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Second warning: perverted jokes ahead!

When Tobi returned to there current 'base', or better known to him as the hole in a cliff base, he was beaten unconscious by a furious Deidara, who after reading Tobi's note had destroyed five trees, seven innocent squirrels, and a poor little turtle, and had yet to settle down. At this moment Deidara was re-taking out his anger on his partner once again. Tobi had just woke up and Tobi wished that he could go back to sleep and not listen to his Sempai, who was right now shaking him furiously by the collar and screaming at him.

"I have to deal with people all the time who can't tell my fucking gender, yeah! Just because my hair is longer then most and is in way better condition then 80 percent of the woman population, I get confused as a girl just cause I know how to use shampoo and brush my hair, YEAH! And now I have to deal with you making comments about my sexual preferences!! Do I ever get a break yeah?!" He screamed at his partner, while shaking him as hard as he possibly could. Tobi put his hands up in defense trying to stop his Sempai.

"But Sempai, Tobi told you that Tobi would support you no matter what your preferences were!" He yelled trying to calm down Deidara, but only seemed to piss him off more. Deidara's hands twitched towards his bag full of clay.

"Tobi," Deidara said, letting go of Tobi, who fell on his bum. "Since I can't possibly shove my clay birds down your throat, where is the only other place I can shove them?" He asked his hand already making his birds. Tobi scratched his head in confusion.

"Uh, down Sempai's throat?" Deidara's eyebrow twitched in annoyance.

"No Tobi, where on you…"

"OHH!!!" Tobi rubbed his head again, trying to think of where else clay could be shoved. "Oh, silly Sempai, Tobi's ears are too small!" He said, his hand waving back and forth like he was shooing something away. Deidara growled in frustration and annoyance.

"No Tobi, your ass, I'm going to shove these up your fucking ass!!" He screamed, finally losing his patience with his partner.

"Sempai," Tobi said with a sudden seriousness. "Tobi doesn't want to hurt your feelings but, Tobi already told you that Tobi doesn't swing that way." Deidara, who was getting quite sick of the gay jokes, grabbed Tobi by the collar and pulled him up to eye level.

"Tobi, I wouldn't screw you either way." He growled out and Tobi put his hands up in defense.

"Tobi didn't say you had to, Tobi just saying he doesn't like you that way and anyways sempai… how would that happen? Tobi only has one hole….and that's not for that!" Deidara almost slapped his face at his partner's innocent question.

"Tobi, how else do guys do that?" As the realization hit Tobi, Deidara could almost picture a confused, disgusted look on his face.

"EWWW SEMPAI!!! You're a pervert! Let go of Tobi, Tobi doesn't swing that way. Tobi doesn't want your icky butt sex." He said trying to get away from his Sempai like his life depended on it. Deidara eye twitched again, this conversation was not going the way he originally planned it. Actually it was supposed to go more on the line of Deidara getting some freaking respect for once about his freaking gender and preferences and Tobi begging for forgiveness, but no, Tobi had completely turned this into about Deidara and his supposed sex life. Deidara really hated his partner sometimes. He let go of his partner, who put tons of space between them and turned to leave.

"I'm going to have to go blow up another freaking turtle now."

"NO SEMPAI, DON'T DO THAT! DON'T TAKE YOUR SEXUAL FRUSTRATION OUT ON THE TURTLES!!" He yelled desperately. "Tobi told you, Tobi will support you no matter what your sexual preferences is but taking your sexual frustration out on a poor turtle is out of the question! Tobi won't stand for that, especially when turtle-san doesn't know what you're killing him for!"

"How about I tell 'turtle-san' why I'm going to blow his fucking turtle brains out, will that make you feel better?" He asked sarcastically.

"Yep, have fun." Tobi got up, dusted himself off, and what seemed like skipping, to his room. Deidara rolled his eyes and started away when Tobi yelled back at him.

"Oh and this still doesn't change anything between Tobi and Sempai because Tobi still isn't interested!" He yelled then seemingly disappeared.

Tobi closed his door and sat down on his small bed in exhaustion. It had been two days already since letting Sakura go and he kept thinking about going back to her but Tobi was loyal to the organization and deep down he knew he didn't want her hurting anymore. Tobi remembered how he had waited so long to become part of akatsuki, to make a name for himself, though it would be feared, he at least would be known. He wasn't a complete fool as he put himself out to be, he knew that this wasn't going to be sunshine and rainbow, it was going to be hard and angsty. This was the life he had chosen because Zetsu saved him and wanted to do something in return, it was all he knew, that is till he met Sakura. She made his day better, she was the little bit of good in his life and he didn't have to be the one trying to make everything better because her smile could do that for him more then a day work of being silly, stupid, annoying Tobi. Even though she was the one who brought up his past, a part of him liked knowing who he really was but the part that hated betraying the village he use to protect and the people he sacrificed his life for, wouldn't leave him alone. The worse of it had to be when the memories would haunt him and he would be alone and all he could think about was her and the way she could make him feel better with just a few words and he could go back being his normal happy self.

But he had to end it, he was hurting her and even though he didn't have a whole lot of experience with his sharingan, from his memories of the Uchiha teachings of the sharingan, he had taken what he remembered and altered her memories. Tobi just hoped that he didn't mess up and do something wrong. He wasn't sure if it was permanent or if she saw him again, if ever again, she would automatically remember him. He hoped not though, Tobi wanted her happy and not sad. Maybe she would move on and never remember him again and she would start liking furball and she could be happy with him. Tobi stopped his train of thought right there and frowned. He didn't like that idea, not one bit. Tobi didn't want to share his flower-chan, not even with someone who could make her happy, because Tobi wanted to be the one who would make her happy, not that stupid furball. Tobi sat up and rubbed his head. No he couldn't and wouldn't take back what he had done. This was for the better for both of them, he wouldn't hurt her and she would be happy. He got up and decided that to go bother his Sempai was better then thinking of her and the pain the resided in his chest every time he thought of not ever seeing her again or her happy with someone else, because deep down he knew she should only be with him and the same the other way around.

Sakura walked out of the hospital slowly, her eyes trying to readjust to the bright light of the outside world. She had only stayed in the hospital for 5 days and now had a week break to recover and gather her thoughts. She had decided that she first wanted to see her best guy friend, Naruto, and hang out with him because he didn't seem to visit much during her stay in the hospital, when normally he would have been there every day to make sure she was ok. Sakura had thought a lot but had yet to remember this Tobi person. She was known for her amazing memory and knowledge about things and yet she couldn't remember ever hearing his name in her life, not even an image of him popped in her head. If she had to guess he probably was tall, dark hair, and muscular and maybe a little fat with a blood lust and very bad attitude, probably because he got a sucky name like Tobi. It wasn't a bad name but it sure didn't scream, 'I'm in akatsuki and kill people for fun and for world domination.' She had yet to find out how she had come across him and why everyone was so 'hush hush' about it but she was not only determined to find out but to find him as well and kill him. If he was akatsuki, then he was not only an enemy but also going to hurt Naruto and she wouldn't tolerate anyone hurting Naruto. Sakura walked down the street towards the ramen stand to find her buddy when a green spandex wearing ninja stopped her.

"Oh Sakura-san, your looking beautiful today, would you honor me with a date filled with your youthful beauty?" He asked bowing to her like a gentlemen. Sakura opened her mouth to say no but instead she found herself accepting.

"Sure Lee." They both looked shocked by her comment. The back of her head she could almost hear something about being happy and moving on but she ignored it and tried to cover up what she did. "But it's only one date so don't think anything of it, I just really want company right now."

"I will take what ever beautiful Sakura-san gives." She sweat dropped at his enthusiastic.

"Uh, yeah, so where are we going?" She asked. Lee always made her feel a little awkward when he spouted about her beauty and youthfulness. Lee ended up dragging her to a small café that was simple and nice but Sakura couldn't help but feel out of it as she half listened, half ignored what ever came out of Lee's mouth, who jabbered on and on about everything he could think of. He didn't notice Sakura's quietness, to busy going on and on to realize it. Sakura drank her tea silently and looked outside. She almost wished it could rain right now, she felt tense and she had a feeling it had to do with the dreams she been having back at the hpsopital. She hadn't told anyone about her dreams because when she woke up in the hospital bed she could never remember what they were about, all she knew was that she would wake up crying and her heart hurting. It felt almost exactly like when Sasuke abandoned the village but something was different about this. It hurt more but being older and wiser she knew how to cover her pain better, to hide it so no one would know she was hurting. A drop of water splashed on her hand brought her back to reality. She touched her cheek and realized she was crying a little.

'Odd.' She thought. She quickly wiped it away before Lee could notice.

"So Sakura-san, what did you think of me and Gai-Sensei's amazing adventure?" He asked leaning across the small table towards her making her feel awkward again. Sakura put on a quick smile.

"Uh, it was amazing?" She said, hopping it would be an acceptable answer and it seemed to work.

"I should tell you about the time me and Gai-Sensei…." And he was off again on his hero worship story. Sakura zoned out a few more minutes until she spotted Naruto walking down the street. She stood up immediately, scarring Lee in the process and said that she had to go and laid down a couple of bill, even though it was a date, and ran out throwing an apology to Lee over her shoulder. She ran and caught up with Naruto, who gave her a weird look but stopped anyways. She smiled at him as they started walking.

"So what were you doing?" Naruto asked casually.

"On a date with Lee." Naruto looked at her like she was insane.

"WHAT!!" Practically screamed, Sakura quickly slammed her hand over his mouth to quiet him down.

"Shh you idiot, your embarrassing me." She said in an angry hush tone, trying to calm down the loud blond. He seemingly calmed down and she removed her hand.

"Why did you go on a date with furry eyebrows?" He asked and she shrugged at his question.

"I have no idea what possessed me to say yes but don't worry I told him I just wanted some company. So now that I found you, why have you been avoiding me like I have a plague?" She asked seriously, with her hands on her hips to show she meant business. Naruto gulped and rubbed his head.

"Well, uh… you see…" He really didn't have a good excuse. When Kakashi told him that Sakura had been "dating" an akatsuki member he had thought it was a joke but when he had heard the whole story and then remembered his talk with Sakura about who she liked and his comment about it could be worse, that she could like an akatsuki member did make her run off pretty fast. Then he had thought she was really busy but now he could see the connection and with her weirdly altered memory it didn't take him long to realize they were all serious. Sakura acted normal but it was quite weird with her telling him that she was going to kill this Tobi guy if he came 10 feet of him, when all Naruto wanted to do was blurt out that she was actually in love with Tobi a couple days prior. He honestly wanted her happy but it was hard not to think it was insane for her to love a guy from an organization that wants to kill him. Her life reminded him vaguely of one of Jiraiya cheesy Icha Icha Paradise books. Sadly if Jiraiya ever heard of this, Naruto wouldn't be surprise if it was turned into one. Sakura smacking him on the head and brought him back to reality.

"Oi, you haven't answered my question." She said, slightly annoyed that he had zoned out on her.

"Huh? Oh, I… I just have been busy lately. I'm sorry I didn't get to go visit you Sakura-chan. You forgive me?" He asked giving her one of his cutest 'please forgive me.' looks and she sighed and he knew he had accomplished getting out of this one. Now he just had to keep his promise to Kakashi to not spill anything about Tobi. This was going to be harder then he thought because there were questions he wanted to ask her and they were just bubbling up in him. He wanted her happy even if it was with this Tobi fellow.

But why did he have to be akatsuki?

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