1: new student

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One day at school jam was walking at the school halls she met her best friend Elaine, Elaine said jam did you hear about the rumors? Jam said no, what is it all about? Elaine said its about the new student of the school. Jam said whats his name? Elaine said I don't know but I hear that his our classmate isn't that great?! Jam said I don't know.

In The classroom…

The teacher said now class meet your new classmate can you please introduce yourself kukimaru. kukimaru said hi my name is kukimaru I live in japan city Tokyo, my father is shunsai that is all. The teacher said okay to much information, um… kukimaru you may sit next to jam. Kukimaru said okay… jam was really blushing when kukimaru sat next to her.

During the class…

Kukimaru said to jam hey you look familiar do I know you? Jam said no, of course not while blushing

Kukimaru said really, I know you, your ayame-san's sister right? Jam said okay I'm ayame's sister, you must be rikimaru's brother right?! Kukimaru said yup, I hope we'll meet at the training center. Jam said yeah, I hope we'll meet. Dismissal…. Jam and Elaine walking together Elaine said so I see that kukimaru sat next to you so did he ask you a question? Jam said um… yeah, he knows I'm a ninja. Elaine said really? That's great! Jam said yeah, just great.

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