December 4, 1996

Annie was sitting in her bed in the Hospital Wing, staring out the window, Dray's bubblegum pink hair wrapped lightly in her fingers. Said 'blonde' was resting lightly, his head near her. Har was leaning again her bed, his head on her leg, his own legs on the nearest bed. The others were taking care of the Albus here, leaving Annie out of their plans.

She was leaving the infirmary today and hopefully leaving this dimension the next day. The prospect of seeing her nephew again had Annie giddy; she would be bouncing if not for the calming potion that Sirius pushed down her throat.

Annie heard the infirmary doors open and hurried footsteps approach her bed. When the curtains were ripped open, Annie saw a flustered Draco.

" Annie, you need to hide, now." He said, eyes moving quickly to the door.

" Why, what's wrong?" Annie asked, jerking around, waking Dray and Har up.

" The Ministry some how found out a 'non-human' was teaching here and they brought aurors with them! They intend on getting rid of you." Draco answered.

" WHAT? Oh no, there is not a chance in hell they are taking you!" Har hissed, his outline in red again.

" Harry," Dray hissed " calm down. There is no way Sev of Tom will let that happen."

As if on cue, said adults raced into the infirmary, along with Harry, who was just as flustered as Draco. Sev sat down on the bed, holding Annie tight to his side, who was starting to panic.

" Da, they can't really get rid of me can they?" She whispered, clutching his robes.

" Not if they value their lives." Sev hissed.

" I think that Albus has a hand in this. This would be just like him; no matter the dimension." Tom whispered, moving the curtains so they blocked the group from view.

" Harry, did you tell Siri to hide?" Annie suddenly asked.

" Yah, and he sorta understands. Professor Snape has him hidden in his quarters."

" Sev stands it?" Annie asked.

" Well, he did say something about how he didn't really look like the Siri we knew, so he could stand him. Plus, he isn't calling the professor Snivillas, that helps a lot." Harry answered, snickering.

Sev laughed softly before the doors burst open and the sounds of feet echoed off the walls.

The curtains were ripped away and ten aurors stood there, their wands pointed at Annie's throat.

" Annie Rain, you are under arrest for violating the laws that forbid magical creatures from teaching human students, even as a assistant. Punishment is death." A man in a lime green bowler hat said, glaring at Annie.

" I do not think so, Minister Fudge." A voice said from near the doors that froze Annie and Sev.

" Lady Calinna, to what do we owe this honor." Fudge said, clenching back his words.

" You know very well that whenever one of our own faces 'charges' because some of your unfair laws, we know it instantly. But even for you, instant death is outrageous and I will not allow that." Calinna answered, moving to the front.

Annie gasped and before she or Sev could stop her, she leaned forward and whispered

" Mama?"

The tears were stinging as Annie's eyes went over the form of her 'mother'. She still had the same brown hair and light purple eyes, that smiled at Annie, as she had when Annie had last seen her. Her heart was clenching as the pain raced through her mind.

" Minister, you wouldn't mind giving me a moment with the young girl, would you? You and your aurors as well, Fudge." Calinna said, smiling sweetly at the man.

The minister stood there, glaring at the elf before walking out of the infirmary, the aurors behind him. When the doors closed, Calinna turned and smiled at Annie.

" Well, you seem better now that they're gone." She said.

Annie was in truth hyperventilating at the sight of her 'mother' smiling at her.

" You called me mama earlier, can I ask why?" Calinna asked, sitting on the bed.

Sev was staring at the elf as well, emotions he had locked away long ago flooding his mind. Seeing that Annie was not able to speak, he answered.

" Because in our dimension you're her mother." He whispered, a tear streaming down his face.

" So, why is she surprised to see me?" Calinna asked.

When Sev didn't answer, Har did.

" Because, you were killed in front of her when she was ten." He said, holding Annie's hand.

Calinna looked green and stared at the ground.

" I'm so sorry. I had no idea." She whispered.

" It's not your fault." Annie whispered, grasping her hand. " You had no idea that I was your daughter on another plane."

" Now I know you are mine. You remind me so much of my mother." Calinna whispered, kissing Annie's hand.

" Now, I'm going to take care of the Minister and then be back in." She said, standing up and moving out of the room.

" Oh my god, she doesn't look any different." Dray whispered.

" I know. She looks just like I remembered her." Har replied.

Annie was thinking, her mind over working.

' I wonder if I can get her and Severus to meet?'

Annie quickly moved off the bed and ran out the room, so fast that only Har noticed, his dragon eyes following her.

" Where does she think she's going?" Tom asked.

" To find Severus of course." Har answered.

" You don't think…"

" Yes I do, love. You know what Sev said, soul mates are soul mates. No matter what dimension they exist in." Harry said, smiling as he leaned back.

Somewhere halfway between the dungeons and the infirmary

" Annie, slow down!" Severus said, trying to keep up with Annie, who was dragging him.

" I can't, I don't know how much longer she'll be here!" Annie responded, a smile plastered on her face.

' There is no way I'm leaving dad unhappy here. He deserves mum.' She thought, rounding the corner.

" Who is she? Annie, stop and tell me!" Severus said, somehow stopping her and him.

" I can't tell you right now!" Annie answered, again pulling the man through the hall.

When they neared the infirmary, Annie saw Calinna walking towards it.

" Mum!" She hollered, stopping the elf.

The woman stopped and turned, smiling.

" What is it Annie?" She asked, looking up at Severus.

" I want you to meet someone." Annie replied, stopping in front of her, Severus panting behind her.

" Annie, please, if I wanted to be killed, I could have gone to the dark lord." Severus huffed out.

" Ha-ha, Sev. No, Calinna, I want you to meet Severus Snape." Annie said, looking at her 'mother'.

" Really, well, it's a pleasure, Mr. Snape." Calinna responded, holding out a hand.

" A pleasure." Severus said, taking her hand.

As if a shock went through them, they stared at each other, each examining the other's soul. Annie smiled and moved back.

' Success' She thought, racing off to the infirmary.

She bounced back into her bed, smiling at Sev.

" Oh, Annie baby, what did you do?" Sev asked.

" Nothing evil, da." Annie answered, smirking.

The doors opened and soft footsteps walked up. When the curtains were moved, Annie's smile tripled. Calinna was grasping Severus's fingers. Said man was smirking at Annie.

" Annie, come here please." Severus said.

Annie was smiling widely as she passed Calinna who smiled lovingly at her, before she walked into a separate room.

" I don't know why you did it, but I thank you, Annie." Severus said as soon as the door was closed, hugging her.

" It was nothing, Sev. I didn't want to leave knowing I could have done something to make you truly happy." Annie whispered.

" Now, you realize your first daughter will have a special name right?" She asked, pushing back.

" Of course I do. Her name will be Sarabeth Snape."

" Oh that's s-"

" Sarabeth Annie Rain Snape."

Annie smiled and kissed his cheek. " Beautiful."

December 5, 1996

" ANNIE RAIN SNAPE! Stop that bouncing!" Sev screamed.

Annie was bouncing around the spell circle that Tom and Dray were working on that would bring the group of eleven back to their proper dimension.

Lucius waited until the giddy girl was near him before capturing her around the waist.

" AH, Uncle Lucius, let me go!" Annie cried out, her feet kicking out, looking more like a five year old then a teenager.

Lucius set her feet on the ground, but held onto her still.

" I know you can't wait to see Damien, but if you make them mess up on the smallest line, we could all die." The blonde whispered.

" That's why I wasn't bouncing everywhere but near Tom and Draco." Annie whined, giving the puppy eyes to him.

He sighed and let her, Annie taking off, like she was hyped up on sugar. Had just reached the doors when Calinna walked in and grabbed her.

" AHH, Mum, Not you Too!" Annie cried out.

" Well, how else am I going to get a hold you to hug you, Rain?" Calinna responded, kissing her cheek. " And I wanted to thank you, I don't think I would have found Sev if not for you."

" Can I ask you a question, mama?" Annie asked, walking out of the hall, her hand tight in Calinna's.

" Sure, what's on your mind, angel?"

" Is grandfather alive?"

Calinna stopped and looked at Annie.

" No, He died last year because he-"

" Defied the dark lord." Annie finished for her.

" Is that how he died with you as well?" Her mother asked.

" Yes, except it was when I was fourteen. I remember thinking I was losing my family one by one." Annie whispered, stopping to sit on the closest bench.

" What do you mean, 'one by one'?" Calinna asked.

" In a span of four years, I lost three people that I cared for very deeply, all due to the dark lord. When I was ten, I lost you, when I was thirteen, I lost my Aunt Bella and then I was fourteen when I lost grandfather." Annie answered.

Calinna pulled her into a tight embrace and they sat there for a while before Severus walked up.

" Annie, they're ready."

Annie sighed and got, walking quickly to the hall, tears pricking her eyes. She entered and watched as Tom and Dray began activating the circle. A warm hand on her shoulder had her grinning.

" Ready for this, Annie?" Sirius asked.

" I've been ready to go home since I first arrived, fifth teen feet off the floor." Annie answered, smiling up at him.

" 15 feet? Did you fall?" Siri asked, putting an arm around her shoulder.

" Yes, and I am a witness to anyone who says that floor hurts."

Sirius began laughing, gaining a glare from Annie.

" It's not funny, my ass was hurting for the longest time." Annie huffed.

" Annie Rain Snape, tell me I didn't hear my little sister say that?" Har asked, smirking at her.

" Oh my god, HARRY JAMES POTTER-MALFOY GET YOUR MIND OUT OF THE GUTTER!" Annie screamed, punching him hard on his arm.

" Ow, that was uncalled for." Har said, nursing his injured limb

" Well, keep your mind pure and I won't hit you." Annie said, strutting towards Dray.

" What did you do to my husband?!" He hissed.

" He was being dirty minded. So I hit him." Annie replied.

Dray chuckled before kissing her cheek.

" Dragon, that's not fair, your not supposed to support your spouse's assailant." Har whined.

" Well, I don't blame her for hitting you-"

Annie walked off, leaving the couple to talk to their doubles.

" Hey guys."

" Annie, please tell me we won't be like that." Harry asked, looking at the other couple.

" I hate to inform you that yes, you will be, that's why you two match." She replied.

Harry suddenly started digging in his pockets, bring out a small silver object.

" What's that?" Annie asked.

" A gift from me and Draco." Harry answered, handing it over.

Annie held a small, silver ring that had snake wrapping itself around the ring.

" It's a token to you. I call it a sibling ring." Draco said.

" It's beautiful, Draco, thank you." Annie whispered, sliding the ring onto her necklace where it clinked next to the small dragon Damien had given her and kissed Draco's cheek.

" Annie, let's go!" Lucius called out.

Annie raced over and stopped before entering the circle. She faced the others again.

" It was amazing to meet you guys. I hope…I hope that one day we can meet again." She sent a kiss their way before stepping into the circle.

A few whispered words from Tom had Annie's world spinning and when she landed, she was tackled by a mass of dirty blonde hair.

"AUNT ANNIE!" Damien screamed.

" Oh, sweetie, hi baby." Annie cried out, pulling the little boy into her lap and a tight embrace. " Did you miss me, angel?"

" Only a whole lot. Where did you go?" The little boy responded.

" Later love, how about you show me where your dad hid the chocolate cake?" Annie whispered, letting the boy pull her out of the room.

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