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I sat down in the comfy armchair in Shane's house. I was surprised at how comfortable I felt in this strange house.

It had been a week since we arrived here yet I felt as if I had been there forever. Shane was a cool guy. Sure, he was a typical guy and he hit on me at first, but after I set him straight, we got along just fine.

It was late at night and I couldn't sleep. I never can these days…

My thoughts always drifted back to one person. Jesse

Every time I tried to sleep, I couldn't because something was missing. I didn't feel complete at night without Jesse's arm around my waist. If only I had let him come with us. If only I could see him…

But I could see him.

I ran to my bag and pulled out the one thing from home I had allowed myself to bring with, our wedding picture.

Slowly, I walked back to the chair and sat down again. Smiling, I looked at the happiest day of my life. I only hope you are sleeping Jesse…

I placed my finger gently on the image of Jesse.