Moon knows

By codename-suigetsu

The second sequel to the part one, and they are really kissing this time, please review…..

Part.2 realization


Segment.1 curing

Segment.2 the banquet

Segment.3 moon knows part 1

Segment.4 goodnight

Segment.5 moon knows part 2

Segment.6 the wanted engagement

Segment.7 moon knows part 3

Part.2 realization

1 month later, Toph are in the process of healing and her parents decided to leave the mansion for Toph, so, the avatar and her friends are still there in Toph's mansion


Segment.1 curing

"Toph... this is it..."

"I'm ready Katara..." Toph mumbled as Katara started to slowly open the bandage around her eyes.

Toph's vision were first blurry, and eventually becomes clear, Toph were trying to figure out the names of the 5 humans gathering around her.

"Toph... this is" Katara started.

"Wait, let me guess… you... must be Katara, the bald one was Aang …Iroh! And the stupid-faced was Sokka, and.. Who are you..!!!??" she said pointing at Zuko, faint nerves can be seen from Zuko's forehead.


"Oo… Zuzu is it… you does seemed 'very-very-ugly'" Toph stated, Zuko smiled

"Thank you" was all he said, all the other was dumbfounded, why does Zuko accepting Toph to say that he was ugly??


Segment.2 the banquet

That night, Toph's parents started another small banquet to commemorate Toph's sight and declaring Toph and Zuko's useless engagement.

"KA-TA-RA!!!!! Don't ever make me wear this dress again, I prefer the green one...I'm glad to be not blind anymore..." says Toph while looking at herself in the mirror wearing a pink frilly dress.

"But pink matches you… it's a symbol of love, you are getting engaged right?? And you look charming with the make-up"

"I DON'T CARE ABOUT THE ENGAGEMENT, I WANT TO LOOKS COOL, I HATE THE MAKE UPS, and IT MAKES MY FACE HEAVY... AND I DON'T WANT TO BE ENGAGED, ESPECIALLY WITH THAT FIRE LORD!!!" Toph shouted. And opened her dress quickly, her eyes narrowed and her mouth inched.

"Okay... if you want to..." Katara then changed Toph's dress and start doing her hair.

"Cool…looking better..." Toph snorted. Katara sighed, she does looks better with pink as Katara suggested, but it's seemed too troublesome to have an argument with Toph, after all, it was her engagement right? Zuko opened the door.

"Ground-mole... Your parents are waiting fo-"Zuko snapped, he looks directly at Toph, Zuko don't even blink. His eyes widened.

When Toph turned to him , it takes like forever, it was like a slow-motion in Zuko's eyes, Toph was wearing a dark green dress with an opening in the leg, showing her pale yellow knickers and with black and white dragons at her breast, forming a balance, the tight Chinese dress perfectly framed her curves and her long feet makes it better, her hair was not in careless bundle anymore, although her hair was still covering her forehead, her back hair was cut shoulder-length and falls freely on her back. Without make-ups, but her face was clean from any dust and seemed to be so cute and innocent. Even though, she was still like herself, a tough girl. A tough girl was better on Toph rather than a girly image Katara had prepared for her, it was better to be herself.

Zuko's eyes widened even more when Toph giggled at him, and then walks to him and swaying her hand on Zuko's face, Zuko snapped out of his confusion.

"For you at the ballroom" he continued, Katara giggled.

"Then let's go, broody boy… I mean... My fiancée" Toph snorted and takes his hand along to run to the ball.

Katara giggled from the back, to her, it seemed that Toph and Zuko were one of the runaway brides, with Zuko wearing a same-coloured robe and his hair was spiked upwards, much to Iroh's protest who wants his hair to be turned down.


Segment.3 moon knows part 1

After the ball, like always, Toph was chatting with the turtle-ducks, haven't changed her dress yet, when Zuko comes.

"It does look cute right?" Zuko started

"Hmmh" Toph smiled at the little duck. Zuko's heart beats like there was no tomorrow.



"Thanks for everything you've done" Toph said smiling widely, as her face was lightened up by the moonlight.

Zuko can't take it anymore

Zuko grabs her shoulder and looks directly at her face, then bowed down and took her to a chaste kiss, Zuko's bigger and stronger body keeps Toph in place, as he continued kissing her. Toph's eyes widened, Zuko closes his eyes, and she closes her eyes for a moment. Then use earthbend to keep Zuko at a distance, and then she ran into her room, tears fall down from her cheek. Leaving Zuko alone looking down in shame of himself.


The tearful Toph decided to visit Katara's room, the door shrieked open.

"What happens, Toph...?"

Toph then hugged her and cry in her shoulder

"Hic... Katara...uh... it was..."

"what is it Toph, does someone hurt you??" said Katara concerned.

"Zuko..." the rest of the words stuck in her throat.

"what with Zuko... he hurt you??"

"no...'s not that he hurts me... it's just..." Toph started to cry again

"its okay Toph, just tell it to me..." said Katara trying to calm her down.

Then Toph tells it all to Katara, Katara smiled in a manner, then speaks.

"you liked him... don't you??"

"NO... I DON'T LIKE HIM!!!" Toph hollered

"then??" Katara asked.

"I...I don't know..." Toph said turning her head from Katara.

"calm Toph, just take a rest, you deserve it..." Katara said, with a nod, Toph walked silently to her room.


Segment.4 goodnight

Toph walked surreptitiously, she doesn't want to walk past Zuko, as she walked to her room, it seemed that Zuko was nowhere to be seen and felt, Toph admitted that actually it makes her a bit sad, she opened her door and walks in.

"Zu…" she saw Zuko, sleeping in her couch, it seemed that he was waiting for her, Zuko were unchanged as well, he still looks handsome. Toph then smiled, took a blanket, and coats him up. Toph then walked to her mirror, she sat down in the chair and starts to undo her hair, when she was almost finished, a grumble was heard.

"unnggh" Zuko started to wake up!!! With a gasp, Toph suddenly put her head on the table and pretending herself to be asleep. Her head bumps into the table. She grunted silently and closed her eyes.

Zuko stared at the blanket for a moment, then smiled to Toph, Toph's trick was a success, Zuko thought that she was asleep, much to Toph's unknown, Zuko removed the last hairpin from her hair and took her, bridal style to her bed, and covers her up with a blanket, Toph position was rather uncomfortable so she turned a bit, her head turned towards Zuko, suddenly, Zuko smiled and kissed her forehead with warmth, Zuko then got back to Toph's couch and sleep there after whispering a goodnight to his 17-years old girl.

Covered with warmth, Toph then fell asleep, dreaming about her 21-years old prince.


The morning breakfast, the 2 talked like nothing was happened to them, although Katara knows, she just went giggling all the way, which confuses Aang and Sokka. If accidentally Toph's and Zuko's eyes met each other, the 2 blushes slightly and continues eating.

Toph's parents had gone again and planned to gather all family, including those from fire nation to conduct a formal engagement, which Toph disagreed.

That night, Toph was in her room craving a statue from metal, which means training to her, when Iroh comes.

"Hi Iroh...!" Toph jiggled

"Hi my friend... how was it going??"

"What going to where??"

" know... that" Iroh said in an abrupt way, his hand making an apostrophe sign.

"Iroh…" Toph protested.

"You know, I've just seen something forbidden last night" he grinned

"fo...forbidden….?" Toph stunned.

"Yes... my friend..."

"What forbidden??" Toph was curious, she was afraid if Iroh knows her affair with his nephew. Sweats start to run down her forehead.

"A fly comes into my tea and sunk"

Toph let out a sigh of relief, Iroh grinned …he DOES know what happen last night.

"I'll be going now..."


"Someone are waiting for you" Iroh then waved his hand and gone through the window, soon enough, a knock was heard.

"Uhh... can I come in...?"

Toph gasped, it was his voice... Zuko's to be exact.

"Sure" she answered; Zuko comes in and walked near to Toph.

"AA.. I just want to give you this" Zuko handed a red box to Toph.

"It's no-not from me... it was from... Iroh!! He tells me to give it to you…." Zuko talks swiftly

Toph opened the box, it was a necklace with fire nation pendant on it, it looked that it was not done by a professional, much like home made.

"Thanks" she smiled.

"Mind if I help you??"

"Of course not" Toph handed the necklace to Zuko, who slid his hand through her shoulder and clips the necklace on her neck. Toph examine the necklace for a while and said

"You make it yourself??"

"Ye-I mean no!! Iroh makes it..."

"Then it's better to put some decoration" Toph mumbled, she holds the pendant and use her metalbending ability to crave Zuko's name on it.

Zuko smiled at the sign on the pendant and left the room.

"Wait...!" Toph shouted


"I think we better go have some dance practice for next week formal 'thing'"


Segment.5 moon knows part 2

"No Zuko... it's left left right and turn"

"No it's were right left left and turn" Zuko protested, they were training to dance at the ballroom; Toph's mother had told them so, she said 'would it be very nice to have you dance on the day'.

"Okay okay, I'll follow you... ground-mole!!!"

"Now turn... good" Toph mumbled

"Yeah!! I did it!!" Zuko shouted.

"We need to practice harder", Toph mumbled again

"No… I'm tired"

"You owe me one, remember..."

"When do I owe you one...?"

"Last night... at the pond, you've forced me, and it's my turn now to force you..." Toph said like it was nothing.

Zuko blushes crazily, it was still clear at his mind, the 'forcing'... "Okay" he gives up

"now twirl" Toph said, Zuko did so but did a slight mistake, her face was now just some centimetres from him, the 2 blushes, just then, the light were all dead, thanks to the moon, it's still bright enough to see her red face, the both stopped, their hand still linked, Zuko's hand were still at her waist, and her hand were still in his neck. Suddenly Zuko's logic were taken away somewhere, he whispers

"Can I..." Zuko inched his head nearer to Toph's

"What..." Toph was getting nervous.

"That" Zuko's head again inching nearer and bowed a bit.

"Uhh..." Toph grunted

"No forcing??" Zuko hissed, his head were dangerously above Toph's, their nose touching

"no forcing" Toph whispers, then closes her eyes, Zuko was getting nearer and place his lips into hers, Toph shakes a bit, he releases his hand from hers and put it in her waist along with the other hand, Toph's hands were in Zuko's neck embracing him.


"Toph... are you here!!!???" Katara breaks the silence and get to the room. She then closes her mouth with all of her hand, Aang fainted, Iroh smiled after forming his mouth into an 'o', Sokka's mouth opened wide.

"What... are... you... doing" Sokka shouted. It was around 1 minute since Toph and Zuko kissed, now Zuko had Toph pinned against the wall, kissing her fiercely.

"Aww man..." was all Zuko said, he breaks his lip lock, Toph sighed.

Iroh left the room bringing Aang along with him. Sokka walks inside, Katara giggles.

"Toph... you better come with me..." Katara dragged Toph by her hand to her room.


"So you... Zuko, why are you troubling her so much??" Sokka started.

"Troubling..?? No, I've asked her"

"Then why do you have her helpless pinned against the wall??"

"Are you suggesting having me pinned instead??"

"No... Okay, do you force her this time???"

"I said I don't, what's your point??"

"You forced her last time"

"You forced Suki that time" Zuko said, high-pitching his tone when the word 'Suki' comes out.

"Wha-how do you know...?"

"You don't have the right to ask... I got it from my informant" Zuko said then left

"Wait... who's your-- urrgh…!" Sokka grunted


"Now… Toph, are you sure??" Katara asked

"Pretty much"

"How's your feeling ??" Katara asked again

"Nice.. Dreamy"

"Toph.. Answer me seriously !!!" Katara grumbled

"I'm serious sugar-queen!!! Okay, it's just a question…" Toph said while picking her ear

"It's not just a question.. It's another question,, you know.. Like that" Katara growled in frustration.

"Okay.. So, Katara, how's your feeling after you do 'that', you know, the same thing I do. With Aang last week??" Toph asked back

"Umm…. It was… ehh, what.. Why do you turn back the question on Me.!??"Katara's face reddened.

"See, same reaction, no words.."

"But its Aang, now its Zuko were talking about.." her hand starts to wave crazily.

"They are same, stubborn, human, bender … but Zuko looks cooler than Aang"

"But… you said you don't like him??"

"I don't like him!!!" Toph growled "I love him" she smiled, Katara sighed.


Segment.6 the wanted engagement

One week had passed since then, and now the formal party started.

"Here we go..." Zuko stated, opening the door, hand in hand with Toph.

The door opened, the tables quieted, the both entered the ballroom.

"Why Zuko…why Zukoo..." Sokka shouted silently in desperation.

"Get your hand off him!!!" Suki growled at Ty Lee who was hugging Sokka's hand

"No way!!!" she growled back

"Zuko… noooo" Mai growled

"Nice choice... Zuzu..." Azula grumbled.

"Why does she choose Suki to take care of her attire…??? Okay... she looks better" Katara growled

"Katara, maybe sometime we can prepare an engagement too" Aang said

"You mean... you and I" Katara started to blush

"No... Suki and Sokka" Aang smiled innocently, Katara sighed.

Iroh just smiled widely and beamed to the couple.

The feast started, and soon enough it was dance time, Zuko grabs Toph's hand and ran through the dance floor, to begin the slow dance.

"You're doing good..." Toph grumbled

"Of course I am"

"See there" Toph whispered and pointing to 2 couples

"Whew, I never know that Ty Lee would give up so easily"

"It's better, she even have someone else..."

Ty Lee was taken by Haru to the dance floor, Aang was with Katara and Sokka was with Suki, who look charming without her make-up, Mai had gone somewhere, probably she have seen enough, Iroh was smiling at them while drinking his beloved jasmine tea. Toph was lost in thought when Zuko gasped.


"Hmm...?" Toph looked at the way Zuko stared.

She began to giggle, in the corner can be seen that Azula was dancing gracefully with … Jet… her eyes widened along when Jet seemed to be flirting at her and twirling her around, Azula does seemed happy, they look like a perfect couple, with their hands linked. Toph and Zuko themselves, seemed to be also a perfect one, Toph was wearing a simple dark red dress with an opening in her leg again, but this time no knickers, her shoulder-length hair was arranged artfully by Suki, and a bit make-up on her pale skin and necklace that Zuko has made for her. Zuko was wearing a same coloured robe, his hair were spiked again, but a little tidier this time.

"Who knows that they have the potential to be a great pairing??" Toph started

"Who knows that WEhave the potential to be a great pairing" Zuko smiled, she smiled back.

"Hey… what's there" Toph suddenly shouted and pointing to his right.

Zuko turned his head aside when he felt soft lips pressing against his cheek, he starts to blush.

"Got you...!" Toph giggled, Zuko smiled faintly and patted her head


Segment.7 moon knows part 3

That night, Zuko was lying on the soft grass near the pond with Toph laying her head on his chest, it was getting late and the moon is showing up.

"Ahh it's so tiring..." Zuko said, his right hand were mingling with her hair

"I'm sure this will help you" Toph said smiling and cuddled him.

"This helps me much"

""do you remember the first time I cuddled you...?"

"Off course, you mistaken me as Iroh right??" he stated, Toph giggled

"but now you can see, I must've thanks for your blindness back then, otherwise, we maybe not doing this now" he continued

"Don't worry, now I have the right to cuddle you every time I wanted to"

"It's not your right…it's your duty..." Zuko giggled.


Somewhere near the pond…

"Hmm, you're getting smarter Zuzu... to choose a girl like her" Azula makes her presumption.

"And my eyes are smart enough to have you in them" someone started

"Who are… ahh it's you..." Azula gasped, her cheeks suddenly hint a shade of pink.

"I'm not you... my name is Jet… and you...?" Jet asked politely while taking her hand.


"What a beautiful name..." he stated

"So, where are you from?"

"I'm from nowhere until your brother takes me to your nation"

Azula smirked.

"So… do you mind if I take you into a walk near the pond"

"I…I... no, I don't mind" Azula talked, Jet offered his hand, and Azula accept it.

"Urm… Jet, you sure that no one is here right??… Nobody knows about this right??" Azula was started to get suspicious, she have her pride and she doesn't want to lose it by walking with some peasant.

"I don't think so… the moon knows"

Azula sighed and smiled

This may be the start of another story………


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