Welcome to my Dark Age of Camelot Fanfic! ;o)
I wrote this a year ago when I was actively playing my Valewalker and decided to make a fun story about her. (None of this happened; it's all made up!)
Hibernian characters in this story are based on real people—my friends I have made along the way in DAoC. This story series is dedicated to my friends in Dauntless on Gareth before I had to leave.

Adventures of Melannya

Chapter One – The Introduction

It began as any normal day...

I had just finished milking the old cow that was kept in the small barn out back when I heard a soft horn-like sound coming from the front of the cottage that I shared with my mother and younger sister. Heart racing, I ran as fast as my bare feet could take me and ended up colliding with young Deedranna. The crash sent us both flying, but thankfully I ended up landing in a soft flowerbed. My sister was not as lucky, and I helped her out of the watering trough. Needless to say, my now dripping wet sister was ill-humored and snapped, "What is the hurry, Melannya! Look at what you did to the posies!"

Feeling a little chagrined, I began to apologize until I heard the horn again, but this time much louder. Deedranna heard it as well, and we both turned to watch a small procession of horse and riders approaching from the east side of our farmstead.
"Now what! What manner of interruption is this?" My sister sighed, vexed at having been delayed from her chores even longer. I was interested, though. There were four riders, but one in particular caught my eye. She was one of the wee folk and dressed in such finery that I could only stare, mouth agape. At her side was a beautiful staff, glowing brightly even in the afternoon sun. At that point, I noticed her warder, also of the wee folk. He had a proud look about him, and I could not help but become quite curious. The rider directly behind the two wee folk was also one of their kind, and I marveled at seeing all of the finery so close to my home.

"Hail and well met, friends." The male (Lurikeen I came to know them as) halted the procession and hopped off of his small pony. He flourished a quick bow to us and then continued to assist his ward off of her brown pony. The lady 'keen smiled at me, and I felt as if I had known her all of my life. She did a cute little curtsey for both my sister and I, which we clumsily returned to her.

"Greetings, friends. May we trouble you kind ladies for the use of your water trough for our ponies?" She aimed the brilliant staff towards our trough, and it was at that exact moment I spotted the fourth rider. Gasping, I took an involuntary step backwards, almost bumping into Deedranna once again. The fourth rider was not alive. In fact, he was un-alive if that were possible. It seemed as if he were one of those they called Shar as he had the telltale stripes and horns, but I knew he could not be alive as the skin was a pale and sickly bluish-gray color, not the normal brown earth tone the Shar as a race are known to have. Noticing my amazement, my sister's gaze also came to the undead Shar, and she too could not do anything but gasp. A bit alarmed, the small 'keens turned to the subject of our gaze, but relaxed when they realized it was just their companion.

"I am sorry to have startled you, friends, but that is just our companion, Amerc. He is harmless, I can assure you." The little male leaned over and whispered up to me, "Well, mostly." Grinning mischievously, all four of the travelers smiled as if sharing a private jolly. I half-shrugged, put up a brave face and responded, "Hail, and indeed well met. You may surely have use of our trough for your ponies." I grasped Deedranna's arm, ignoring her protests, and pulled her to the side so that the strangers could bring the animals to drink. After a long moment passed and it seemed that the beasts had had their fill, the riders made as if to leave. I was a simple farm girl and knew it and knew they knew that fact, but still, I longed to go off on adventures. And this group seemed just the sort to join for such a concept, such an outlandish idea.

"Please, sirs, ma'am! I wish to accompany you!" I shushed my sister, and felt my heart race in the possibility of having an adventure of my own. The four travelers began to talk in whispers, mulling over my request, and I could not help but feel this was something I really needed to do. My life had grown very stale, and I was in great need of something to shake it up. I hoped this was just that opportunity.

The male 'keen bowed deeply to me, and stated, "For your safety and sake, although we do have a few young ones we are working to help build up and join us, we feel you should stay here, meet a man, raise a family, and grow old. It will be a dangerous road we travel, and we do feel an affinity for you enough to not want you to see harm befall you." I did not quite understand his fancy words, but my heart sank as I realized he was declining my request. I nodded sadly and waved a "goodbye" along with my sister as he mounted his pony and followed the others off into the setting sun.

"Lot a good that would have done you, running off and leaving me and ma for the chores." Deedranna sniffed curtly and went inside to probably garner ill favor for me with our mother at the suggestion. Downtrodden, I was disappointed nearly to the point of my eyes filling with tears. I so wanted to go with them and find my own adventures. As I walked around back to check on the barn animals, my eye was drawn to Nunna, the old donkey that we had once used to pull the plow before buying the cow for the job. The next few moments were like a dream: in a daze, I felt myself walking over to the donkey. I felt myself untying her from the post that she was currently tied to and bridling her with the hackamore we used for the times we had ridden her to the small nearby town of Ardee. I felt myself hop up on her back and slide my right leg over the side. And the last thing that seemed like I was in a dream state—I clicked my heels to her side and made her canter in the direction the strangers had gone. They may not have approved my attending them during the road to their adventure, but I was not going to be left behind and from my own. Finally, my adventure had begun!