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Come Break Me Down

For an instant, Eagle wondered whether he had aged to the place that he regretted war; whether his fiery heart had played out. His face impassive, he watched the Mashin come nearer.

Eagle knew it was neither generosity nor sympathy that had prompted the Water Knight's challenge of him. The exquisite girl was too cold for such actions. Too unfeeling of others' pain to be impelled to do an act of kindness.

What little he knew of the girl was the crux to which the observation was based.

She must have simply gotten tired of duelling with Hikaru and Fuu, though already well advanced in sword fight technique, still failed in comparison to her, and thus, was no longer a challenge and had decided to advance to more seasoned sword fighters. But all the warriors of Cephiro were busy. Larfarga, whose skill with the spatha still remained unequalled in the spread of the land, was busy with Caldina.

The Kailu, Lantis, was with his beloved Hikaru.

He felt discomfiture of pain at the thought, nothing more.

So Umi had sought him, the only one left whose skills was at par with hers, and asked if he wanted to mock fight.

As for himself, the warrior took the challenge for lack of things to do. He was losing places to hide that Hikaru and Lantis has yet to visit and share memories in.

Gratefully, he accepted her offer.

"This won't do."

Startled, he looked up, and saw a column of water circling the Rune God. When it subsided, all that was left was Umi.

He was never at ease with the girl. She was, of all three, the ultimate paradox. She possessed Fuu's elegance and manner's but she rivalled Hikaru's exuberance, often times even over-shadowing the red head.

Even the men who cared for her reflected this extremeness of her personality. On one end was the Palu, a young man still struggling with his childlike personality and on the other end was the High Mage himself. This rumoured affection was whispered in shadowed halls of how, for once, a young woman had finally caught the venerated Guru Clef's heart.

If there were truths in the rumours, it was executed with utmost secrecy. Eagle had yet to see any impassioned gleam in either of Umi or Clef's sapphire eyes.

It begged to be asked; what manner of woman could attract two very different men?

Two very different, but very powerful men.

She was…an enigma.

And he saw that the 'enigma' was telling him to get down.

He obliged.

"You," she said to him with a slight frown, "are not up for it."

It surprised him she sensed that. Gazing at her quizzically, he asked, "How did you figure that?"

She flipped her hair, before answering. "Your stance. It showed acceptance. I wanted resistance." Her long blue hair slowly fell into place, as perfect as before. "I asked for a fight, not a sparring dummy. Otherwise I would have sought Ascot," she answered with a haughty tone in her voice.

She paused, biting her cheeks and looking thoughtful. When she turned towards him, she was grinning. "Oh, well…Some other time then, ne?" She grinned even more, so that the fragile illusion of a delicate, but highborn maiden was shattered and Eagle was face to face with a hyper active imp. "You want to bake cake instead?"

She didn't wait for an answer. She had not expected one.

There were times when Umi's self-absorbed persona bordered on rudeness.

She left him, half skipping, half running, back to the palace. In her mind, she was already past any thoughts of escudo's and Rune magick and was now pondering about flour measurements and egg folding.

A tiny smile lurked on Eagle's lips as he watched the Blue Knight walk away from him.

As he live and breathe, he would never understand the girl.

It was a good thing he had no desire to.

But the puzzled look remained in his eyes for the rest of the day.

-end of chapter-

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