Chapter 1: The Arrival (Prologue)

Nineteen-year-old Jamie Reynolds looked expectantly out her dorm window. With her shoulder-length, light-brown hair pulled up in a loose ponytail on her head, Jamie's dark-brown, chocolate eyes symbolized her natural, radiant beauty. Her lightly powdered cheeks shone with delight and blissfulness. She knew her brother would pull into her driveway at any moment, and she didn't want to miss his arrival. Jamie was overcome with joy as she thought about seeing her little brother, Graham, after such a long time.

Even though she had seen her sixteen-year-old sibling throughout vacations and long weekends of the school year, she had never really been able to sit down and talk to him for hours on end like she had before she had started going to college. Since her parents had died when she was only sixteen, Jamie and her brother were left with only each other to take care of and watch out for. Jamie and Graham had become extremely close after the deadly car accident. They had learned how to communicate with each other. But lately, after Jamie had moved out and started attending college at a university a few hours away, they had slowly drifted apart. Jamie hoped that they would be able to mend the friendship that was lost and learn to be close again.

Suddenly, breaking into her thoughts, Jamie saw a small, white Chevy truck pull up into her driveway. She was sure her heart was beating ten times faster than it normally should have been as she got up from the couch and wobbly paced back and forth in front of her door. She counted to three as calmly as she could after the doorbell rang and abruptly opened the door.

"Hey, Graham," Jamie said, her anxiety turning into pure joy as she looked into his beautiful, light blue eyes.

"Hi," Graham's face barely glowed as he smiled weakly at his older sister.

"Are you feeling all right?" Jamie asked. She could sense that her brother was acting strangely, like he was light-headed and ready to throw up. His eyes were unfocused and foggy.

"I'm fine. I probably just need to sit down. You know how I can get sometimes after long car rides," Graham half-heartedly joked, stopping halfway to abruptly grasp the wall on his right for support as if he were dizzy.

"Okay," Jamie said unbelievingly, grabbing Graham's arm to help steady him. ‚ƆWell, come sit down on the couch. We have a lot of catching up to do."

After he was settled in sitting on Jamie's plush, beige couch, she said, "I'll make you something to eat. Maybe you just need to get something in your stomach. After all, you're probably starving after such a long journey. Stay right there while I get you some food." She spoke so quickly that she forgot to breathe until after she stopped speaking.

She knew that she was acting like Graham's mother, but she couldn't help it. Jamie snapped back into reality when Graham said, "Thanks."

He gratefully looked up at her with a strained grimace plastered on his face. He clutched forehead as if he had a major headache.

"I'll be right back," Jamie told her little brother, gently patting his head to let him know that she genuinely cared about him. She gracefully slipped through a sliding double door leading to the kitchen. She turned on the oven and took out a frozen pepperoni pizza from the freezer. As she removed the plastic covering from the pizza, she remembered back to when her parents were still alive. Whenever Jamie or Graham got sick, their mother busied herself by cooking in the kitchen. She had said that it helped her gather her thoughts. I'm acting just like her, Jamie thought as she allowed a single tear to roll down her cheek. Bringing her thoughts back to Graham, she slid the pizza into the oven after it had beeped to tell her it was heated up.

As she closed the oven door, she heard a big thud in the family room. With panic striking her thoughts, Jamie ran in the family room to find her brother sprawled lifelessly across the living room floor.

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