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The doctor called up all of the patients he'd seen yesterday and told them that he was rescheduling thier appointments from whatever time they were to all of them being at ten that morning. The late notice riled more than a few of them, but the doctor really wanted to find something out and figured that if all of them met at the same time, he'd get some answers.

Kagome walked into the waiting area outside of the doctor's office and noticed that Kikyou, Sesshomaru, Naraku, and even Miroku, Sango, and Shippou were all there as well. "What the hell?!" she let slip. "What are all of you doing here?" Kikyou gave her a blank stare. "Don't know about you, but I have an appointment at ten." Everyone's heads whipped around at her. "Wait a minute," said Naraku. "Mine's at ten as well." The others started agreeing how their times had been changed too. "I find it highly coincidental that this man scheduled all of our appointments at the same time without being aware of it." Miroku stated. "There must be a reason."

Just then, the door opened and there stood the doctor. "Please come in, all of you," he said to them. They filed in quietly and stood around the room looking uncomfortable. After the doctor had closed the door, he gestured at the chairs that they were to sit in. "I bet you all are wondering why your appointments has changed to the exact same time." "Damn straight!" Naraku yelled. "I had some personal things that I thought that I'd be able to talk over with you. How dare you include them on my private time!!" The room grew silent except for the echo of his voice off the walls. "Um...yeah," the doctor said. "But there's a good reason behind all of this. All of you mentioned something and that something linked all of you together. I figured that all of your problems were caused by the same thing, so why not solve it together."

"What is the problem?" Sango asked. "Inuyasha," the doctor replied. A ripple of comments went up. "Wait, what?" Sango said. The doctor sighed and took off his glasses to clean them on his shirt. "All of you mentioned that your biggest problem with your lives had something to do with this Inuyasha character."

Sango had come to the doctor to explain about the way that Inuyasha had been treating Kagome. His often indifference to someone so nice made her feel insecure about what was ahead for her and Miroku. Miroku's problem was the same, except that he threw in that he wished that Inuyasha wouldn't look at him with so much disgust when he chased after a woman. He even insisted that the hanyou join in on the action! Shippou, like Sesshomaru, just needed an ear to talk to, but Inuyasha was mostly the topic of the conversation.

"So, with that said, I'd like all of you to express yourselves in a positive way to Inuyasha when he arrives." Just then, the door opened up and so said walked in. His eyes grew wide with a cross between shock and fear as he took in the faces. He felt that he'd been set up! "What the hell is this?!" he said in disbelief to the doctor. The doctor smiled at him. "It's your conference group. Everyone here has mentioned some problem or another related to you. I'd just like you to sit and hear them out." Inuyasha gave a shrug of fake nonchalance and sat down in a chair next to the doctor, facing everyone else. He crossed his arms and huffed, turning his face away from them.

The room was still silent, except for Myoga's breathing, who had come in with Inuyasha. The flea was having an anxiety attack. Heads whipped around as they looked to one another to start off the "conference." Finally, it seemed that everyone's eyes settled on Kagome. "Oh, no! I am not going first!" But they continued to stare. Evidently I am, then. She took a deep breath and started. "Inuyasha, you already know that I care a lot about you." She stole a glance a Kikyou. The priestess gave a silent cough/scoff, but said nothing. "I suppose it's safe to say that...I'm...fall-falling in love with you," she rushed out the last part. Gasps went up and Naraku mutteree, "Jack pot!" and snuggled deeper into his chair as though he was watching some kind of adrenaline pumping show.

"You often say that you care about me," Kagome continued. "Once, you even almost kissed me." More gasps and Naraku said, "Tell it Kagome!" She ignored them. "You say that you'll never leave me, but everytime a certain someone comes around, (not saying any names or pointing any fingers)," here, Naraku coughed Kikyou's name, while pointing his thumb in her direction. "You go running back to...them," Kagome went on. "If you want to be with her, say so. To be friends, fine. But you don't need to go rushing to your friends everytime you hear they're in the area." She sat back to wait for Inuyasha's comment. Naraku sat up straight and pointed his ear in the half demon's direction, cupping it for good measure.

"I...well, it's not that simple you see." Kagome nodded with surprising understanding. "She was your first." "Yes, well, she also was the reason for me being pinned to a tree for fifty years." Kikyou shifted in her seat, but still said nothing. "I do care for you Kagome, but I still have some feelings for Kikyou. It's not as easy as you may think it is to just choose one over the other. Yes, Kikyou is only alive do to the workings of her spirit collectors but Kagome, you live in a whole 'nother world entirely. How could there ever be anything between any of us?"

Kagome had no answer. Kikyou finally said, "My sentiments exactly," referring to Inuyasha's words. The doctor clapped his hands. "Good, good. See people, if you just sit down and talk things out, you can solve your problems peacefully." All eyes rolled. Sesshomaru went next. "Inuyasha, for the longest time I've hated you. I hated you, your mother, your blood, your life, your clothes (really, how long have you been wearing that robe of the fire rat? Over three hundred years?), I've hated everything about you. But now, after some careful thinking (so I don't hurt myself), I've come to the conclusion that, I don't hate you. The hate was a cover-up for hate I felt toward myself. I let father die. I could have saved him, but I didn't. I let him go save your mother when I knew he was one step from the grave. I should have done the fighting for him. So, little brother. my anger is not toward you, nay. It it the burning cry of shame and unfortunatly, you were my outlet for it."

More shocked gasps; Naraku had started rocking back in forth rubbing his knees talking about, "This is getting good!" Miroku now spoke up. "Well, my question for you, Inuyasha, for the most part was answered when Kagome went. Though I do wonder...why not just get a new girlfriend?" Sango elbowed him in his side. "I mean, keep up the good...up...yeah, that thing you're doing." Sango simply said that her questions had also been answered previously. Shippou's though, hadn't. "Inuyasha, how come you're so mean to me?!" He cried out, glaring at him. "You always hit me for no reason. You steal my food so I often go hungry, you push me away from you when I just want to be warm at night, you grab me by my tail and hand me upside down like I'm some rabbit you just caugh, what gives?"

Inuyasha had steadily been growing more annoyed as his charges were listed to him. Finally he said, "It's because your an annoying little snot! You try to make me sound dumb for simple little mistakes. Okay, so it took me forever to understand what the hell "atmosphere" between people ment, but that doesn't mean I'm retarded!" "Actually, that does," Sesshomaru said, everyone agreeing. Inuyasha glared at him, but went on. "If you'd just sit there and shut up, I wouldn't have to hit you so much. Quit trying to brighten your light by dulling mine."

Here, he got up and made like he was going to go over to the kitsune. The fox demon yelped and dived under the chair. Now all that was left to speak was Naraku. Naraku took his time talking, taking about five minutes to smirk at everyone in the room. "Okay, so he's my delimma. Inuyasha, you had and have the hots for the only woman in my life. You have her reincarnation, but I guess that's not good enough for you. I wasn't a Don Juan when I was alive, but Kikyou had a heart of gold, and maybe, despite the fact that I'd never be able to move agian, she'd still want to go with me. Well, then here you come along. You with your silver hair and golden eyes and tanned skin, and wash board stomach--" Twisted faces met his. "What?" he asked them. With cautious/worried lookes, they reluctantly pulled their eyes away from him. "Well, you get the picture," Naraku went on. "I didn't stand a chance. I mean, the only tactic I had was that she wouldn't want a half demon. But she did! And for that, I can never forgive either of you."

Suddenly, Inuyasha rounded on him. "Fine, who cares about that. But why in the hell have you caused such misery for others? Was it necessary for you to kill all of Sango's village? And why didn't you just kill Miroku's grandfather rather than giving him a weapon of the wind tunnel?" Miroku threw him a nasty look. Naraku examined his nails. "Sorry, only one question a day can the Narakumyster answer. And it was already answered this morning when the doc called and asked if I could come in at ten today." They all groaned in disgust.

"Well, wasn't that productive?" the doctor said. "Come back for a follow-up, all of you." They stood and started leaving. "Damn, wasn't that a waste of time," Kikyou said. Only Kagome noticed that she'd said it though. Without another word, everyone went back to doing what they normaly did during the day. Despite the fact that she'd just seen him, Kikyou went back to looking for Inuyasha and Naraku. Sesshomaru went back to looking for him as well. And though Naraku held nearly the whole jewel, Inuyasha's gang started searching for the shards. But first Inuyasha had to rush Myouga to the Intensive Care Unit so he could be revived!

Very awkward, I know. Oh, there's something that I wanted to mention. When I said "Narakumyster" the idea of it came from the whole American Pie/Wedding/whatever else "American" movie they made in that series. There's a guy on there called Stiffmyster (don't know if that's how you spell it). But the myster part was creative, so I used it not only here, but as part of my pen name on I was wondering if anyone caught on to that! Anyways, short story done, now please review and tell me how you liked it (or perhaps you didn't. In that case, I'll take constructive and emphasis on the constructive part, criticism. No flames!).