The next couple of days were a whirlwind of events. Optimus reunited Jazz's spark with his body, and everyone celebrated the silver warrior's return from the dead. The Autobots kept Indigo busy, telling and retelling the story of how he'd come to have Jazz's spark with him. Jazz filled in what parts he could of the story.

Ratchet kept up a barrage of tests to make sure that both Indigo and Jazz were functioning properly. Ironhide made sure Indigo knew how to use his weapons systems effectively, while the other Autobots took turns teaching Indigo other skills.

Jess was kept busy in the medical wing with Hudd doing physical therapy on her leg, and letting Ratchet examine the break and experiment with a few treatments he thought would help the bone and muscles heal.

Several of the GI's had pooled money and hired an attorney to help Jess and Liam. Jess refused their offer at first, knowing she'd never be able to repay the kindness done to her already, but after urging from Captain Lennox and Hudd, she gave in. Jazz insisted in taking her, along with Hudd, to the attorney's office while Indigo was busy with 'Autobot boot camp'.

Within a couple of days of meeting with Jess and Liam, and checking out Richard, the attorney had Liam released from jail and the proceedings started to get Jess moved into his custody.

On the way back to the Autobot base from the latest meeting with the attorney, Jess broke down and cried.

"Watch the leather," Jazz teased. "You should be jumping for joy, girl. What's with the waterworks?"

"I'm happy," Jess said through her tears.

For a moment, she was too overcome to say more. Hudd reached over and patted her shoulder.

She was happy. Happier than she'd been since her parents had died. But the happiness was tempered with the knowledge that soon she wouldn't be seeing some of her new friends every day. She'd grown used to having the huge Autobots around, and talking with Sam, Mikaela, and the military personnel. Chris and Blaze would still be close, and that was of some comfort, and Optimus had said she was welcome to visit, but it wasn't going to be the same.

"I'm going to miss you guys," she said, when she was calmer.

"Hey, it's not like you're never going to see us again," Jazz said. "And you'll have Indigo to keep you out of trouble."

"Will I?" Jess asked softly. That was her other great fear. That Indigo would be made to stay with the Autobots now that he was capable of transforming.

Jazz seemed to sense her fear. "Of course. Bumblebee stays with Sam and Mikaela so I don't see why you and Indigo would be separated. Optimus isn't cruel, you know."

Jess flushed and patted the leather seat. "Yeah, I know. I'm sorry I doubted you guys."

Hudd grinned at her. "We'll be back in a few minutes, and you can break the good new to Indigo. Once you get that call from Liam, you can go back home."

That though depressed Jess as much as it made her happy. Liam was free. She'd be moving in with him as her guardian as she'd wished since moving in with Richard. But she'd be leaving the Autobot base. She tried to sound cheerful as she responded.

"It will be great to see Uncle Liam again. I bet he'll be freaked out to learn that Indigo's alive. He worked for a couple weeks straight to get him back into repair." She managed a smile at the thought of Liam's startled face the first time Indigo talked to him on their return. Maybe things wouldn't be so bad after all.

Her demeanor lightened, and the three friends chatted until they reached the base. The main room was empty when Jazz rolled in. His passengers disembarked and he shifted to his bipedal form.

"Geez, where'd everyone go? There can't have been another attack or Optimus would've called me in to help." He looked around. "Guess I'll go check in back. Hudd, maybe you'd better take Jess to the infirmary. She's looking a little pale."

The Autobot second-in-command strode back into the bowels of the base.

Jess cupped her hands around her cheeks. "I thought I was doing pretty good. My leg didn't hardly hurt at all today."

Hudd chuckled and took her arm, helping her back to the infirmary. "I think all the Autobots worry a bit too much about us 'fragile' humans. We're so tiny and weak compared to them. Any little fluctuation of temperature or skin color sends Ratchet into fits." The medic laughed. "He's getting better, but the other Autobots have even less knowledge about how the human body works. We'll have you sit down and eat a little and you'll be right at rain."

Jess squeezed Hudd's hand. "You're great. Everyone is. I feel very lucky to have met all of you."

The medic blushed. "Well, Jessie, I think a few of us have taken a shine to you as well."

They reached the door to the infirmary and Hudd was reaching out to open it, when the Autobot-sized partition was pulled open, revealing the infirmary full of Autobots and humans.


The combined voices of the military personnel, friends, and Autobots nearly deafened Jess. She managed to smile as she winced. Jazz winked at her from his place at Optimus's side.

That little sneak, she thought. He knew what was going on!

"Thanks, guys," she said when the roar died down. "What's the occasion?"

Her human friends surrounded her. Chris took her hand, his warm fingers twining with hers. Jess blushed.

"We heard you get to go home soon," Sam said. "We wanted to have a little send off party."

Mikaela smiled. "Sam and I have to head home today. We didn't want to leave without saying goodbye." She hugged Jess, then handed her a small box. "It's not much, but Sam, Bumblebee and I thought it up. 'Bee made it."

Jess smiled and waved at the yellow Autobot. Bumblebee waved back shyly. Jess opened the box. Inside was a ring. A slim silvery band stamped with the Autobot shield.

"Wow," she said, slipping the ring onto her ring finger. It was a bit too big. She put it on her middle finger instead. Perfect fit. She hugged Mikaela and Sam. "It's great. Thanks. Thank you Bumblebee!"

"Welcome," Bumblebee said.

"I think there's someone back there who wants to see you," Chris said.

He took her arm and they started back toward the group of people.

Jess squeezed his hand. "Who is it?"

"You'll see," Chris said with a smile.

The front row or people parted, revealing Liam.

Jess's breath caught in her throat.

Liam smiled and spread his arms. "Hi, Jessie baby." His Irish burr was thick, betraying the depth of his emotion at seeing her again.

Jess lurched away from Chris, her vision narrowed down to focus on that familiar smile. Liam met her halfway and swung her up into his arms.

"Welcome home," he whispered.