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Everything I Crave Revolves Around You

Obsession 4: Ties that Bind and Sever

"W-what are you doing here…??"

A honey eyed blond male blinked up at Daisuke innocently from the couch.

"What do you mean? I'm suddenly unwelcome here, Daisuke?" The red head tossed him a ruthless glare to which the blond merely stared back in bewilderment. Krad seemed to come off as truly confused, but Daisuke wasn't buying it. And now he pulls the "I'm innocent act"?? Sorry, Krad, gonna have to try harder than that… "Are you alright…? Did I do something wrong-?"

"Like hell you did!" It was the second outburst Daisuke had that day. Daisuke winced inwardly at the sound of his voice but he couldn't help it. Either this was a rather bad joke or he really was going crazy… Krad, to say the least, seemed stunned. "Nearly strangling Dark half to death and all! I bet you even fed my mom that twisted version of why and how I ended up at Dark's party-!!"

"Daisuke…" Krad shook his head in disbelief. "What are you talking about?"

Daisuke froze as he saw the honestly blunt confusion on the blond's face. It couldn't have been plainer if he had written it out in glaring red ink all over his face….


But instantly Daisuke was flaring up again, undaunted.

"So now you're pretending that you suddenly know nothing?? What-do you suddenly have amnesia or something? I highly doubt that…"

The blond looked really hurt now.

"Daisuke! What are you rambling on about??" Krad shook his head, as if to ward off a bad nightmare. "I just came over 'cause I wanted to see you…how you were doing…I…didn't know you were suddenly mad at me about nothing-But I swear if it was about that kiss I'm sorry!!"

Wait a minute…

"What…? No, I mean…" Daisuke now was quite put off by Krad's suddenly on-the-verge-of-tears attitude. Just standing there, watching the blond almost half break down was very uncomfortable. It's like….he's a completely different person… Numbly, Daisuke's body went on autopilot to the sofa across from Krad and he sat down on it. "It's…hard to explain but-wait, can you even remember what happened on the trip…?"

Krad raised an eyebrow.

"No duh? Most of it…" He scratched the back of his head apologetically, tugging on his ponytail. "But the last thing I remember is falling through the floor in that musty old house and then…well, me walking off the bus, getting home, then having the urge to see you. Argentine said I was out like a light, which probably explains that gap in my memory…" He shrugged, leaning back against the sofa.


Daisuke was, to say the very least, very confused.

What?? But…no way did I imagine Krad being there…choking Dark…either Krad really doesn't remember or Argentine lied to him, because…argh, my head hurts…One minute he's kind the next homicidal then acting like he wasn't homicidal to begin with…??

"…so yeah, your mom treated me to breakfast and then you called…" Krad was rambling on, a placid smile on his face. "I wanted to talk to you but by the look on her face I didn't think she was in a good mood. Trust me I wasn't either…" And at this his face darkened, a shadow of what Daisuke had seen in him just a few days before. "When I heard you were at Dark's house. I agreed with her as she got into her car-you really aren't safe around that bastard-"

"Dark's not a bastard!" Instantly seething again, Daisuke half rose from the couch, his fists clenched. The nerve of Krad-to just sit there acting as if he wasn't ready to rip Dark in half and making himself look like the innocent overseer who so desperately tried to "save their friend from inevitable doom"! The reaction from Daisuke only caused Krad's frown to deepen.

"Maybe your mom was right after all…Dark must have done something bad to you didn't he? Told you not to say anything unless you wanted to get hurt even more-?"

Daisuke shook his head furiously, too riled up to even summon the words he so desperately wanted to say.

Something just isn't right….

"Daisuke…I know…I may have pushed for your affections outside of friendship but…nevertheless I still care about you…" The voice was full of concern, but Daisuke found it ringing false to his ears. Everything on the outside looked just like how it had appeared to Daisuke the first time they meet-but this time, there was something flaky about it. Practiced. Controlled. "I just want you to be careful around Dark…"

I don't want to hear this…

But it wasn't the words of warning from Krad that permeated Daisuke's thoughts but Dark's…

"I just…Dai-chan, you're too special. That's both your greatest asset and your worse one at the moment…"

"…you're…special…to me, Daisuke…" Krad was mumbling now, a light pink tinge on his cheeks.

"…Krad likes us both and, well…I have no way of knowing how his homicidal mind will work, but if he can't settle for me he'll come after you and vice versa…"

"Not just as a friend…but as things even more than that…" And how hadn't Daisuke noticed that Krad was now sitting very close to him…? A hand rested on one clenched one, but even though Daisuke shuddered, he didn't move.

"…don't ask me how I predict anything he does or thinks because I'm going to be about as much in the dark about this one as you…"

"I don't really know how to behave, act, think around you…" It wasn't just the words, it was the way they were said…was there something different now…? Were they meant to parallel so closely to Dark's stringent warnings…? More important-why wasn't he moving away from the blond, who was now trailing hands up to his face…? "You leave me in the dark half the time and it's starting to really…bother me…"

"I…I just know how bad he can get without his medication and that's the only thing I can rely on…"

"You used to rely on me so much…I missed that…and now it feels like I need to rely on you too…" Krad's vice had dropped to a sweet longing whisper, his fingers, trailing across the red head's skin, tilting his face to meet his. Ruby eyes wanted so badly to avert from deceptively calm honey yellow ones…

And Daisuke knew it was all a sweetly disguised poison.

Yet even so, why was it that when Krad leaned in to steal a kiss that wasn't rightfully his only to get up and walk away afterwards, he couldn't find the courage or nerve to pull away?


"So…that was Daisuke?"

Dark, who had been deep in thought as he lounged on the couch gave a start. He hadn't realized how out of it he was-and his mom chuckled at her now flailing son.

"Yes-and heeeey!! Mom!!" Dark was now rather pink faced. "Why did you have to tell The Story…?? You ruined my good image again…!"

"Awwww, poooor Darky love, were you that embarrassed?" His mom giggled evilly and Dark shivered. "But you know I can't help myself…"

Dark rolled his eyes. Oh yes you can…

"He seems like a sweet boy…" She commented airily.

Sweet? Dark snickered inwardly. Yes…you could say that….sweet and definitely much…more…

"And get your mind out of the gutter, Dark Mousey, I don't really want to even think about why you have that look on your face…"

Ouch. Sucks to be me.

"Oh mom, now you're the one having their mind in the gutter…" her son folded his arms. "He's a friend of mine, alright?"

One eyebrow twitched in disbelief and Dark groaned inwardly. He really had to learn how to not dig himself into holes like this…

"Hmph, well then I guess you didn't have any problems with him, did you?"

She beamed.

"Absolutely not!" She chortled. "So polite, such the gentleman! Surprising really….but…" the suddenly thoughtful look on her face made the black haired teen stiffen subconsciously. "Niwa…"

"What about it?"

Dark noticed the strange expression and he couldn't help but feel an odd fluttering in his stomach. That look…she only got that when she felt constipated (like he was ever going to get into how he knew that one…) or she was contemplating something deep. He was sure to rule out the first one since that…well, that didn't seem to fit the situation well. So he opted for the second.

"It's like…as if I've heard that name somewhere before…" The look on her face twisted into a faint frown. Dark rolled his eyes-his mom was off in her own world and was obviously ignoring the fact that a very curious son was trying to get her attention. "Maybe from the T.V or…wait no, it wasn't from there, though I'm pretty sure I've heard it often from there…"

"Mom, what are you talking about…?"

And why are you investing so much thought into something that small? It's just a name…

It's not like you.

Suddenly there was that aha moment on her face and she snapped her fingers.

"Oh! Yes, I remember now! Niwa…there was a girl I knew in high school named Emiko Niwa! There were rumors she had been married already, but no one was really sure about that one since she always hung around a guy everyone avoided…think his name was Kei…something…" Mrs. Mousy shook her head. "He was a weird one alright…everyone avoided him like the plague…but even though Emiko hung out with him, she was still the most popular girl in school…Kei had a weird obsession with bioengineering, cloning, all that creepy, evil, scientific stuff that would make your skin crawl…anyways…" Her small frown had disappeared and she was back to her cheery persona. "I'm going to have to make a few phone calls, see when your father's coming home this time and maybe we can all go out and have dinner together…"

For what felt like the millionth time he groaned. He did not like going out to eat, because that usually included flattening his rather stylish hair into "something more presentable", taking out one of the fifty suits he own and having to pick some flashy yet toned down tie. That, on top of having to act like the perfect gentleman…

He was not going to be a very happy person tonight.

But those minor woes slipped away when she left the room as he remembered her short ramble. If anything, his mom was the queen of rambling.

Daisuke's mom and mine used to go to high school together? That's interesting…

And with a shrug, he got up off the couch.


"So…how are things with Krad?"

Daisuke stared dully at his dinner, his appetite already waning. It was bad enough that he had to wash his mouth out for about an hour after Krad kissed him, not to mention that bitter, betrayed feeling he got thinking about it. Shame too, since it was his favorite tonight…

But even so, that slightly introspective, hopeful look on his mom's face warranted a response. Daisuke inwardly rolled his eyes and put the fork down.

"Fine mom, everything's fine…."

He stared down at his plate, poking at his food with the fork. That question had just about killed his appetite….

"Something must be wrong, Daisuke, you're not eating…"

Oh yeah, nooo, nothing's wrong-other than the fact that you hate Dark for some weird unknown reason, Dad hasn't been around lately, and I have a homicidal blond on both mine and Dark's behinds ready to either molested the hell out of us or kill us…yeah, other than that everything just fine and dandy…

"I'm fine, really, mom, I'm just not hungry…"

He looked up and instantly wished he hadn't. Emiko was glaring at him from across the table and he winced. That look again…he'd really have to find out what was setting her off so much nowadays…

"It must be that disgusting Mousey boy on your mind isn't it…?"

"Disgusting?" Daisuke tried to keep his voice form rising into a girly screech. So it was that all over again?? Couldn't she give it a rest?? "He's not-! No, it has nothing to do with him." Daisuke switched in mid sentence and his mom's frown only deepened. "I'm just…not really all that hungry." With that, he made a point to get up and push his plate away. He really had lost all appetite and he was now only keen on getting as far away from his mom as possible.

"Well, I hope that at any rate, Krad knocked some sense into you…"

Daisuke refused to even answer that-and judging by the way his hand was trembling he knew that he would only make things worse. How dare she…was she purposely trying to test him, to see if he really was closer to Dark than she wanted to know…? And…Krad, knocking sense into him? It sounded like she had purposely sent Krad to…

I don't want to know…

But even in his almost rage inducted state the blare of the T.V. in the next room made the red head pause. Plate already in hand, he was about to dump some of its contents down the sink. He wouldn't have cared much-if he didn't hear what the formal-sounding voice on one of the major news networks was relaying…

"…And in breaking headlines, the Geneva conventions are in a state of chaos as one of their most prominent representatives from Japan, Kosuke Niwa, was said to be reported missing as he was leaving the hotel for his flight to the convention's most recent meeting…"

Daisuke Niwa's plate slipped from his fingers and smashed to the ground.

And from the dinner table he heard his mother swear loudly-

"I told them not to do it…!! How could they??"


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