This is a short drabble of sorts that is dedicated for all my fans and readers who enjoyed reading this as much as I have enjoyed writing this.

Special Dedication to Mewberry2008 who inspired this random drabble.

Tobi was sure that she was quite glorious being pregnant. Her pink hair seemed to have shinier hue and softer to the touch. Her skin seemed to glow with what Tsunade had mentioned only a expecting mothers could have.

Then there were her boobs... Those divine things had grown huge and maybe that was what made her look so impressive.

Her moods swings were easily tolerable, even when she had thrown kunai's at his own reproductive items because she couldn't zip her top up anymore from her weight gain. Tobi had proudly told her because her boobs were now ginormous and he wouldn't mind if she walked around naked. That had earned the mirror she was standing in front of flying at him. She would then cry after doing something mean and he would gather her in his arms and let her cry till she felt better. Tobi was proud he could make his Flower-chan feel better.

It was when she would crave something and want Tobi to cook her something incredibly unhealthy and just down right disgusting, that when he felt the most manliness. That he was helping her in some way, even if some stupid fur-ball called it girly to be doing the cooking, he knew that the stupid fur-ball was wrong because manly men can make anything and make it good. Ha, stupid fur-ball, in his face.

Maybe Tobi's favorite thing about Sakura being pregnant was when he would catch her talking to her belly, their baby, especially about Tobi and how great Tobi was. That made Tobi's chest tighten with so much happiness, he was sure he was going to explode as if Deidara had put some explosive birds in his chest. What she didn't know was that at night when she was asleep Tobi would turn over and whisper to their unborn child that it was lucky to have her as it's mommy.

He definitely liked her pregnant and might have to keep her that way and the extra curriculars that were required for babies, Tobi really liked those to, so this was a win/win for Tobi. Though, he was sure Sakura wouldn't want 16 children and that she would still want to keep her career. Drat, that plan was thrown out the window.

It was a month before she was due that something hit Tobi hard. What if Tobi was a bad father? What if it hated Tobi and ended up like his cousins? What if it were weak and blamed Tobi? What if people came after his child? What if Tobi died in a mission and left Sakura to raise it all alone? What if they didn't get Tobi's good looks? What if they talked in third person like Tobi and got made fun of at the academy?

There were so many 'ifs' and Tobi just didn't know what to do. That was how Sakura had found him in their bedroom, fretting about the future. She had laughed gently at his worries of the future and had placed his hand on her rather plump belly and he felt the movement of their child.

"We will face everything together. I have the same worries but I believe we will be fine. I love you and our child will love you too. See when it hears you, it gets excited and moves because its excited and can't wait to meet you." After saying this, she had kissed his head and let Tobi marvel at the feel of the baby moving at his presence. Tobi had smiled such a big goofy grin that Sakura couldn't help but wish that their baby would be here now so it could see it too. Tobi leaned forward at that moment and kissed her belly.

"Tobi can't wait to see you too, baby-chan but," He gave a rather dramatic pause. " Tobi really likes how big Flower-chans boobs are so they better stay that big or your just going to have to have a sibling." Sakura had gasped and playfully smacked him across the head to which Tobi had whined till she gave him a kiss on his boo-boo and he had grinned wolfishly as she scolded him gently.

"Any ways," She had muttered with a mischievous grin, "I remember that I married you because you said we would make cute babies... I don't know what would happen if they didn't." She jokes playfully. Tobi had grinned and playfully rolled his eyes.

"Oh Flower-chan, Tobi knows that they will get his good looks... Tobi just worried they wont get yours." That earned him a playful smack and he had launched a kissing attack afterward.

Tobi definitely liked Sakura pregnant but he couldn't wait to meet his first born child and it better be soon because Tobi was getting impatient from waiting. Eight and 3/4 months was too long and Tobi wanted to do so much. That was the only thing Tobi hated about Sakura being pregnant, Tobi had to wait like a good boy. Damn it, Flower-chan was lucky that he liked her to be this patient but secretly he knew he was lucky to have her.


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