Hey guys, this is officially a rewritten story! So, I want you to know that I only own, Jeremy, Camille and Jenn!

My name is Jennifer Santos. Let me just say, it used to be Dominguez, but after you hear what I have to say, you'll understand why I changed my last name.

I am a demon hunter, and I've been in this 'profession' the moment I was born. My life seemed perfect up until I was 12. The night of my 12th and a half birthday was the night where my life took a turn for the worse.

Twenty Five Years Ago

"Look at her, Camille. She's perfect." Jeremy Dominguez said as he looked at his sleeping newborn baby girl.

"I know. This feels like Christmas." Camille Santos said happily as she held her daughter.

"The doctor said we can take her home as early as tomorrow. You ready for this?"

"You bet." Camille replied as she shared a smile with her husband.

"Mommy, am I doing this right?" a twelve year old Jenn asked as she stirred the contents in a pot.

"You are. Did you add the pepper yet?" Camille replied, turning to Jenn as she finished cutting up a potato.


Camille smiled at her daughter and helped her with the contents in the pot.

Over the years, Jenn learned how to cook, clean…well, anything Camille could think to teach her, she taught. Jenn had always admired her mother; she was her idol, her hero and her life.

Of course, being the daughter of two demon hunting parents, she was raised in the life. Camille wanted a nothing but a normal life for her child. In case anything would or could happen, Jenn would be ready which is why she allowed Jeremy to teach her the ways of a hunter.

But Jeremy, wanted her in the hunting game. His daughter was alert and smart and he knew that she knew what she was doing. She may be 12, but she's not stupid. This way of thinking caused him to take her out on hunts, much to Camille's dismay.

Jenn woke up and found she was asleep in her bed. She swore she fell asleep in the living room, but she didn't dwell much since maybe one of her parents brought her here. Within moments, she closed her eyes and fell back to sleep. Her eyes shot open when she heard a scream.

"Jenn, everything okay?" Jeremy asked as he ran in.

"I'm fine. But that wasn't me." Jenn replied.

"Who else would scream from this room, Jennifer?" Jeremy became annoyed.

Jenn sighed and threw herself back on her pillows. She froze when she looked on the ceiling.

"Mom!" Jenn cried.

Jeremy looked up and found Camille pinned to the ceiling with blood dripping from her stomach.

"No!" Jeremy yelled as the ceiling burst into flames.

Having no other option, Jeremy and Jenn ran from the room and out of the house.

They watched as the fire trucks passed and put out the fire that overtook their home. Jenn sat there numb, but tears falling from her eyes.

She sat there with no idea that Camille was killed by the same demon that killed Mary Winchester. But this night, right here, was by far the worst night of her life. This was when her mother died, and this was when her father slowly turned into a monster.