Lessons in Love

Lessons in Love

By Flower Girl FF7

This is my second Fanfic. I hope you like it. I'd like to dedicate this to again Stormguy for supporting me and all the reviewers who liked my first fic Heroes.

Well here's the story enjoy.

Disclaimer: I do not own Final Fantasy...It is under the license of Squaresoft.


"So, you have the exams next week right?" asked Zack.

Zack was a handsome young man of 21 years with spiky black hair and deep brown eyes. His eyes had a strange glow as if lit from within. These eyes were Mako injected, a mark of the SOLDIER in training. He was quite the flirt as well…bouncing from girl to girl…and yet he could never find the so-called one of his life…

"Yeah…you do too right?" replied Cloud.

Cloud was also quite handsome. He was also 21 years old with blond spiky hair and the bluest eyes you have ever seen. His eyes had the same glow as Zack. Unlike Zack, Cloud never cared too much about girls. His focus was always on fighting and getting the job done. The two were best friends.

Both of them were students at Balamb Garden who now trained SOLDIER as well as Seed. In order to be a full fledged SOLDIER they had to pass three tests…one of speed, one of strength and one of heart according to the new curriculum.

"What do you think of the new tests are going to be like?" asked Zack.

"Obviously it's going to be hard. We're going to have to train really hard for this one. No more slacking off." Cloud said with a serious tone.

"There you go again Cloud, all serious and everything why don't you ever get out, party and stuff? There's a whole world out there…dances….parties…GIRLS!!!" exclaimed Zack.

Cloud sighed…the only reason why he never liked partying like Zack was because he was never really good around people. It made him uneasy.

" I just don't want to, okay?" Cloud retorted.

"Fine by me!" Zack replied. " So when do you want to start training?"

"As soon as possible." replied Cloud. "How about 7:00am to 12:00 tomorrow?"

"7:00 is fine. But we have to end around 11:00." said Zack.

"Why is that?" Cloud asked.

"Because tomorrow is hot dog day in the cafeteria! And they always go out fast!!!!" Zack said with panic in his tone.

Cloud laughed. His friend was always a fan of the cafeteria hot dogs. They were the best in the country. But unfortunately, every time he got there they were sold out.

"Don't worry we'll get there in time." laughed Cloud as they went to class.


Cloud and Zack sat at their desks in Battle Tactics class, when an instructor walked through the door.

"Hello class! I'm instructor Quistis Trepe. I will be assessing your exams next week. Good luck to you all. Study hard!"

"Wow! She's purdy.." Zack sighed.

Cloud slapped himself on the head. He hated when his friend went all mushy on him.

"She's young too, you know," replied Cloud, "She's the new instructor and she's only 17."

"Don't you know I love younger women?" sighed Zack.

"Ya, and the whole class knows you love young women, older women, really old women…"kidded Cloud.

"HEY!" Zack screamed.

Cloud laughed.

"Tomorrow morning we'll start training k?" Cloud said.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know." Zack moaned.

I'm going to have to train hard in order to impress the ladies.

Zack snickered.

Cloud moaned. This guy is totally out of it. Why can't he be normal like me?

Just then, there was a knock on the door.

"Ahhh! Here's our new student. Everyone I'd like to you to meet Tifa Lockhart."

"Hi!" Tifa said cheerfully.

"D-U-hh...she's really purdy…"Zack was head over heels.

"Oh god!" Cloud was going to slap Zack silly.

"Tifa I'd like you to sit next to Zack please." Instructed Quistis.

"Er…hi…I'm…Zack." Stuttered Zack.

"Hi! I'm Tifa. Nice to meet you." Tifa said shaking Zack's hand.

Wow! She touched me. Definitely a good sign, thought Zack.

"Er…this is my friend Cloud." said Zack.

"Hi Cloud!" Tifa smiled.

"Hey." Cloud replied as he continued his studies on how to use summon materia.

The bell rang.

"Okay class. That's it for today. Study hard!" yelled Quistis to the noisy students.