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Welcome to Your Hell


My mom is crazy.

That's all I have to say right now.

No, don't take that the wrong way people. I love my mom and all, even though I don't remember her much. She died when I was only eight. It has been almost eight years already.

Ah, we're getting off topic.

So anyways, why is she crazy, you may ask? Because of what she wrote in her will.

Guess what she wrote. Come on, guess! Jeez, you people don't have imaginations do you?

-Sigh- I'll tell you then. This is what happened…

I was told of my mom's will yesterday. And yesterday was a burning hot day. I swore I was gonna die. And to make things worse,

The air conditioner broke down. Oh. My. God!

And there I was, fanning myself, in the living room, in front of the TV, watching this weird ass show. My fanning wasn't helping much, but it's better than nothing.

My brother was with his friends somewhere. Damn, he's crazy too, going out in this weather, but I still love him.

My crazy brother is Kyuubi. He's my step-brother. Kyuubi is a month older than me. I'm not going into that right now. It'll be told later if I remember to anyways.

And on that steaming hot day, my dad, Iruka, had a day off. Oh and don't tell him I called him Iruka! Iruka adopted me and Kyuubi. I'll tell you that later too. Stop asking questions!

Iruka came into the living room and sat next to me (agh body heat) with a serious look on his face. He calls out my name and I turned my head in his direction.

"Yeah Dad?" I gave him a bored look, but after seeing his face, I straighten my back and looked directly in his eyes. 'Oh boy, something bad is going to be told,' went through my mind.

"Well…" he started. "Your mom has a will…"

I looked at my dad, narrowing my eyes a bit.

"And I wasn't told of this because…?"

"Because I didn't feel like telling you?" Iruka gave me a sheepish, but apologetic smile.

I crossed my arms and waited for Iruka to continue.

"Your mom –" I cut Iruka off by asking, "My birth mom?"

"Yes, your birth mom," he responded, slightly annoyed I cut him off.

"As I was saying, your mom wanted you to go to a Konoha Private High School. I thought I should tell you this now, since you're going to be a high schooler in a month."

It took me a couple of seconds to digest what my dad was saying. When I finally realize want he was saying to me I shouted, "WHAT?!"

Iruka covered his ears as I continued to rant out, blocking some sounds off, but still able to listen to what I'm saying.

"WHAT?! I don't want to go to a Konoha Private High School! I want to go to the same high school as my friends!"

I couldn't believe my mom would do this to me. I was really mad at her right now. Then I remembered there were two Konoha Private High Schools: an all girls' and an all boys'.

"Wait, so that means I'm going to be in an all girls' school! No way! It's gonna be all girly-girly!"

Iruka took his hands off his ears and gave me a small smile.

"Actually… You're going to be to the all boys' one." As he said this sentence, his voice kept going lower and lower so that the last part was almost inaudible, but I heard everything loud and clear. Iruka covered his ears again to protect his ear drums.


Bird scattered off. People nearby flinched by the volume of the voice. Squirrels fainted on the spot, dropping all their collected nuts on the floor.

Just then, Kyuubi came home with an "I'm back!" which was unheard. He was greeted back by an ear-piecing scream from his one and only sibling, me. He brought his hands to his ears and ran into the living room. There he saw me with a scary ass expression on and his adopted dad with swirlly eyes.

"What the HELL happened…?"

At the sound of my brother's voice, Iruka and I turned to Kyuubi, just noticing him now.

"Ah Kyuubi! Welcome back!" Greeted our dad.

"Well I was just telling your sibling…" Iruka continued to talk to Kyuubi about what he was talking to me. When Iruka was finished, Kyuubi was rolling on the floor laughing his ass off. He even had tears in his eyes. Jeez, what a great brother.

He stopped laughing after a while because of the death glare I was giving him.

"Why would mom make that her stupid will?! Ugh!"

"Because she wanted to make your life more interesting."

I glared at my dad, angry.

"She wrote that in her will too!" Iruka raised both of his hands up to show his innocents.

Kyuubi burst out laughing again. I glared at him too, making him shut up.

"Hey, does that mean I'm going to go to the all boys' school too?" He asked his dad in curiosity.

Iruka put on a smile. "Yes it does."

I was a bit relieved to know my brother will go there with me, but I still didn't want to go to that damned school.

"But how are you going to pay for both of us?" I asked, looking for a way out.

Iruka's smile only got wider from my question.

"That's no problem. The principal of the school is someone we know and she'll pay for everything."

"Who is she?" Kyuubi asked.


"EHH! Old Hag Tsunade?!" I looked at my dad in shock. I knew the hag since forever. I'm supposed to call her Auntie, but I prefer Old Hag because it pissed her off. Old Hag has blonde hair like me and is always tied in two ponytails. She has brown eyes and is a very busty woman. She looks like a twenty something year old, but she's actually fifty!

I knew she had a job, but I didn't think she was a principal seeing how she thinks these "brats of a kid" were annoying.

"Also, I got a new job as a teacher there in the all boys' school."

Oh my god, there was no way out now. I'm doomed.

I hung my head down in depression. I felt a hard pat on my back and looked up to Kyuubi.

"Jeez! Cheer up! At least I'm going there too." He gave me a grin.

I rolled my eyes and groaned. My left hand went up and covered my eyes as I hung my head again.

He knew I was joking. I was really actually glad he was gonna be there.

Oh! Sorry for being rude! I didn't mention my name yet right?

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For the people who are, no offence, stupid and didn't find out yet,

I, Uzumaki Naruto, am a girl.

And my life is going to be hell in a month.

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