Auror has his work cut out for him.

With the West focused on insurgents within their own borders, the East is left to fend for itself, for better or for worse. But the few aurors and imperfects as they are called, aren't about to go down without a fight. They cling to their newfound leader: a man with blood ties to an ancient and powerful ruling family. As they reinstate this monarchy, outsiders can't help but wonder if he only has the best for the East in mind, or if he wishes to restore the glory of the Eastern Empires of old and become an entirely new Dark Lord?

Author's Note: Does this sound interesting to anyone? I have a pretty good idea of where it will go, but I would like to know if anyone finds the idea interesting. (Position of Beta Reader is open, if anyone would like it, by the way) Thank you for reading this very short page!