Moon knows

By codename-suigetsu

A toko fiction, probably the sweetest story I've ever made on English and avatar, yep, I like them being together, whether it was unseen in the real movie sigh… I don't clings on zutara anymore, at the time I find that toko was more appealing to me, and more fun to make… yay.. let get on to the story… Appa!!! Yip..yip!!

Part.1 starting


Segment 1. the plan

Segment.2 a pond in the moonlight

Segment.3 treatment

Segment.4 something about the turtle-ducks

Part.1 starting

"Lady Toph, your guest are already come"

A giant rock smashed off the gigantic door and blew off right in front of the maid

"They are not my guest and I'm not a lady, got it?!" Toph scowled.

"Understood, I come here by your father's request to tell you about the coming of-"the maid stopped as another rock burst out.

"I can feel it, now go out before I threw you out!!!!"

The maid comically runs out through a single hole Toph's rock had made in her door, Toph let out a sigh and walked to her closet to get prepared for the feast.

"Stupid dress" Toph grunted, she never gets to like dresses, all she needs are shirt and pants, she was already seventeen and she doesn't get any freedom at all in this family.

"I know it's better to go with twinkletoes and gank" the war is over now and Toph decided to go back to her family as Aang and all stays in the Kyoshi Island.

'I wonder what has got inside mom and dad so they have to engage me with that stupidos' Toph thought out of head while busy changing her dress. She was already got taller, the last time, she was at an equal with Katara.

"Damn eyes... at least that makes the stupid unseen"


Segment 1. the plan

"We are very grateful to have you all here" Toph's mom started, then her dad continues "very true, I hope one of your children could be matched with my daughter"

Along with her parents speaking, Toph mumbled some song Iroh has taught her while busy inspecting the crowd that has gathered. Thanks to her long dress, now she can let out her bare feet out of her shoe to feel around.

'Great... just great, are they planning to make me shake hand with all of this family's son, hand will be ruined, can I shake them with my feet??'

"Hmm... let's let the feast started" her father finishes his last sentence along with a bunch of maid bringing out food to each table.

Toph hasn't find something interesting at all and put no attention to the crowd, all she does to interest herself was mumbling Iroh's song. Suddenly, she felt some spark of happiness, someone was coming behind schedule and it was someone she knew.

"Iroh..!!! Group..!!!" Toph shouted as she runs straight to the door. She cuddles Iroh, but there was no response from him.

"Iroh..?" Toph comes into confusion, all the tables along with her parents gasped.

She was hugging someone else..!!!! At least Toph knows that Iroh was not this muscular.

She tried to reach around when she finally comes to his face.

"Zuko?!" Toph realised, she quickly moved her hand away while someone caught her hand, and this one finally feels like Iroh's.

"Iroh..?? Zuko..??" Toph comes to a halt.

"Calm down my friend" Iroh suggested while hugging her, now all the crowd let out a sigh. Katara and Aang giggles, Sokka laugh out loud, Zuko turned his face with a hint of redness in his face.

After the hugging session with her friends finished, she walked back to her original seat with a help from Katara.

The party started, bored to death, Toph finally decided to join Katara's table along with Aang, Sokka, Iroh, Zuko, and Momo. And now all the tables cursed Iroh to have Toph on his table. She then sat down in the middle of Katara and Zuko.

"Toph, you finally become a lady now"

"Right, Katara, whatever, and I hate this dress...and the shoe makes me can't see"

"Yeah...yeah, agree, at least you give me great food, right Aang..?" Sokka continues, Aang give out a nod.

"You never changed... ponytail, I wonder why Suki falls for you..?"

"You wander..?? It's because I'm a true warrior... "Sokka said pointing at himself, soon an argumentative war started between Sokka's and Toph's mouth.

"Toph... maybe you should marry Sokka instead" Iroh finally brings the war to the end.

"What... no way.!!??? There's much better guys here than… him..." Toph continues with disgust.

"ha-ha.. And I'll repeat what I've said to Ty Lee 5 years ago…I'VE ALREADY INVOLVED WITH SUKI..!!!" Sokka says waving his arms in the air.

"But you two matches…. Right Zuko..??"

"Whatever, I'll go for some discussion with Aang" Zuko said while walking to Aang's chair, he'll die if he had been any longer sitting beside Toph after the hugging incident.

"Toph... meet my friend, Haru, Haru this is Toph" Katara explained.

"Toph Bei Fong, pleased to meet you" Toph said with a sarcastic tune, Haru giggled.

"Haru from the earth kingdom" he said while shaking hand with her, then occupied Zuko's seat

"So... Haru from the earth kingdom, are you here for the engagement too..??"

"Most likely, may I know your personal interest?" Haru kissed Toph's hand, and just then Zuko shouted silently to Haru along with a deadly glare.

"That was my seat..." he started.

"Why should you care...?" Haru insisted.

'Right... why should I care?' Zuko thought, but Zuko has said it, he have to maintain his words.

"I'll come back to the seat any soon"

"Then let me occupy this seat until you come back" Haru strikes back, they are both stubborn.

"I want to do it now..."

"hmmh.." Haru stand back from his seat, he brought Toph along in his hand to his family's table.

"Excuse me..." Toph started with a mocking tone.

"I'm not releasing you until I get to my table"

"let me go…!!!" Toph shouted, but since it was very very crowded, nobody could hear her, except the nearby table.

"let her go" someone shouted.

"what's your business, fire prince..??" Haru started

"She was a woman, and you have no rights to do that" Zuko said, from his view, it looks like her mother had been carried away, and he doesn't like it when a man hurts a woman, yeah... Azula was an exception.

"then show me some strength" Haru shouted, releasing Toph, the hand of the sightless Toph was pulled by Zuko's hand and Toph now was standing beside him.

"whatever…" Zuko said, dragging Toph to his table.

"I can walk by myself, thanks" Toph said, she took out her shoes and walks in her bare feet.

"okay.." Zuko said releasing Toph's hand.

"you scared of me huh..?" Haru starts to mock Zuko.

"SHUT UP !!!" Zuko shouted, getting attention from all the tables around.

"Honoured master, may I inform you that the fire prince will take me into an encounter for your daughter?" Haru said to Toph's father. All Toph's father does was smiling evilly.

"I allow you"

"Hey... wait..?? I haven't even accepted the invitation?? And what with the for-your-daughter thingy??" Zuko whinged, what was his fault? all he done was protecting a woman from harm.

"Yes father..!!! Why would he need to take it??" Toph continues and supports Zuko.

"scared..!?!?! the fire prince is scared of the earth's" Haru mocked again, Zuko tries to control his body although his mind was telling him to smack Haru's ass.

"then, would you battle me if I do this" suddenly, Haru pushed two rocks to his way, Toph evaded the attack but Katara was striked and fell into the floor, Aang was about to get mad to Haru when Zuko stopped him and says


Scared, all guest are ordered to leave the mansion, Toph's mother said no, but her father was happy, he got his wish fulfilled, now, outside, in the garden was two great potentials to be engaged with her daughter although one of them doesn't wanted to and his daughter also doesn't wants the engagement. It's just selfishness.

Now Zuko was opposite with Haru to battle, both Iroh and Toph sighed, Katara and Aang was curious, along with Haru's family, while Sokka was beaming with extreme curiosity.

Without warning, Haru let out some rocks and went flying to Zuko, Zuko evaded it with ease and let out a fire whip, starts whipping Haru. Then Haru made an earthquake near Zuko's feet, Zuko fell down, and then got back to his feet in the rumbling arena, Haru smiled.

"what makes you this sensitive..?" he started, Zuko still in silence.

"is it your disappearing mother..??" Haru said with a mocking tune, Zuko was indeed affected by this speech; he got enraged and took out his dual broadswords.

"getting impatient are we..??"

Haru jumped and threw some boulders, Zuko evaded all the attack perfectly, with a glance, Zuko glides towards him beautifully, somewhat like kicking and shooting fires with his finger, and several times tapped his fingers into the soil, then got back to his position and left.

"hey.. are you giving up..??" Haru said, he have no idea of what was happening,

"You've lost" he said, with a finger-click, the soil around Haru got into fire.

"I can control them if I want to, even if you jumped, you can't evade it, my fire can reach up to 20 feet, you can't evade it unless you are an airbender, and as I know, Aang was the last one" Zuko said sternly, Aang smiled widely.

" can you.."

"when you were blabbering about my mother, I can't waste any more time"

"what do you want??" Haru said in fear, fear of death.

"Apologize, apologize to Toph and Katara" Zuko ordered.

"why should I-" Haru's speech was cutted by fire that shot from the ground.

"Apologize NOW..."

"i..i'm sorry"

"sorry what..??"Zuko was getting impatient

"I'm sorry Toph and Katara.. now, release me"

"hmmph" Zuko release all of his fire part by part, letting Haru out of the circle.

"good match boys… now, as the leader of the Bei Fong family, I order you to stay at this mansion until further notice"

"I want to go home" Zuko whispers

"Zuko, can't you stay for a while, at least until I get some tea with Toph" Iroh demanded.

"I'll stay, but only a while, until my uncle get his tea" Zuko grunted.

"yay.." Iroh cheered.


Segment.2 a pond in the moonlight

After that, Zuko and Iroh can be seen sitting at Toph's room, along with Katara, Aang, and Sokka, Momo was sleeping in her couch, Toph was nowhere to be seen, Iroh were chatting with Katara, Aang, and Sokka was going for a midnight snack, and he was the only one left behind.

'Great, I'm staying just to sit here and do nothing, better get some walk...' he thought as he left the room, walking to the garden to see some turtle-ducks, the ducks has been his favourites because his mother always like to feed them in Zuko's child time.

He sat down in the side of the pond, trying to catch some attention from the ducks. A duck seems to be interested and swam to Zuko in the clear water which reflects the full moon.

"Who's there?!" Toph shouted

Kind of scared, Zuko doesn't reply

"I said who's there, answer me otherwise I'll-"

"It's me..." he finally replied.

"I don't know a person called as 'me'" Toph grunted and walks near Zuko.

"It's Zuko, get it!!!" Zuko shouted, Toph let out a smirk and sat down beside Zuko. She was in her greenish yukata, much like Zuko's, but her was a bit plain, like Katara's.

"What are you doing here this late??" Zuko started as he lifts the turtle-duck out of the water and put it in his lap.

"Training... I never get into training here, so I do it at late night while my parents are sleeping"

"I see" he continues while patting the duck on its head.

"What do you have there?? It feels so... Furry, like appa's"

"It's one of the pond's turtle-duck"

"Can I feel them??, I never allowed to do that"

"Sure" Zuko said putting the duck in her hand.

Toph's hand roamed around the duck's body, then she smiled "it seems to be so cute..."

"It is cute... I guess" Zuko replied

Suddenly, Toph's hand touches his face and roamed around his whole face

"What are you doing??" Zuko grunted, but allowing Toph to do so

"I want to know how you look like; you never let me do it"

"So... how am I??"

Toph finished rubbing his face.

"Kind of… you want to know the truth or the lie??"

"Let me think… lie..."

Toph began to walk back to her room "then you look very very ugly"

Zuko's unscarred eye widens, and then he smiled as Toph has left. He then lifts the turtle-duck off the soil and put it back to the water.

"Thanks..." he whispers.


Segment.3 treatment

Another week later Toph was on a tea with Iroh at her room while busy chatting and laughing at jokes Toph has made. The cool wind and the eclipse of the moon makes it very comfortable place to drink some tea.

"So... Toph??" Iroh started


"How do you think about my nephew...?" Iroh said with a glance

"Who's your nephew??" Toph asked.

"It's Zuko..."

"Uh... I almost forget that Koko was your nephew..."


"Urm... I heard his sister was calling him Zuzu, so Koko would be a great name... I just thought of it yesterday" Toph giggled.

"Haha... good one Toph... so how??"

"Zuko was… kinda creepy, dark sided boy, sometime he could be somewhat kind..."

"That's all??"

"That's all"

"Oh well..." Iroh sighed. "By the way... where was your parent?? I haven't seen them today"

"They are going to meet some family to discuss... you know..."


"I don't wanna speak that word"

"Your parents had been so crazy... even I got the right to choose my bride... even the twenty-one years Zuko never wants to be engaged...!"

"Zuko was twenty-one??" Toph asked

"Yeah, it's a four-years gap between you and him"

"He'd been so old for dating... and creepy... whoever wants to date him must been strange... right Zuzu…?" Toph said while she lifts down the wall, making Zuko -who was peeping- fell down and landed by his back.

"Oh...hello nephew" Iroh smiled widely and strangely.

"Toph... Katara was calling you immediately" Zuko stated

"And what was her problem, is that stupid Sokka needs some refreshments again...?"

"I thinks it's something about your eyes" Zuko stated, Toph eyes widened. Toph then runs swiftly to Katara's room.



"Oh you've come Toph..?? I know sending Zuko was a great way..."

"What's the news?"

"Okay... I found that your eyes can be healed over time with this sacred water from grangran"


"So... if you wanted to... you know..."

"Why use this water for me..?? I'm fine; you better use it for another purpose..."

"I've suggested healing Zuko's scar instead, but he was saying that I would use the water for better purpose and he suggested using it on you"

"Zuko…but why he... something's not right" Toph conclude and running out of Katara's room to the only place she can found Zuko, the pond.


Segment.4 something about the turtle-ducks

"Good boy..." Zuko whispers to the group of tiny ducklings around his lap, the ducklings are just hatched this morning. He was now teaching the turtle-ducklings to swim.

"Zuko…" Toph arrived and was trying to catch her breath.

"Hi... how is it going??" Zuko addressed Toph while lifting all the ducklings out of the water.

"Why should you do it??"

"Do what?" Zuko raised an eyebrow.

"Rejecting Katara's offer"

"It was for your benefit"

"I don't feel benefited"

"Here..." Zuko said while dragging Toph by her hand and sat down beside her "take this" he put one of the ducklings in her hand.

"Hey …it's smaller than before" Toph chuckled while patting the turtle-duckling

"The one you hold was hatched blind the morning but regains his sight in the evening, then suddenly I thought about your blindness, I don't care about this scar, and on the other hand, if I healed my scar, it will made my face uneven"


"See... I would have no eyebrow on one side... that would be creepier than this scar"

"Then why me...?" Toph grunted and protested.

Suddenly, Zuko takes her hands to his face...

"I want you to see the world; you said you want to see the turtle-ducks once right?? And I need you to see my 'very-very-ugly' face to prove it"

"Okay then..."

Zuko smiled faintly and left the pond, Toph felt a sudden change in her beating, it was getting faster than ever, and the duckling in Toph's lap squeaked slightly to her, she smiled at it.

"I guess you can feel it too, ducky"


A/n: how was it?? Is it good? I think I've improved my English… a little, at least I think it was better than my zutara fanfic… I'll make them kissing on the next chapter..