Balamb Garden

Balamb Garden- Ballroom.

Cloud led Aeris to the centre of the ballroom. She slid her hands around his neck and he slid his arms around her waist. Then they began to sway slowly to the music. (déjà vu??)

Everybody's looking for that something,

One thing that makes them all complete,

You find it in the strangest places,

Places you never knew it could be..

This is the best night of my life…I never thought I'd feel this way…and luckily this is a slow song…so I don't have make an idiot out of myself…thought Cloud.

Some find it in the face of their children,

Some find it in their lover's eyes

Cloud looked into her loving emerald green eyes…

Who can deny the joy it brings?

When you've found that special thing,

You're flying without wings…

I've found her…the woman who makes me feel special…cause she's so special to me…

Some find it sharing every morning,

Some in their Solitary lives…

You'll find it in the words of others

A simple line can make you laugh or cry

I love her…that's why the Heartarian stone brought her back…it only works on feelings…

You find it in the deepest friendship,

the kind you cherish all your life,

and when you know how much that means,

you've found that special thing,

You're flying without wings.

"Aeris? When Sephiroth went after me…why did you block the attack? Why did you defend me?"

Aeris looked up at Cloud.

"It's because…

…I didn't want you to get hurt…"

Cloud sighed. She wanted to protect me…she doesn't love me the way I love her…

So impossible, as it may seem,

you've got to fight for every dream,

cause who's to know, which one you let go,

would've made you complete..

Aeris looked up at Cloud again…

I have to tell him the way I feel…or he'll never know…and I'll always dream about what could've been…

"…and because…"

"Because…?" Cloud prompted.

"…I…love you Cloud." Aeris whispered.

What's he going to say…

She loves me?? But why…is it for me?

"..Why?" Cloud asked.

"It's everything about you…the big things…and the little things" Aeris whispered.

Well for me, it's waking up beside you…

To watch the sunlight rise on your face,

To know that I can say I love you,

in any given time or place,

It's little things that only I know,

Those are the things that make you mine.

And it's like flying without wings,

Cause you're my special thing,

I'm flying without wings…

"I love you too Aeris Gainsborough…" Cloud whispered into her ear.

Aeris' eyes widened.

He loves me…

And you're the place my life begins,

and you'll be where it ends…

Cloud moved forward.

And so did she.

I'm flying without wings,

and that's the joy you bring…

Their lips met in a loving kiss that both of them had longed to feel for so long...

I'm flying...without wings…

And Aeris and Cloud stood there unmoving, kissing each other passionately… underneath a starry sky…

Disclaimer: I do not own the Songs Back at one or Flying Without wings. They are songs from the respected Artists. If you like them...They are Back at one-Brian Mcknight and Flying Without Wings-Westlife...I also do not own Final Fantasy...they are under the licence of Squaresoft Inc.

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