Again this one-shot is based on Holyfanfictionbatman's stories The Date and The Woes of Chocolate. Adrian Blak is there character who is used to be RedX. This is the first of a three one-shot about the characters different birthdays Jay-Jay, Dick and Adrian, I'm not sure if any of the others will have sex scenes in them but this one has so if you don't like it don't read it! I'm posting this today since today would be Adrian's birthday. (14th July)


Dick sat on the blanket waiting for Adrian to show up; he had picked a secluded spot on the middle of the outdoors just outside the city, he had told the titans that he was doing some research out of town on a criminal and would be out of contact until tomorrow evening. Adrian was going to bring the information to him so he could bring some info home to the other Titans. He had an assortment of items around him and was idly eating a bar of chocolate when Adrian appeared.

Dick leapt up and rushed into his boyfriends arms and began to kiss the live out of him. He pulled and smiled at a gasping Adrian and looked into his eyes. "Happy Birthday Adrian." Dick whispered and gave Adrian a short kiss that still left Adrian breathless.

"So, I've brought the works and also brought your favourite foods." Dick said whilst leading his boyfriend over to the blanket.

"Pickles?" Adrian asked.

"In the basket. Did you really think I would forget pickles?" Dick asked teasingly.

"Of course not baby, just wanted to make sure, but I have some in my back pack any way." Adrian laughed.

"Of course you do, I've never known you to go anywhere without pickles unless your on a heist." Dick said as he sat down and pulled Adrian down by the arm.

"So…did you get me a present?" Adrian asked whilst trying to look around to spy the present.

"Yes, and stop looking, you won't find it here, its back by my bike. I'll give you it before you leave." Dick said as he leaned over and captured his boyfriend's lips in a heated kiss and pushed Adrian down on the blanket with him on top.

"Dick, were in the open." Adrian stated when they broke apart.

"No-one is here Adrian, its okay." Dick said with a twinkle.

"Naughty naughty." Adrian murmured.

Hands began to roam and Adrian gasped as Dick's nimble fingers found there way onto his stomach and began to trace patterns making Adrian shudder at the sensation. Wanting to gain control Adrian flipped Dick onto the blanket so he was on top and crashed his lips onto his partners.

Dick happily returned the kiss and began to undo Adrian's shirt before slipping it off to reveal muscled shoulders and chest. Dick almost moaned in disappointment but then saw Adrian's wolfish grin and grinned back up at the teen.

Adrian unbuttoned Dick's shirt and gazed down at the heavily breathing hero beneath him. He began to rub his hands down Dick's chest until they reached the waist band of Dick's trousers and crawling down Dick's body he began to take off the trousers and moaned when it was revealed that Dick was not wearing any underwear.

"Oh, Richard." Adrian murmured.

"Shut it, I didn't want to waste time." Dick snapped and wriggled in front of the thief.

Adrian quickly shed his own trousers and then lifted Dick's legs onto his shoulders and began to prepare the hero.

Dick whimpered when he felt Adrian's fingers leave him but then moaned in ecstasy when he felt Adrian push into him. Breathing deeply he nodded and gasped when Adrian began to rock back and forth.

"Harder!" Dick yelled out in a choked voice.

Adrian then began to pound into the smaller body in earnest and was delighted when Dick was just murmuring gibberish and the occasional whispered plea or his name. "Good, so tight baby." Adrian grabbed Dick's member and began to pump in time with his thrusts.

He leaned down and kissed Dick and it was then that Dick came and he followed shortly after filling Dick with his seed. He pulled out and collapsed on the blanket beside his boyfriend.

"So…what was my present?" Adrian asked.

"Sunglasses, you're always complaining you need a good pair of sunglasses and I got you some nice ones." Dick said breathing heavily.

Adrian looked at his boyfriend and propped his head on his hand and grinned wolfishly.

"So…ready for round two?" It was with a laugh that Dick pulled him down and kissed him.

It was Adrian's favourite way to spend his birthday, in the man he loves.


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