Summary: Sequel to "Never in this life" trust me it has a happy ending!

Itachi laid in bed looking up at the ceiling silent tears running down his cheeks; it has only been two months since his brothers' death and he has yet to get over it. He had joined Konoha again staying in the Uchiha HIS room. Kisame and Deidara come to visit when ever they could since he practically quite being an Akatsuki. He knew he wasn't getting any better and he didn't care at least not anymore. He finally fell asleep into what he knew was going to be another dreamless night…but tonight was very different.

Itachi's Dream

Itachi stood there standing in the room where he killed his parents looking at their dead bodies blood everywhere. He was standing by the door and he noticed someone standing in the shadows and they soon walked out just like he did to Sasuke so many years ago. Itachi gasped Sasuke stood there with a genuine smile on his face and began walking over to the older Uchiha the bodies disappearing, but the blood did not.



They just starred at each other when suddenly Itachi hugged his brother beginning to cry mumbling apologies over and over.

"I know Aniki you can stop apologizing now…I'm not angry with you. I think you should be the one angry with me since of what I did." Sasuke explained cupping both of Itachi's cheeks with his hands whipping the tears away with his thumbs.

"But…It's what I said that drove you to that. Its…It's my fault for it than it is yours and I am deeply sorry for it. I should be the one dead." Itachi said looking pitiful Sasuke sighed and then kissed his brother gently on the lips and soon after parted.

"To me that doesn't matter anymore…I came here to say I'm not dead. You friend Deidara really cares for you. So does Kisame…They convinced your leader to bring me back to life using what they have of the demons to bring me back." Sasuke said smiling up at his brother.

"…." All Itachi could do was smile happily hugging his brother crying into the crook of his brothers neck.

"The thing is after it is done they're dumping in some random village and you have one month to find me or…" Sasuke trailed off looking down sadly.

"Or what Sasuke?" Itachi asked worriedly.

"I'll die…you have to find me and prove that you love me so I won't and I'll be alive like a normal person." Sasuke said the bloody room fading and turning into just a white space them floating there in each others arms.

"When?" Itachi asked as they both began fading.

"Leave tomorrow…Bring everyone with you…All my old friends please." Sasuke said kissing his brother one last time before fully disappearing.

End Dream

Itachi shot up awake and ran out of the house to Tsunadae's office just walking into her office out of breath. Tsunadae looked at him in confusion and went shock when he looked up with a smile.

"The Akatsuki's are bringing him back…." Itachi began, explaining everything to her. He paced the room completely happy and stared out the window.

"I have a chance to start over with him." Itachi said as the other chunins ran in.

"So what's the urgent message?" Sakura asked her eyes had become blank over the days, every ones eyes had.

"Sasuke is alive Sakura and we have to go out and find him." Itachi said turning to her and smiling a true one Sasuke had once smiled. Sakura's eyes lit up and ran over to him.

"Please tell me it's not a lie." Sakura pleaded tears filling her eyes, Itachi chuckled cupping her cheeks wiping the tears away with his thumbs.

"I promise on my life." He smiled and he was hugged by the pink haired Kunoichi.

"Then you must leave immediately." Tsunadae said and everyone left. Two hours later everyone met up at the gates with supplies.

"So how do we find him?" Naruto asked eating a bowl of ramen everyone in sweat drop.

"I might know how…and I think I know where." Itachi said and began heading for the rain country.

Time Skip One week later

Itachi and his team of chunins made it into the same village where everything happened just as a love festival was being set up for. Itachi smiled the chunins standing behind and one both sides of him. The group smirked when they saw Kisame and Deidara trying to sneak out of the same inn.

"Hey." Itachi said walking up to behind them.

"Itachi!" They both jumped.

"What room is he in?" He asked, and the two just smiled.

"The same room he was in last time." Deidara smiled then he and Kisame dragged the chunins off to the games. Itachi looked up and at the window where his brother was staying. It took all of his will power to go up and up to the door he saw it was cracked open and peered in. Sasuke lay on the bed fast asleep noticing he was only wearing black boxer shorts. Itachi silently walked in shutting the door and locking it. He walked over to the bed side and saw a scar from when the suicide happened and cringed from the memory then opened his eyes. Itachi smiled and knelt on his knees by the bed his lips inching closer to Sasuke's, but he then paused. He was afraid that Sasuke was actual mad, but then just decided against it melting his lips onto Sasuke's gently. Sasuke's eyes snapped open but then closed wrapping his arms around his brothers neck kissing him back. Itachi crawled onto the bed straddling his younger brother nipping at his bottom lip asking for entrance which he was granted easily. Both boys battled for dominance which Itachi easily won. After a while Itachi broke the kiss breathing hard; both of them were.

"That didn't take long for you to find me." Sasuke teased keeping his arms wrapped around Itachi's neck, Itachi rested his forehead onto his brothers.

"I had a feeling you were here…I'm so sorry Sasuke…Please understand I only rejected you to protect you and I didn't mean any harm from it. I know I was stupid and I beg of you…I love you with all my heart and I have no clue of how to prove I love you." Itachi explained sadly, Sasuke smiled warmly at his brother.

"You already have plus that was just to get your ass moving so I can see you faster." Sasuke smiled a foxy grin.

"….." Itachi narrowed his eyes then began tickling the death out of Sasuke causing the two to fall out of the bed just as the other chunins came in watching the two brothers wrestle playfully laughing away.

"Um…should we come back later?" Naruto asked smirked causing Sasuke who was sitting on Itachi to look up.

Hiya guys!" He chirped running over to the blonde and Sakura hugging them.

"You have no idea how much I missed you guys." Sasuke said then was tackled an nearly beaten to death by all of his friends.

"DO THAT AGAIN AND WE'LL LITERALLY KILL YOU!" All the girls yelled the boys just standing there with their arms crossed nodding in agreement before walking out and leaving.

"Owe they didn't have to actually pummel me!" Sasuke complained sitting on the floor rubbing his now very sore arm. Itachi chuckled crawling over to Sasuke and planted warm passionate kiss on Sasuke's lips.

"What do you say we get you into some clothes and go down to the festival?" Itachi asked pulling Sasuke into his lap.

"…I'd like that Aniki-kun." Sasuke smiled the two sharing one more kiss before heading out.

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