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Everything I Crave Revolves Around You

Obsession 1: Innuendos and Whispers of Everything

"Nrgh…Dark…Dark no hentai…not here…"

Pawning, sneaky hands crawled their way up an already half unbutton shirt. The seat beneath them gave an unruly jolt as the bus rocked over yet another indent in the road. Daisuke Niwa epped as he slid even further into the slightly firm, springy seat giving his current molester an advantage. Black silky bangs melted into fire red ones as the dominating force chose that moment to steal a long, heavy kiss, tongue and all before moving lips downwards in a new quest. Shivering, Daisuke gripped the long flowing bangs-with some reluctance, he found- and yanked them upwards slightly. With a slight whimper of pain and frustration, their owner gazed upwards ruefully with the most stunning violet eyes which were currently giving Daisuke The Look.

"Dai-chan…" The purple eyed speaker whispered the deep roll sending new shivers up Daisuke's body. "Everyone's asleep…there's nothing to worry about…" It was true-nearly the entire bus's population was dozing off, some with their headphones in their ears. The only one really awake was their teacher and he was far up in the very front, unable to monitor what was happening in the very last row of seats on the bus. He slipped one leg in between Daisuke's legs and began to scoot dangerously close to a highly sensitive spot. Daisuke suppressed a loud gasp as the leg ghosted ever so slowly at his already twitching heat. This wasn't supposed to happen here and now-not until at least a little later! But definitely not on a bus of all places!! "No one will see us, nor hear us…unless you'd love to be as vocal as you were the past few nights….?"

Daisuke flushed straight to the roots of his unruly hair and bit his lip. Trust Dark Mousey to be so lewd… he should have known better! They were going home-he did not want to walk off looking like he'd just gotten a proper, rough romp in a bed and a limp to go with it. Shaking his head furiously, he bit back another moan as Dark's hand was now causing the torture of touch.

"D-daark.." He hissed quietly, his body still instinctively bucking upwards under his steadily groping hand. "D-don't…we'll…we'll make a mess…s-stop…"

"Relax, Dai-chan…I'm only going to touch you…" the older male breathed heavily, grabbing Daisuke more firmly now where his pants were straining boldly. "Right…here..." The ruby eyed teen let out a quite moan as the friction rushed him quickly to the edge of an overwhelming climax. "Until you arch you back and come…just for me..."

Daisuke clamped a hand to his mouth, breathing harshly and writhing in fantastic shapes under Dark. Those words…said in that way…

No…I'm gonna…I'm gonna…oh…

He gasped as he felt himself reach his peak. And, just as Dark had prescribed, he threw his head back as his smaller back arched, unable to stifle his straining gasps of bliss. In the process he banged his head against the steel just right under the window and he winced. Owww…that's gonna hurt later… Dark smiled as Daisuke calmed down from his high, still rubbing his now slightly limp, spent member under the fabric. He laid his head back against the uncomfortable seat, eyes glazed, his own chest rising and falling harshly. The throbbing spot where his head had connected with the steel siding was beginning to make its presence known.

"Oww…" Daisuke whimpered quietly, hand automatically crawling to the small forming bump on the back of his head. His fingers probed it gently and he winced. Looked like he had hit it harder than he thought…he was only a bit worried now more about the sound it might have made rather than the size of the thing. Frowning, Dark's own fingers trailed against his lovers and moving them aside, he delicately felt the spot himself before chuckling.

Instantly, Daisuke was tinged pink, annoyance written all over his face. Stupid Dark…this isn't funny!

"What's so funny?" He whispered harshly. Knowing Daisuke, he would have screeched if it hadn't been for everyone else still contently lost in their sleep.

"You…you're hurting yourself so much…it's…you're so clumsy…" Dark continued to laugh quietly, pulling the bristling teen into an apologetic embrace. "You're just you…can't you be a bit more careful? First your arm, though that's all but healed up completely and now this…" Daisuke bristled even more from the teasing tone in Dark's whispers but there was an undertone of concern that quelled his agitated mood. "But…I can't help but find that cute…especially the face you make when you exaggerate your pain…"

"I….I was not exaggerating!!!" Daisuke protested feebly into the older male's shoulder, not resisting Dark's embrace.

"But..." Dark replied, fingers trailing gentle circles down Daisuke's back. "That's just one of the things I love about you…" He couldn't help but smile as he felt Daisuke's heart rate speed up at his words. The red head extracted his buried face from Dark's shoulder and slowly looked up at him, his lips slightly parted in a silent, unmistakable plea. Dark slipped his fingers under Daisuke's chin, tilting his face at a slight angle for their lips to meet comfortably. Just as their mouths connected, Daisuke whispered the words Dark never grew tired of-

"I love you…"

Love you too…my Dai-chan, Dark muttered quietly to himself, firm lips against yielding, softer ones. He felt that familiar spark throughout his body whenever they kissed and it drove him to deepen the kiss, letting his tongue slid and grace over Daisuke's lips. Daisuke immediately obliged to Dark's request and with a soft moan Dark slipped his tongue into the smaller boy's mouth. As they continued to kiss, Dark leaned forward, using part of his bodyweight to effectively pin his crimson eyed lover against the window and steel siding.

Dark…Daisuke thought hazily.

Maybe kissing on the bus wasn't the smartest idea in the world after all. Because, as fool proof as Dark thought his reasoning was, there was no way that anyone could have slept the entire way back without waking up and-

"The hell???"



By then everyone was awake and the two boys emerged, the smaller looking rather guilty and flushed, while the older looked exactly the opposite. Everything and anything was left to the entire classes imagination which was luckily not functioning thanks to their tiredness. The teacher who had actually been dozing off himself was now grumpily weaving through the aisle and making his way to the back.

"Whazza goin on here…?"

Needless to say, the teacher never got his answer.


Disgusting…a male who looked highly miffed snorted, looking away as the drama died down. The poor unfortunate that made the little discovery was now back in her seat, mumbling to herself that she must have been seeing things, Dark wasn't gay and Daisuke, well….he wouldn't have been given the chance to even touch Dark, if he wanted to. She quickly threw her blanket over her head and tried to go back to sleep, hoping that everything that she just saw was all a bad dream.

But how unfortunate, it's not…The teen folded his arms, feral eyes narrowed. Risa was drooling in her sleep next to him mumbling something about wanting to do the mommy-daddy dance with Dark. Urgh. Stupid Dark fangirl…how dare you speak of defiling him in your sleep? A twisted smirk crossed his features. Only I am allowed those thoughts…But hmmn, so hard to choose now…

Daisuke…or Cousin Dark…Daisuke…DarkDaisuke…or Dark…

The deviant twist in his smile now had the touch of insanity.

Either way, I will have one of you…

One way or the other.


Damnit…baka no Dark…Daisuke fumed silently, both fists clenched, perched on top of his knees. He was listening to his ipod, a prevailing annoyed expression on his face. Stupid, stupid, stupid…we got caught…urgh…hope that girl thought she was seeing things-which, since she'll probably go into denial, won't be a problem… Dark tried to nuzzle him, kiss him on the cheek, touch him, but Daisuke would only swat his advances with a glare and a curt shake of his head. Ohhhh, noooo, don't think so big boy…this is your punishment for that…

Bi-polar, neh…? Dark thought in amusement as he finally seceded from his attempts. Whatever love…I don't mind…."You're so cute when you're angry…" Dark whispered the thought aloud, intentionally. He knew Daisuke really wasn't listening to his ipod least he'd be blasting it to the point that he wouldn't hear Dark. Daisuke flinched, glancing over at his black haired lover while Dark smirked inwardly-his words had hit home.

"No I'm not now stop it…" Daisuke muttered. "And if you keep saying stuff like that, someone will hear and-"

"Then what? Tell the world that I find you incredibly adorable, irresistible screwable in every sense of the word?" Dark chuckled easily and pulled one safely lodged earphone out of Daisuke's ear. 'hey I was listening to that' was what his eyes clearly said and Dark gave him his 'oh really now' look back. "I could care less if the entire world knew-I told you enough times already. I don't tend to hide any of my relationships from anyone and you'll find me rather public about these kinds of things-"

"Ie!" The short outburst made a few heads turn and the girl in the seat right in front of them that had discovered their make out session was peeking over the seat again. Daisuke blushed and bowed his head sheepishly. "I…I mean…n-no…" Dark looked rather stunned by Daisuke's stringent opposition. "I…Ie…just don't….say anything, do anything in public…I'm…I'm not really ready for that just yet…"

Dark stared at Daisuke's stammering soft refusal and said nothing. Daisuke glanced up, fearful that maybe the demon hadn't been tamed after all and would rear its ugly head again. Daisuke shivered involuntarily. If Dark couldn't-wouldn't- respect even that wish-

The mounted tension broke when Dark finally nodded.

"I understand, Dai-chan."

Daisuke released a breath he didn't even know he was holding in and Dark laughed again in that quiet way.

I'll never get tired of his laugh…

"…So then you're rather willing to do other things behind closed doors, is that it…?" Dark teased, a slow sly smirk growing on his face. Daisuke groaned, rolling his eyes.

"Had to go kill the moment, didn't you?"

Dark smirked.

"Hehehe, it's what I do…that and certain red heads who just beg to be taken…"


Daisuke completely forgot that they were on the bus.


"Nice of you to scream like that at the top of your lungs…" Dark teased lightly as the class began getting off the bus. Daisuke hmphed and rolled his eyes. Another four hours had Daisuke trying to keep Dark's roaming lips and hands off him and away from anything of…groaning importance. It was all his fault anyways…He felt a hand tug him back and he stopped. "Mind doing that later when we're all alone…?"

"Are you asking to get hurt?" Daisuke fumed as Dark made an attempt to grope his backside. "No seriously are you?? And didn't I just tell you: nothing in public until I'm ready?? Geez…" Your common sense flies out the window when it comes to me doesn't it…? Or rather, whatever you had to begin with… "You're just too hyper today aren't you..?"

Dark grinned.

"Is that a bad thing?"

Daisuke refused to answer that.


It was hard to come back home for the crimson eyed boy. He had grown so used to staying in the same room with Dark, talking to him, arguing with him, yelling at him…Daisuke blushed as his train of thoughts refused to quit the list there…

…kissing him, holding him, touching him, jerking-

Okay, okay, okay, that's enough! Nooo more, nooo more…he yelled at himself sternly. Maybe he was acting like this from the separation factor…yeah, that had to be it…

Separated from his voice, his smile, his laugh…The ruby eyed teen covered his eyes and sank down on a stone bench. His classmates had dwindled down to a sizable number of stragglers waiting for their parents to pick them up at the front of the school. Daisuke Niwa was one of the few along with Dark, Krad, Risa, Riku and a few others Daisuke was more familiar with. The twins were huddle off a little ways arguing about something childish and Dark-

Dark was leaning against a tree, his black bangs shifting ever so slightly in the winds, flowing briefly in his face, teasing, then falling away. He casually flicked a longer, more stubborn bang out of his face-this movement Risa happened to catch and she squealed. Riku merely huffed and began arguing with Risa again, this time about Dark. Risa wasn't the only one apparently enthralled.

Damn it, I'm your lover and yet you make me feel and act like such a fangirl…Daisuke had to hold an index finger under his nose to keep the blood from gushing out and he quickly ducked his head. I love you and you've said you love me and yet you still make me feel so…light headed, unsure around you. Maybe it's just…just the way you've treated me in the past, or the weather or something…even that simple action is enough to make my head spin…

Deep violet eyes, which were staring off in some meditative contemplation seemed to draw themselves out of it, shifted away, across-

And dug deep into ruby ones.

Daisuke eeped, looking away quickly but not before seeing that small smile form on his lips.

Oh man, oh man, oh man, oh man, oh man….he's gonna walk over here I just know it…he's gonna walk over here and-

A warm hand landed on his shoulder and the other jumped, nearly unseating himself from the bench. Dark laughed and sat down next to him.

"Can't keep your eyes off me for even a second, Dai-chan? I really must be that irresistible…"

Daisuke twitched, eyes slightly narrowed.

"hahahaha, veeery, funny-not. No…I…it was just…you seemed to be thinking about something…" A few car doors were slamming in the distance-students were very few in number now. The twins had long left and so had Krad and Argentine, to Daisuke's immense relief. He had felt Krad's glare bore into the back of his head for a few uncomfortable minutes and he had never felt more off. For Krad to change from best friend to worst enemy in a matter of minutes, hours…

"I was thinking…" Dark agreed. "About what will happen now that we're back in the "real" world…we're no longer in that little haven away from all this drama…"

Daisuke had never seen Dark this serious, brooding and he wisely kept quite. Letting Dark speak, for once in a way that wasn't either belittling him or throwing perverted innuendoes in his ears, was something of a treat. It didn't take a genius to guess exaxctlly what Dark might have been contemplating…

"It was easier when Krad was under control.." So it was about Krad…I kind of figured… Daisuke confirmed mentally. "I just…Dai-chan, you're too special. That's both your greatest asset and your worse one at the moment. Krad likes us both and, well…" Dark coughed looking highly disturbed. "I have no way of knowing how his homicidal mind will work, but if he can't settle for me he'll come after you and vice versa…don't ask me how I predict anything he does or thinks because I'm going to be about as much in the dark about this one as you…" Dark sighed again-he seemed to be making it a habit-and ran his fingers though styled bangs. "I…I just know how bad he can get without his medication and that's the only thing I can rely on…"

The older teen rubbed his temples, body rocked with slight tremors. Daisuke laid a caring hand on his shoulder and, feeling the tremors, realized a shocking fact-

He's scared.

Daisuke's hand rested more firmly on Dark's shoulder and squeezed. The older male, who had been looking at what seemed to be a particularly interesting spot on the ground glanced up at the ruby eyed teen briefly before smiling weakly.

"I'm fine, Daisuke…I'm fine…"

But the slight crack in his voice was only pointing out the obvious…Dark was trying to downplay all his own worries, but there were things that even he couldn't completely hide anymore. Shaking himself mentally of all the crowding memories, Dark's own hand rested on top of the one on his shoulder. He peeled it off and teasingly kissed the palm. The seriousness of the moment was broken as Daisuke yanked his hand back, making a face. Eh?! That was…random…

"Ewww, Dark…what was…what did you do that for?" His hand tingled slightly from the contact and sticking out his tongue, he whipped it on his pants. "You just killed it again…"

"Another moment?" Dark shook his head, his old grin returning. The looming nightmare of Krad could wait… "Awwww, but I was trying to make one for once…"

"What did I tell you about no PDA…?!"

"Gomen, gomen, Dai-chan…oh kawaii, you're getting so worked up again over nothing…"

Daisuke's face colored successfully and, crossing his arms, he huffed and turned away.

"Nothing my foot…" He grumbled mutinously. There was hardly anything to get worked up about-the only people there was one straggling student and the sensei , who was deeply engrossed into some novel he brought along . "I swear, you just love pushing my limits don't you…?"

Dark snickered.

"You know I do and you love it-"

"Oh shut up!" It wasn't the words themselves that got to him-it was the way Dark said it, wiggling his eyebrows that signaled a rather perverse frame of mind. I knew that he might be a little sex hyped but this is ridiculous-

"Are you two just planning on sitting there for eternity or are you actually going to be picked up?"

The slight grumble of an older, wearied voice made the two boys jump. Their teacher had seemed to long abandon his book and had now taken up prodding them about being one of the last people there. Dark quickly took over the situation with ease and his custom charm. With a million dollar wining smile he replied in all casualness.

"Of course not sensei, but perhaps a few more minutes will do it for us here…neh, Niwa?"

"Ah ano…hai…" Daisuke nodded fiercely, not sure if he should get mad about being called Niwa or blushing like mad at how calm and smooth his voice had become… "I think my poor mom might have slept in though, so it might take her a bit longer…" Daisuke laughed nervously. That wasn't a made-up excuses-Emiko Niwa had a very bad habit of leaving her son stranded after field trips waiting for nearly an hour before she finally managed to pick him up. And her excuse was always that she had accidentally slept in. Well, she always swore it would never happen again and apologized profusely to the teacher-but then the next time she'd do it again, and his patience would wear thin. The teacher was well aware of that habit and it seemed that this time, he wasn't going to settle for it.

"Well, Niwa, you better find someone to get a ride from or something because this time I'm not waiting her for your mom to drag herself out of bed an hour later than scheduled!" With that, he turned and stalked off, leaving the red head to goggle in disbelief after him.

Oh wow, he finally snapped….took him long enough…

"Great…" Daisuke moaned, completely forgetting the fact that Dark was right next to him. "Just great…now what am I going to do? I can't walk home…It's too far anyways and there is no way I'm waiting this out here…"


Ruby eyes flickered over to the cougher. Dark Mousey was giving him the most incredulous, amused stare he'd ever seen.

"Nice to know why you always do seem like the very last one here every time but aren't you forgetting something?"

"Forgetting something?"

Dark winked.

"Do you really think…" He leaned over and whispered the rest in his ear. "That I'd leave my adorable lover stranded with an old perverted fart like the sensei? You should know better…shame on you…"

Daisuke exhaled in relief, resting his throbbing head in his hands. "Gods, thank you so much Dark…" His voice was slightly muffled. "I really didn't want to…aw, crap…"

"Now what?" Dark smirked, amused. His emotions are always in constant motion-first he's annoyed, then embarrassed, then hopeless, then relieved then back to being hopeless…I don't think I've seen that much of a change in emotions that quickly in him until recently…

"I forgot my house keys! Great I really am screwed…" Daisue pulled his wary face from his hands. "I'm so sorry Dark, but-"

"There's my mom." He cut in getting up. Confused by this sudden change in topics Daisuke instinctively remained were he was. Dark began walking off, heading over to the tree where he had left it and began lugging it off. Daisue blinked-he wouldn't just…?

Dark paused, looking over his shoulder.

"What-are you just gonna stand their gawking at my backside or are you going to hitch a ride? I just told you I wasn't leaving you here right? You know my mom doesn't bite…much. And I think she brought along some of her killer breakfast…" Dark grinned as the red head scrambled for his own luggage and blindly stumbled off after him. "Too cute…now get in-it's a bit a ways to my house so you'll have to sit though a bit of Gackt, classical music and some America rock group that I've recently gotten into-Linkin Park. You mind?"

Daisuke stared at him though this short pronouncement like either he'd gone crazy or grew an extra nose.

"What…?" Dark burst out laughing when he realized why his lover might be in such a shocked state. "Didn't expect to be coming over to my house? Don't worry about it-my mom's cool with surprise visitors that I bring as long as their not drunk, stoned or bleeding. I'm pretty sure you're not any or all three combined so…" Taking the luggage from the shell shocked red head he dumped it all-both his and Daisuke's-into the open trunk and slammed it shut. "Now c'mon already and quit looking like a fish out of water-besides my mom just saw you standing out here with me and she has that ohhh-another-one-of-Dark's-friend's-I'm-just-dying-to-meet-them look. So don't disappoint her and get in!"

Fumbling for the door, Daisuke opened it and flopped in, Dark soon following with his usual grace and finesse. Instantly he was bombarded with the scent of a drool-worthy breakfast (Just like Dark said) and a bombardment of questions (something that Dark didn't say a think about.) and chattiness.

"Oooh, you must be Niwa Daisuke, one of Dark's friends! Dark's told me so much about you-so you're quite the artist from what I've heard, neh? I believe he was so rather taken by some of your work that he's stolen a bit from you, poor naughty thing! I hope you don't mind that tendency of his-and I must admit I've taken a liking to some of your work too…you should sell it-I'm sure it would mass enough money to be better than well off. And I have a special touch for advertising, so if you need any of that, you come straight to me. Ohhh, I hope you don't mind what Westerners call 'an all American Breakfast' do you? Eggs, bacon, hash browns, pancakes…you do like syrup right? Here-oh Darky hon, don't grab, he can manage to get it from me without dropping it I'm sure!" Dark prickled at the nickname and Daisuke snickered. Ohhhh, this might be a lot of fun after all…wonder what kind of embarrassing stories will come from this family… "Now where was I-oh, sorry, I haven't introduced myself. I'm Mousey Hyumi, but just call me Hyumi or Hyu- Darky love what did I say around chewing slowly and with you mouth closed?? This may be one of our not-so-flashy cars but could you mind being a little more considerate of the vinyl? I just got it redone!"

Daisuke was having a hard time holding back his giggles as Dark, fuming, reorganized himself until he looked like he was eating like a properly trained gentleman instead of the practically starved teenager he was just a few seconds ago.

This is going to be very interesting…Daisuke grinned to himself as his mom reached over into the glove compartment with a sigh, grabbing a tissue, and began to fuss over a small dribble of syrup on her son's lower lip. "Mom…" Dark grumbled, pink tinting his cheeks in embarrassment as he tried to swat her hand away. Very interesting…


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