Silver Moon: Chapter 1: What do you mean that's her name?

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Inuyasha muttered a few curses as he looked into the well. He and Kagome had, had another fight, this time not only had she gone home but she had taken the whelp with her. Not that he cared about the whelp… it's just the monk and slayer would notice his disappearance; then they would assume the fight was worse than normal.

'It wasn't that bad…was it?' the hanyou thought.


"I'm leaving now! Come on Shippou!" the flustered miko snapped.

"Wench you better not go back home, cause I swear I'll drag you back here!" he hollered.

This was only for her to swing her legs over the lip of the well. He heard her whisper, "Baka", under her breath as she slipped over the edge and as far away from him as possible.


"Kuso, it was bad", he growled to himself as he jumped through the well.

He followed his nose to her, what he picked up didn't make him feel any better. Her sweet scent of gardenia and jasmine was bruised with the bitter scent of tears. She was slumped against the God tree, her legs drawn up to her chest, arms wrapped around them, face buried in her knees. He could easily hear her soft whimpers and sniffles. He swallowed the large, dry lump that had developed in his throat.

"Kagome", he tried to sound considerate, but it came out gruff.

"What do you want now?" she chocked as tears constricted her throat, not daring to lift her head.

"Gomen", he said quietly.

"Nani?" she whimpered.

She raised her head to meet his gaze with slightly red eyes. Her long lashes soaked with the pain he had laid upon her.

"Did you just apologize?" she blinked; shocked into silence.

He nodded, looking down; the fight was because of Kikyo. Who had come to him, asking for his help. But soon after she turned on them, Naraku had shown up, they had barely defeated the damn enchanted doll! He wanted to believe she was under a spell, but the more he thought about it…

His thoughts were interrupted when Kagome threw her arms around him. His arms moved of their own accord, wrapping around her. She whimpered into his chest, he looked down at her. She felt frail as the tremors of her crying turned to weeping.

The hanyou continued to gaze down at the ebony haired tenshi sobbing in his arms. His angel …he tightened his grip, one hand stroking her tresses. Her sobs turned to whimpers, and finally to hick-ups. Her blue eyes locked with his gold ones.

"You know last time we were like this you took the sheikon jewel from me", she sighed.

"I'll never do so again", he buried his face in the crook of her neck. "I'll never push you away again."

"Lets go inside it's chilly out here", she laughed softly.

"Kagome we NEED to go back *sneeze*", he tried to sound serious but the fall chill was even getting to him.

Her almost giddy look turned to worry. She reached up and placed the back of her hand to his forehead. Her brows furred, and she gave a sigh.

"You have a fever; we'll stay here until it breaks. Besides we could use a vacation, ne?" she looked up warmly at him.

He went to argue, but she mouthed the word "sit", so he closed his gaping mouth quickly, and followed her inside.

"Inuyasha-san it's wonderful to see you again, and look no injuries", Kagome's mother smiled, before silently glaring at her father; who was pulling out talismans, and mumbling about evil spirits.

"Okaasan, tell me does he have a fever?" Kagome ask urging Inuyasha towards her.

"Mmm, yep it's light but still there. Inuyasha why don't you go lay back on the couch, and I'll bring you some aspirin", her mother said feeling the hanyou's forehead.

Not long after the two had settled onto the couch her mother came in with a cup of steaming tea and two aspirin. Inuyasha took them reluctantly, only because he didn't want to upset Kagome…but he still suspected poison.

"Oh and Kagome…" her mother spoke brightly.

"Hai", Kagome smiled.

"Bathsheba called; I told her you were on the other side of the well. She said she'll cover for you, and offered to help you more with your work if you like. She is such a nice girl", Kagome's mother laughed a little.

"Who's Vath-she-t-ca…?" Inuyasha ask as her mother disappeared upstairs.

"It's Bath-she-ba, but we call her Sheba. She's a little… well you'll see mom probably told her to come over tomorrow. She's a little older than me, only two years since I turned sixteen. But she's also in college, and can help me out a lot." the young miko smiled gently.

The steadily setting sun bathed the room, and its only occupants in gold and red. The sounds were of her Ojiisan going to bed, Sota settling into his room to finish his homework. Not long after Kagome's mother said she was going to settle in as well, as she had to get up early in the morning. Kagome and Inuyasha lounged on the couch watching an action movie, Buyo curled up in the hanyou's lap.

…next morning…

Inuyasha was jolted from his sleep when something small and soft tapped on his sensitive nose. His gold eyes slid open, a glare focusing on… Buyo! The strange, overweight, feline was perched on his chest timidly pawing at his face then daring to touch an ear. Sitting up to throttle the annoying creature he remembered this was Kagome's pet… 'Kuso…might as well distract the baka neko', he growled at himself. So you could imagine Kagome's surprise to find a certain hanyou playing with her hefty cat.

'Oh look at the strong, grumpy, and mean Inuyasha…playing with the giant fur-ball… so manly…' she thought giggling, as said fur-ball crawled away from him and over to Kagome.

"Oi!" he said loudly.

"Shhh, baka you'll wake the whole house up!" glancing at the clock on the T.V.; that read 7:45 a.m.

"No dear, Shippou and I've been awake for a while", her mother's voice rang from the kitchen.

"I was wondering what happened to the little runt", Inuyasha snorted.

"Ya, he fell asleep in my room before you arrived", Kagome yawned.

"Breakfast is ready if you two want any", Kagome's mother called from the kitchen.

Inuyasha complied immediately; sprinting into the kitchen. Kagome was slower, petting Buyo and stretching ever couple of steps. As she slowly ate she thought of how much Sheba had helped. She got her assignments from her teachers and tutored her; all for the sake of being a friend. She was in college, but this was the year she had taken off, enjoying the small fortune she had made modeling. She was also the muse and good friend of an ex-manga artist who crashed onto the fashion scene a year ago, and had been going strong ever since. Giving her enough money and connections to do what she wanted for the next few years. Her friend the designer gave her a beautiful apartment toward the suburbs of Tokyo; near to Kagome's home. Through her pondering she had eaten ever morsel of her breakfast, and the clank of her chopsticks hitting her plate woke her to reality. She picked up the corded phone from its wall placement and dialed the memorized number.

"Moshi moshi", Bathsheba speaking", a confident, female voice chimed on the other end.

"Hey, Sheba its Kagome."

"Oh, hey Kagome! Back so soon?"

"Ya, Inuyasha and I had some issues, and to smooth everything over I want to show him some of Tokyo."

"Hmmm, I see… I look forward to meeting you doggy-eared friend I've heard so much about", her voice took a flirtatious tone.

"Sheba…he can hear you", Kagome blushed.

"I know."

Inuyasha scooted away from Kagome and the receiver.

"Down Sheba!" Kagome chided lightly; only for her friend to laugh and claim she had no interest.

"Can I talk to her?" Shippou pouted.

"How about I meet you in the mall, at the food court?" Kagome silently place a finger to her lips, silencing the kit.

"Sure, sounds good"

"Shippou wants to talk to you"

"Well put him on!"

"Bathsheba!" the kit squealed taking the phone.

"Oi, Shippou, what have you been up to?" the 2 continued their conversation until Sheba excused herself to get ready.

Though she wasn't the only one… Kagome quickly dressed in a pair of snug, light blue, low riders, and a pink T-shirt with a chibi bunny on it. Inuyasha only had what he wore on his back, but Kagome forced him to wear a red bandana to hide his ears. And her mother dug up a pair of jeans, some socks, a t-shirt, and sneakers. They weren't that great. Her mother had bought him an outfit to wear in their time during a sale, when she was buying Sota some new cloths.

"Sweetheart, I'll drop you off if you like, I have to go into town anyway", her mother smiled at the couple coming down the stairs… unfortunately Kagome forgot to tell him about her mother's driving abilities.

…Mall Parking Lot…

"Come on Inuyasha, let go of the dashboard", Kagome cooed to the traumatized hanyou.

Even after she got him out he continued to mumble incoherently as he gawked at the six story Tokyo mall. After Kagome agreed to call her mother when they left, who then skidded out of the parking lot, and onto the highway.

"Well, come on", Kagome dragged him into the large shopping complex.

"She should be … ahhh", Kagome said triumphantly.

She led him to a table where a young lady sat quietly, but she looked … he couldn't explain it. The woman-child had a beautiful face but the way she dressed was too different for him to get past. Her skin was like living porcelain, luminous and with a delicate flush. Her long shadowy, auburn tresses were in a flat bun. But her long bangs were down to the tip of her ears and hinge of her jaw. She had parted them to the side, and they were set to frame her face.

She had lips painted crimson, and of a pouted, rosebud shape. Her eyes were a brilliant emerald. A rusty color seemed to come from their dark centers and burn outwards. Long thick lashes fluttered over her cheeks as she looked up at them. Her eyes captivated him and had almost a feline smile to them. She stood and embraced Kagome warmly.

"Inuyasha this is Bathsheba, Sheba this is Inuyasha", Kagome waved her hand between the two.

"Hajimemashite", she said in her alluringly charming voice.

"Same here", he snorted with a nod of recognition.

She stood in form-fitting black jeans, and a billowy blouse hung around her shoulders emphasizing her long lean shape. She was tall for a human woman, and she wore high heels on top of it. With her shoes accounted for she was at eye level with himself.

"Okay, um Sheba is one of my best friends, she has been incredibly helpful with my work here in my time." Kagome said quickly, and Inuyasha went on edge.

"YOU TOLD HER ABOUT THE WELL!" he screeched.

"Yes, she did." Sheba smiled admiring her nails.

"How could you trust her?"

"She has no reason to bring any harm to us; she could even be useful to us if she ever came with me. And if she were to cause trouble then I would only have to hint to the public of her unique qualities." Kagome reassured him.

Inuyasha looked at her closely and took in her sent and found it … pure; like a miko… She caught his stair and looked him square in the eye with kind, though slightly amused eyes.

Bathsheba wasn't that bad, she smelled of a forest after a spring rain with feminine vanilla warming it. There was also the scent of a flower; that he was sure of, but he had never found such flower. She had a kind and warm air about her, but she seemed very capable of taking care of herself. But there was something that he saw that made him question her, her eyes warm and sweet as they were, there was still something veiled behind them.

Currently they were sitting on a bench; though Inuyasha was completely unseen from his placement underneath the bags. Kagome was on her cell, arguing about something. While Inuyasha prayed that it didn't involve him getting in that thing with the mad woman.

"Kagome-chan I could give you two a ride", Bathsheba said, and then Kagome quickly told her mother that they would ride with Sheba and hang out at her place for a while. Thus, allowing Inuyasha to breathe a sigh of relief.

Sheba led them to a black camaro with chrome detailing.


"What do you know Inuyasha can get out of a car on his own", Kagome giggled.

"Oi!" the hanyou growled.

"What's she talking about Inuyasha?" Sheba questioned.

"Nothing!" he snorted.

"I'll tell you later", she laughed.

"No you won't", he snapped.

"Humph…you have to sleep sometime", she sniffed.

"Hey Sheba wait up", Kagome called to the young woman who was walking toward the large, skyscraper apartment complex.


Inuyasha was so absorbed in his study of the foyer of the apartment, that he was startled by the *click* of the closing door.

"Just make yourselves at home", Sheba chimed as she slipped off her shoes.

She proceeded to place them in a strange shelf-like structure; Kagome mimicked this behavior, and gave him a look that meant he should as well. After a moment of frustration he managed to remove the shoes, and found an open slot. The two females were already giggling and whispering in another part of the apartment. Like that was going to keep him from hearing, he gave a snort.

He decided against listening in on what may have been useful blackmail, to continue his observation of the home. The entrance was hardwood that had been cut and polished neatly. This led off to what Kagome called the "Living room", at her house. The floors were blanketed with plush carpet, though he preferred the tatami of his original home. There was a good sized T.V.; one of the better inventions of Kagome's time, in the living room surrounded by heavy, worn leather couches that invited him to sink onto, and a coffee table. He looked to his right a hallway and to his left was the entrance to the kitchen. From which he could once again overhear the girls' senseless chatter.

"Inuyasha-chan what are you doing?" Kagome inquired, frowning at him.

"Umm… What! Am I not allowed to look around?" he seethed, becoming agitated by his own confusion.

"No just wondering what you were doing", Kagome replied quietly; immune to his outburst.

"I love the way her apartment is set up, it's at the corner of the building, so she has windows on two sides of the place. I mean who would ever turn on the T.V. when right behind it is this kind' a view?" she said walking toward the wall of windows behind the T.V.

"Her bedroom is like this too…" she murmured becoming absorbed in the view.

"Kag-chan if you get your finger prints on my glass you have to clean them off." Sheba warned, holding a tray with various items. Inuyasha watched her carefully and he saw something familiar about the way she knelt and set out the tray's plates on the table. Then, she put the barren tray under the table. She poisely pored tea into the small porcelain cups.

Inuyasha had just taken up his cup when the thought hit him… he noticed the strange aura she carried it was stronger in her home. She smelled human, but her aura was that of a demon…

Apparently in his shock he had lost his grip on the cup, and not felt it slip from his hand and even in is dazed state he expected the gasps from the girls, as well as the chaos that would follow… The sound of the porcelain clashing against the wood table never came. Frozen in mid-fall was the cup the liquid swirling about in it; thanks to its upright position. Inuyasha did a double take before yelling, "What type of sorcery is this?" at no one in particular.

"Well, Sheba's telekinetic … she can move things with her mind", Kagome fidgeted, "I was going to tell you …"

Inuyasha looked at Bathsheba carefully. Her eyes were focused on the cup, she silently narrowed her them, and the cup obediently floated down to the table.

"Inuyasha-san don't let it get cold", Bathsheba warned nonchalantly.

"She would come in handy back in Sengo gida, ne?" Kagome smiled.

"No shit!" Inuyasha snapped.

"Well, it's not sorcery. I can just use my mind like you use your arms and legs", Sheba explained patting his head.

"By the way… just what shocked you enough to drop the cup?" Bathsheba asked quietly.

The hanyou looked away, "Feh, your aura is a little weird, that's all."

Kagome moved to push the subject a little more, but Sheba sent her a look that made her tea freeze over.

"Well, I'm gonna take you with me next time I go through the well", Kagome smiled brightly.

"Considering I'm taking this year off I would just have to tell my agent, so my reputation wouldn't be soiled. Besides, my rent is paid for until this time next year", Sheba laughed.

"So it's settled, you'll come visit next Sunday." Kagome squeaked.

"Inuyasha you've grown offal quiet", Sheba spoke with almost a maternal air.

"Still a little shocked I guess", he sighed no looking at her.

… Kitchen

"Poor thing", Sheba sighed, "He seems upset."

"Nah, he's probably just a little shaken by your "Talent", Kagome laughed.

The two girls were washing dishes, while Inuyasha watched a movie in the living room.

"You know the difference in the environment was probably what gave him the fever", Sheba frowned handing Kagome a freshly washed dish.

"Eh?" Kagome ask, confused.

"All the pollution in the air must be hard on such a sensitive nose, and all the loud noises… I'm surprised he hasn't gone into shock", Sheba handed the last dish to Kagome.

"Oh… that's right." Kagome mumbled.

"Your mom will be here soon", Sheba sighed.

"Ya… Look we're almost done", Kagome brightened up as she took out the sacred jewel.

"Yes, but you only have half; you still have to deal with Naraku", Sheba reminded her.

There was a sudden *clink*, like that of a marble bouncing against tile. Both looked down, sure enough the jewel lay on the floor; unharmed.

"The chain must have snapped", Sheba motioned to the nearby silver chain; the severed clasp not far from it.

"Oh man that scared me!" Kagome sighed, kneeling down and taking the precious half-orb up with her fingers.

"It's alright…" Sheba cooed gently to her friend, patting her shoulder.

"Come on I bet I have a good strong chain lying around in my jewelry box. Its amazing that one lasted so long", Sheba guided Kagome back to her room.

Not long after the two girls returned; the younger a bit more stable the door bell rang.

"I'll get it", Sheba said softly, getting up from the couch.

"Konban wa, Dai-san", Bathsheba smiled giving a polite half bow…


Kagome came down the stairs in her PJ's and bid everyone good night.

"Oi! Kagome?" Inuyasha called.

"Hai", she paused halfway up the staircase.

"Why did Sheba's house smell of Neko … and I didn't see any pets."

"She a cat, but he went to the vet today".

"Oh, I see."

"Good night Inuyasha-kun."


"Hai", this was beginning to annoy her; she wanted to go to sleep in her warm bed!

"What's a vet?"

Kagome nearly toppled down the stairs…

… x…

Meanwhile a certain Taiyoukai was looking up at the full moon while on patrol. He was intricately connected to the moon. His household bore it as its symbol, and so did his own markings. He looked at the sleeve that billowed loosely with his cold expression. Instead he thought of his favorite tale from his child hood with closed eyes. When he was a pup he had sat underneath a similar moon, and his father had told it to him.

The tale of how a demoness lost her mate to a terrible battle and in her grief the goddess of the moon took pity on her. She gave the woman her gifts to heal. The demoness became known a silver sorceress due to the silver glow that her eyes too when she healed the many who should have perished from their wounds. The demoness died from old age without taking another mate or producing any children. As a pup he had been upset by the ending. His father had tipped his nose, and smiled at him before informing him that every few centuries the demoness is reincarnated.

"Perhaps, one day you will find a Silver Sorceress", his father had said putting him to bed.

The memory had become more and more familiar since the loss of his arm. He had yet to find a silver sorceress though he had learned that one had reportedly been alive for a short time during his father's reign.

His stoic expression did not change, but as he stood in the moonlight he was ever so slightly aware that the light from the goddess was brighter than normal for the time of year. The thoughts and memories were fleeting he did not have time to linger on such nonsense.


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