Hello, all of you wonderful readers out there! This is simply a short story about most of the main characters of Inuyasha letting loose some steam at a psychiatrist. An inside look at how everyone on the show might feel (like why the hell is Sesshomaru so emotionless?). So, please read and find out! But before you do...I might want to add that the characters are not fully displayed as their true selves. And of course, the setting is more modern day rather than feudal Japan. But if you don't mind any of that, now you may read and enjoy!

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Kagome laid on the bed provided for patients, waiting for her psychiatrist to organize his notes. When the man was ready, he looked at her and gave a kind smile. "Kagome, why don't you explain to me what exactly it is that you're having problems with." Kagome sighed deeply, then blurted out, "My boyfriend." The man looked taken aback. "I thought you said that you didn't have a boyfriend. Kagome, be honest with me. Does this man exist?"

Kagome glared at him. "No, he's a figmentation of my imagination. Yes he's real! And for your information, his name is Inuyasha." The man started scribbling furiously on paper while she spoke. "Go on," he prompted her. "Well, I really care about Inuyasha, but he doesn't seem to know about my feelings." The doctor didn't stop writing. "Have you tried telling him about your feelings?" he asked. Kagome nodded, but evidently since he was writing, he didn't see it. "Yeah, but...it's all because of Kikyou!"

Here, he did stop. "Who?" "Kikyou, his ex." The man took off his glasses and blinked at her. "So, he has an ex?" "Yeah, and he's obsessed with her. Every time he sees her, he just has to go running back to her. I mean, she's been dead for like, what, fifty years? Can't he get over her?" The man went back to scribbling again. Kagome sat up and tried to look at the notes he was making. He stopped and pulled the note pad protectivly against him. "No peeking," he gently chastised. She huffed and laid back down.

"Now, does this Kikyou character know that you have feelings for Inuyasha?" the doctor went on. Kagome thought about that for a moment. "Well, I'd have to say she does considering she once tried to push me into the depths of hell because of them." The man stopped to stare at her again, then started writing faster than he'd ever written. "Interesting," he muttered. He asked her a few more questions before their time was up.

"Okay, that's all the time we have for now. See you tomorrow, same time?" "Sure, I'll be here," Kagome said, shaking his hand. On her way out of the hospital office, she noticed Kikyou sitting in a chair across from the room. Their eyes met briefly, but neither said anything. Kikyou got up and went into the room. "Hello, there. You must be," the man consulted a file on his desk. "Kikyou, am I right?" She nodded and took up the same spot that Kagome had just been in on the bed.

"Okay, explain to me what's bothering you." "What'd she say to you?" Kikyou asked, ignoring his question. "What?" the man asked, confused. "What did Kagome say to you?" Kikyou clarified. The man gave a light chuckle. "I'm quite sure you know I can't tell you that." Kikyou threw him a look, but shrugged and settled in. "Fine. What's bothering me...I think the easier question to answer would be, what's not bothering me. Hm, let's see...due to laser eye surgery, my sister can actually see out of both her eyes again so I don't have to worry about her driving like a lunatic anymore." Like with Kagome, the man was taking notes.

"Kikyou, what's the most stressful thing that's happened this week?" The doctor asked her. Without even thinking about it, she said, "Inuyasha." The man almost blanched, but controlled himself. That would've been a giveaway of patient confidentiality. "Who's Inuyasha?" he asked nonchalantly. "Oh, he's my ex," Kikyou said. "We used to date for awhile, but after he supposedly gave me a fatal wound and I sealed him to a tree for fifty years, we decided to go our seperate ways." The man's writing slowed down as he tried to process everything that Kagome and Kikyou had told him about this man.

"What about Inuyasha is stressful? Though he's your ex, have you two decided to just be friends?" "No, more like arch enemies now. Can't trust the guy, you know? I mean, he's a half-demon bent on gaining personal power. Don't think you can really have much trust in that kind of relationship." Like with Kagome, he asked her a few more questions, as well as let her explain her whole life story to him (literaly!), before calling it quits. Her next appointment was for tomorrow, right after Kagome's. He noticed that when she went outside, there was someone sitting in one of the chairs ouside the room, though he didn't have another appointment for another hour.

Without waiting, the young man came in. "Got a minute?" He asked. The doctor was about to respond, but the man didn't give him time, laying down on the bed as the priestessess had done. Brushing his bangs out his face, the man gave a deep sigh. "Look, didn't mean to make this so unexpected, but I need an ear to talk to and you seemed free. I'm willing to pay whatever you want." The doctor blinked. "Who...what's your name?" "Sesshomaru. That's all you need to know." "Um, okay Sesshomaru. So...what do you need for me to hear you out on?" Sesshomaru gave another dramatic sigh and rolled his eyes. Then he pushed himself up and started pacing the room, picking up random objects and setting them down again.

"Do you have any siblings, doctor?" Sesshomaru asked him. The doctor shook his head. "No, I don't. I'm an only child." Sesshomaru gave a slight smirk at that and set down the name plaque on the desk, all to pick up an abandoned cross word puzzle. "Lucky you. I have a little brother. Well, a half brother. It's always been a little personal joke to myself to say that I have a half-demon half-brother." Here, he paused his pacing and pulled a pack of cigarettes out from his pocket. After shaking it and hearing nothing inside, he threw it down in disgust.

"I know, I know. Smoking is bad for you. Lung disease, emphazema, yeah the whole nine yeards. But see doc, as a demon, I'm considered immortal. My body heals itself within seconds of being wounded. What'd kill you in twenty years wouldn't have an effect on me for about four hundred. Anyways, about siblings. See, me and my little brother were never close. After our father died, I kind of...abandoned him. He died on his birthday." Sesshomaru shook his head and gave a short laugh. "Ha, what irony. His human mother took him under her wing, but we all know how that story ended. Her dead around sixty years later and him still a kid, unable to really do anything for himself. And what'd I do? Sat back and watched the kid get attacked by demon after demon, day after day."

Sesshomaru paused to look at the rubics cube that was on a shelf, though he seemed to be looking more through it than at it. "The first time we met I let it be known that I could never love him. I told him that he was the scum of the earth and that when he was old enough to fight back that I would kill him. Does that make me a horrible person?" He looked up at the doctor with something akin to pleading eyes. "Um...no," The doctor said slowly. "I mean, I'm not trying to criticize here but, come on. What kind of guy says he's going to kill his own little brother? What'd he ever do?" "He was born!" Sesshomaru shouted, eyes flaring. "He's the reason father died! Him and that weakling of a mother of his." The doctor flipped the paper that he'd been writing on.

"So, you blame your baby brother and his human mother on your father's death? Sesshomaru, that doesn't make sense. Your brother was a baby, what could he have done? And his mother...did she actually hurt him?" "Well, no...but it's their prescence that caused his death," Sesshomaru said. Now it was the doctor's turn to sigh. "Sesshomaru, I think your hatred toward your brother is really because you hate yourself." Sesshomaru blinked at him. "Why would I hate myself? I didn't kill him." "How did he die?" The doctor asked. Sesshomaru explained the whole story.

"So, you made no move to save your father?" The doctor asked after he'd finished. "You saw that he was hurt and was rushing into another battle, yet you still didn't help him? Sesshomaru, that's more than enough reason to hate yourself." Sesshomaru narrowed his eyes in anger. He had sat back down, but now jumped up again to start storming around. "I told him she wasn't worth his time! I told him nobody would look up to him after that wench had that mutt. There were palace guards, where were they? Why did I have to be the one to help him? And besides, everyone calls him "The Great Dog General" which is just about what Inutaisho means anyways, so why did I have to be his savior? Why...why didn't I save him?" Sesshomaru deflated and fell in a crumpled heap on the bed.

"No, it's not Inuyasha's fault," he muttered to himself outloud. "Not even Izayoi's. It's mine. All mine. If I hadn't hated father for not giving me Tetsusaiga and Sounga, if I hadn't resented her and Inuyasha, if I would've just saved him, he'd still be alive today." He looked up at the doctor. "You're right, it is my fault. No one else's but mine. My selfishness killed him." Sesshomaru sat there for a long while, staring off into space. The doctor said nothing, but took even more notes. After a moment, Sesshomaru sprang to his feet. "Well, thanks for listening, doc. Would it be possible to see you again?" The doctor looked over another clipboard. "Well, I'm free at three o'clock tomorrow. See me then. Oh, and I have but one more question. What was your little brother's name again?" "Inuyasha," Sesshomaru said over his shoulder as he headed out.

Inuyasha...what is it with this guy? The doctor thought to himself. An hour behind schedule, he'd planned to eat lunch at McDonalds, but that was out the window. It was time for his next appointment. The door opened and in stepped, "Naraku, isn't it?" Naraku nodded to him and sat down. "So, Naraku. I hear that you've been having some anger management problems. Explain that to me." Naraku smirked and sat back, arm on the back of the chair he was in. "It all started with this chick named Kikyou. Beautiful woman, just beautiful. Thing was, she was a priestess and I was a bandit who'd got put out of comission permanently. Quadriplegic.What goes around, comes around. So, with that mokey hanging on my back, there was no way she'd ever go out with me. But she was nice enough to take care of me. Promised she'd do it for the rest of my life even! But that wasn't enough. When I see something I want, I don't just want to look at it, I want it."

Naraku sat foreward and gave the doctor an intent look. "So I called up a few buddies of mine, you know, a couple thousand demons, and asked them to hook me up with a new bod. And guess what? Here I am! And there I was, a shape-shifter. So anyways, Kikyou starts having the hots for this half-demon guy named Inuyasha. A total loser," he adds, rolling his eyes. The doctor only purses his lips in confusion at the mention of yet again Inuyasha. "So I decided to teach them both a lesson they wouldn't soon forget. I transformed into Inuyasha and fataly wounded Kikyou. She went after Inuyasha thinking that he'd done it and sealed him to a tree for fifty years, and nobody was the wiser of knowing it was me but me!" He smiled at his ingeniousness.

The doctor was yet again taking notes. "So, rather than confronting Kikyou and Inuyasha about your feelings, you simply killed them?" "Not exactly. Kikyou some how came back and Inuyasha woke up. Now they're trying to come back after me!" Naraku laughed. I wonder why, the doctor thought. "Naraku," he said. "Do you still have feelings for Kikyou? And why did Inuyasha have to get hurt in all of this when he didn't know of your feelings for her?" Naraku rolled his eyes at the doctors questions. "You don't sit a girl down and tell her your whole life story. If you like her, you ask them out. They'll catch a hint. As for Inuyasha...The guy's a half demon, that's reason enough to do away with him." They conversed for the rest of the hour about other deeds that Naraku had commited all for the need of anger management, including an interesting story about a monk with a wind tunnel, and a demon slayer boy who slayed his own family.

After Naraku had been assigned another appointment, the doctor sighed in relief that the day was done. But questions raced his mind about Inuyasha. How come he was the crux for all of their problems? Hopefully tomorrow he could get some answers.

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