Just a little one shot after the movie on what Optimus might be thinking

Transformer belongs to the ppl who made them.

Soft wind blew from the forest, catching the scents of the spring flowers in bloom after the long winter that had covered the land not so long ago. Everything was going about its day like nature planned for millions of years. Birds sang to find their mates, does brought out the fawns for the first time out of hiding in the bushes and woods, wolves hunted and sang to moon when it rose over the clouds on clear nights. Earth was place full of life. Thats what he loved about places, something always seemed new to look at. Even after all these years of being on this place.

The beings of this world, human were much like the planet they lived on. Also changing in some form or changing their world around them. He had seen the worse of human nature after all these years of watching them. Killing the other for no reasons or ones of valor and glory. Killing the land they lived on with their own machines. Contest and wars they came and went with the generations. He had also seen the best of these people, creating art and reaching for the stars, trying to save a person they may have never meet. Saving for the greater good out of the free will one had. For such a short lived people, they burned bright.

Some of his people thought humans were a waste of time trying to save. Often voicing out on leaving this planet on its own with no aid from them. He had shut out those voices long ago. Telling some who would listen this race was still young compared to them. In all lines, not so different when it came to the soul or the spark.

Part of his thoughts went to a pair of young teens he now knew. Getting to know them more as the mouths had gone by. Relearning the world from their point of living. Part of him wondered how this old bot could keep up with their youth. A yellow Camaro seemed to be doing that very well on his own time.

Chuckling to his self once more, his optics watched the sun light die from the skyline once more. Earth did have something his planet didn't have. Colors that came in all shades, much like the people on this planet he would protect. His new home...