November 11, 1996

It was just a normal day in the Great Hall of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Ravenclaws were hiding behind their books. Hufflepuffs were asking each other about their days. Slytherins were barely eating and glaring at the school around them. Gryffindors were talking about Quidditch and glaring at the Slytherins.

Well, it was normal at first. The normalcy was interrupted by a clocked figure appearing fifth teen feet off the floor, screaming. The figure crashed to the floor and the screaming was replaced by the moaning a of now very female voice.

" Blood hell, that hurt." The girl whined, sitting up.

The students and staff were watching her look around the hall.

" Well, it looks like it, but I can see major differences." She said.

Even though she just hit a very solid floor from a high distance, the girl stood up, dusting the dirt off her robes.

Albus Dumbledore stood, glaring at the figure.

" Excuse me, but who are you?" He demanded.

The figure turned her head towards him. A minute went by before she answered.

" I don't have to answer you, you crackpot old fool." She hissed.

" You are not welcome on this property then." Albus replied.

" And just what are you gonna do, Albus?" She said, pulling her hood down.

She revealed her shoulder length onyx black hair and light purple eyes. Her eyes were full of hate, directed towards the headmaster.

" I will force you out." He answered.

She smiled before laughing, clutching her stomach.

" Oh that's funny. Since when can you do that? You're a pampas ass. You can't force me to do anything and you know it, Dumbledore."

" How do you know me?"

She fell silent, her mind over working. Again she looked around her, locking eyes with Severus Snape for a brief moment before scanning the hall.

" Da was right then. Some do a 180 here. This changes everything. But how did that geezer send me here? All I remember was being crucioed, then a few other lights. Next thing I know, I'm 15 teen feet off the ground of the hall. Damn it." She said to herself, clutching her now bleeding side.

She hadn't seen Albus and the other staff members come up to her, but when Albus grabbed her, she retched beck and glared at him.

" You do not touch me!" She screamed, sending a bolt of energy through him

But she fell to her knees, the blood flowing faster.

" Damn it." She whispered.

Severus moved forward as she fell towards the ground again. Catching her, he was amazed to she how much she looked like him. He picked her up and raced to the infirmary.

" Poppy!" He called out.

The medi-witch came bustling into the room and seeing the bloody girl in his arms, she began to work on her. She sealed the wounds that she could and then let the girl's magic take over. Poppy looked at her appearance then looked up at Severus, who nodded.

" I saw that too. But I never fathered any children." He whispered.

The girl stirred and opened her eyes into his onyx.

" Hi." She whispered.

" It seems you know everyone here and yet none know you." He responded.

" I guess I was right." She said, looking away.

" Right about what?" Severus asked.

" That on this plane of dimension, I don't exist." She answered, turning her light purple eyes onto his.

" Plane of dimension?" He whispered.

" Yes, in other words, I am from another dimension. And before you think I've gone nutters, understand that it is real. My name is Annie Rain Snape. I was born on June 19, 1985 to one Severus Snape and one Calinna Snape." Annie replied. " At least, in my own dimension. Here, it seems I'm not real." She added in a saddened whisper.

" Who's Calinna?" Severus asked.

Annie's eyes lit up.

" She was the most amazing woman ever. I'm quoting Da on that. He adored her. She was mix of dark and light elf you see, so she was protective of me, but she let me be free. When he killed her, he just made himself a bigger target for us." Annie ended, a dark look in her eyes.

" Who's he?"

" Why the dark lord of course."

" Lord Voldemort?"

" Who the hell is Voldemort? No, the dark lord is Albus. Again, it appears that he did a 180 with his personality."

" But if Albus is the dark lord, what does that make Voldemort?"

" Again, who is he? Surely that's not his real name." Annie asked, looking at Severus with a curious look.

" No, his real name is Tom Riddle." Severus answered.

" I'd call that a 360. Tom Riddle is the headmaster of Hogwarts and my godfather. The nicest guy." Annie said.

She sighed. " This is weird."

" What is?"

" Talking to you like this. I mean, you don't look exactly like da, but still…" Her voice faded off.

" You still see your father. I understand. Annie, if I asked, would you tell me about your life?"

" Sure, I don't see why not." She replied, giving him a cheesy grin.

" Ok, lets see. What about Harry Potter being the Gryffindor?"

" A lion? Hell no, Harry is in Ravenclaw. Dray is still a Slytherin, but they don't care." Annie answered.

" What does that mean?" Severus asked.

" Duh, Harry and Draco are soul mates. Three years ago they mated and now I have the cutest nephew. His name is Damien. He has dirty blonde hair and silver eyes. Oh, it's so cute when he uses his smile to get out of anything."

" Soul mates? How is that possible? They aren't creatures."

" Yes they are. Harry is a Dragonite and Dray is a Veela. I guess not here. This is gonna be fun." She said, rolling her eyes.

Yawning, she grinned at him.

" Can I ask a favor?" She whispered.

" Depends."

" It doesn't feel right not saying it. So, while I'm here, can I call you da?"

Severus was quiet before nodding.

" If it makes you comfortable. I'll do one better and keep Albus away from you. I don't think you'd want him near you regardless."

Annie laughed softly before her eyelids drooped and she fell asleep.

Severus stood and smiled at the Annie. After placing protective wards around her bed, he left, not seeing the tears race down her face.

Ok, I like this. It just came to me one night. It was so weird. So what do you think about it?

I'll update soon.