'Love is a Bang'

Chapter: 2

A/N: This chapter will have several characters. Anything written in third person is background information. Anything written in First person will be Ino's perspective.


[Well sadly, Deidara has died, and there is a female member of Akatsuki, who's name is currently unknown...

This is going to take place BEFORE all of that, please don't tell me anything else about Deidara's un and yeah thing. I know he says it. I just found it kinda weird to put into their conversation. I added it into this chapter and will try to put it in wherever I can whenever Deidara speaks. I's kinda hard to add into a conversation and make him seem interested in it. He can't talk to Ino and says things like, I hate Itachi, mmm... sounds like he saying Itachi tastes good and he hates Itachi. So be patient, I'll try to add his habits in when I can. I apologize that this makes him slightly, OOC.

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Summary: Ino finds her life in Konoha to be substandard. No one seems to like her, her friends and teammates are too busy with their own love lives to notice her. Shikamaru is spending all this time with Temari. Chouji is god knows where to be found, and her parent's are too busy helping out Shikamaru's parents to even know she exists.

She runs off temporarily, just to clear her head. Someone comes to her and tells her that Konoha was attacked, her parent's where killed, and the invaders have fled in mild victory. It was a Konoha ninja, and he dies in front of her. She cries and then refuses to go back to Konoha; she doesn't want to see her parents bodies and then go to the funeral.

She then finds a ring in her distress, and puts it on the only finger it fits on. Her left thumb. She then comes across Akatsuki and is about to be killed hen Leader gives her a choice. Join us... Or die.

— — —

Chapter One:

My name is Yamanaka Ino, I'm the newest member of Akatsuki, I am the replacement of Tobi. My senpai is Deidara-kun and he looks so much like me he's like my brother. We have no relation, but we have the same blonde hair, the cow lick in front that covers our left eyes.

I could start with why I joined Akatsuki, it's a long story, but I suppose it's one worth telling...

A hand ran over a table as it started to tap its fingers one at ta time on the marble table quickly. A male voice groaned and then a head with spiky black hair rose from the table and looked around.

His hands came to his lap and he put them together, fingers on one hand, matching their partner on the other in a circular shape. A strategy pose.

Shikamaru sat in his kitchen, thinking. Being the genius he was he could go through hundreds of strategies at, thousands of possibilities, millions of chances, and billions of choices. But...

One thing he couldn't figure out, was why he told his best friend he wanted to see her die. He had found Chouji and talked to him, he said he hadn't spent time with Ino in almost a month, he asked Sakura about Ino, she said she had been depressed and felt like she was no longer a part of team ten.

Shikamaru was a genius, he knew what was wrong and it didn't take too much to figure it out.

Ino felt excluded, and she only took Temari's ring to get him to listen to her. That or she wanted to marry him or something... He hadn't forgotten the kiss she had given him. It was ok, nothing compared to the way that Temari kissed him, but it felt weird... To have your best friend kiss you?

He sighed and looked into his room. Temari was awake, but still laying down. Ino had been gone for five days... Shikamaru was hoping she hadn't done something stupid. He cared about her. She was his best female friend, but... where was she? Did she run off because of him. Was she mad? Was she just hiding at home? He sighed and closed his eyes. Why would she? Her parents where gone...

Wait! Shikamaru just thought of something, what if they kidnaped Ino!? His mind started to explore a scene of Ino locked in a room, her arms bound behind her in chains, blindfolded, bleeding, broken, hurt and possibly dying. His eye brows shot up and his whole body went numb, thinking it was his fault. His vision changed and then he saw Ino laying on her couch at home laughing at him. He smirked slightly.

He doubted it she had been taken, they would have sent a ransom for her, he realized, calming down. He felt arms wrap around him and he leaned back into Temari's embrace and then sighed and closed his eyes. "Hey Temari..." He muttered.

"You need more alone time to think?" She asked, kissing his cheek. She continued to hold him and bit her lip. She knew he was worried about Ino, but what could she do to help him calm down slightly?

"Naw... I guess I'm just worried about her. She's my friend and I told her I wanted her to die... What if she is really dead?" He asked, looking down at her. He had finally gotten taller than Temari, but it wasn't by much, Temari was almost as tall as him.

"If you're sure." Temari answered letting him go and walking over to the fridge and getting something to drink. "Are you hungry?"

Flashback - Ground Zero(Ino's appointment into Akatsuki)

Deidara groaned to himself as Leader came into the house he lived in, now by himself. He had been sitting on his bed moping around. As much as he didn't want to admit it, he missed his former partner. Tobi wasn't like anyone else. He was happy, easily entertained, and liked to argue with Deidara.

Deidara liked that about him. He liked arguing with someone that had a brain and wasn't Itachi because their arguments always ended in a fight and then leader breaking them apart. He sighed. Toni was sweet, funny, and liked to have fun and joke around. They were best friends, Deidara was his teacher, and he brought him into the whole Akatsuki world. Sure, Tobi was weaker than the rest, but... He was still his partner, and they would he partners to the end.

Leader called to him and Deidara walked over and got down on one knee respectively. "Un?" He asked, looking up at him, wondering if this was news of Tobi and where he had mysteriously disappeared to.

He was worried, but only slightly. Tobi was strong, annoying, and bothersome, weaker than the other members of Akatsuki, but strong all the same. He had taken him from a nob to a full member of Akatsuki, but after a fight one day he had left. Deidara closed his eyes as he remember the fight he and Tobi had shared before Tobi's mysterious disappearance.

"Why did you take credits for everything I did, hmm!?" Deidara yelled, annoyed by one of Tobi's rather bothersome qualities. Which consisted of taking credit for all of Deidara's beautiful artwork's accomplishments.

Tobi rolled his right eye behind his mask, which was unseen by Deidara. "I didn't take the credit for that you did. I captured the beast on my own!"Tobi falsely defended, knowing Deidara did most of the work.

"YES you did!" Deidara yelled, pulling out one of his birds and throwing it at Tobi. "Katsu!" he yelled as it exploded and blew Tobi's mask off his face.

Both of Tobi's hands came up to his face, shielding it from Deidara. He had never let anyone see his face, and he never wanted to. It was scared and disfigured from previous occurrences. His face was never to be seen and that was quite obviously the reason he wore the orange mask and only let one of his eyes show.

Tobi backed away form Deidara in shock. He never expected his partner to attack him over such a stupid thing such as taking credit where it wasn't due. He moved towards the door and tehn took off out of it in a quick flash.

Deidara took a few steps forward and ran after him. "Tobi wait!" He yelled as he saw his partner vanish into the shadows. He sighed and then sat down outside, looking at the ground. He regretted attacking him, but Deidara had a temper that he quite often lost. He didn't mean to, but it happened at times, usually when he fought Itachi.

He sighed slightly at this unpleasant memory as he looked up at Leader questioningly.

"I have found you a new partner, the ring of Tobi has been found and Itachi and Kisame are bringing your new partner here." He told him in an even monotonic voice, never raising his voice above a normal speaking voice. "She will be here shortly." His large eyes scanned over him to watch his emotions to see if he would regret Tobi's death/disappearance, however the reaction wasn't what he expected.

"She?!" Deidara exclaimed standing up and walking over to Leader who was shorter than him by several inches, which placed Deidara around five foot eight.

"What the hell? Since when where women allowed to join Akatsuki, hn?" Deidara questioned in a tone of utter disrespect directed at his Leader.

Leader arched an eyebrow as Deidara realized his place and dropped to his knees. He cursed himself silently, knowing he just flashed his temper, an utter amount of disrespect, and that he had a bit of trouble knowing where his place was.

Deidara realized he should avoid leader for a while and in addition watch this female member intently. Women tended to be slightly curious and stick their noses in places it doesn't belong. He sighed and shook his head, unsure of what he should do now.

"I apologize Leader, that was out of line... un" He said, bowing his head so he was looking down at the floor.

"You are forgiven..." Leader said, turning his back and starting to walk away. "See that it never happens again." He said, emphasizing the word never.

Deidara nodded and then raised it once Leader had left the room. He sighed in fear and then stood up and dusted off his pants, the floor was slightly dusty from the wind blowing in the dirt.

He walked out of the room and saw his enemy, Uchiha Itachi, the reason for his hatred towards one of his own members. Someone he should trust. He yawned slightly and then looked up as he saw blonde hair walk out from behind Kisame. His dark green blue eyes widened and he was speechless. This woman was far more beautiful then any he had ever seen. He was in shock. She was spectacular. He walked over to her smirked slightly. He was going to like being her partner.

He grunted and walked off with me. "Come on.. I'll show you where we live, hmm." he said, unable to take his eyes off me, and who would blame him? I was seventeen and he was twenty. He was cute in his own way and I forgot all the rumors I heard about him when I saw him.

I watched her for a minute and then took her hand into my own and started to lead her away from my bitter most enemy and his partner. He lead her into a small one story house on a giant property and then started to show her inside of it: where everything was, where Ino would sleep and then his room incase she should need anything.

Ino smiled at him and then sat with him in the living room. We were in silence for a while until Ino broke it. "I want vengeance... on the ninja who killed my parents, can I get that here?" she asked looking up at him.

He nodded. "You help us we help you, that's the rule. I know you're a chunnin, we can turn you into a jounin and then a full fledged S rank ninja in no time. Un, welcome into Akatsuki. By the way.. What's your name? Hmm?" He had asked, watching me closely.

"Thanks." She responded. "My name is Yamanaka Ino." She had said, smiling at him sweetly. "And You're Deidara, right?" Ino questioned.

He nodded. "Un, my name is Deidara. I'm pleased to meet you Ino. Un." He said smirking somewhat darkly. "You have a boyfriend, Hmm?" He asked.

Ino blushed at his question. "No.. Mostly everyone I know think I'm annoying and just gets in the way. My best friend and teammate told me he'd rather me go and die than talk to him when his fiance was around."She said sadly, looking down at the floor under her feet. "His name is Nara Shikamaru." Ino added, wondering if he knew who he was.

"Un, I know of him. He killed Hidan, he was one of us. You where in that fight, correct? Hm?" He asked looking at my, his visible beautiful blue green eye linking for a brief moment.

Ino was at a loss of what to say. "Yeah... but once again I was helpless and couldn't do anything about it." she sighed and closed my eyes.

Deidara shook his head. "That makes you the med-nin that was their correct? That makes you strong. I admire that. You can heal us when we need it. We need you here with us now. And you're one of us, and it's not as if you'd... hey.. You should be a spy and get us secret information from Konoha.

Her blush worsened when he said Akatsuki needed her and she smiled at him. "Thanks.." she told him appreciatively.

-Ino's POV-

I sighed as I walked with Deidara into the Akatsuki compound. It was pretty early in the morning and I was tired. I looked at the man beside me and was a bit intimidated. He was so strong, he was in Akatsuki! Should I be scared of him? I stepped away from him slightly. He had been really sweet a few minutes before, but I knew I had to be careful about what I said and did around everyone here. They where all murders, thieves and murders.

I also started to notice his habits of ending his sentences in things that weren't even words. It made me wonder if he was really interested in what was going on. I sighed and looked up at him. He had beautiful eyes.. Well... eye. I could only see the blue green one because of his hair. Was he hiding something with his hair?

My hair was placed similar to that, but it wasn't to hide my fac, it was because I liked it like that. It made me unique, and I really liked it. I sighed slightly. Nothing was worse than this. Sure, I wanted revenge, but was joining Akatsuki going to make it worth it?

Deidara looked at Ino and then blinked a few times. "What?" He asked examining the frightened look on my face.

"Are you scared, un?" He asked smirking and crossing his arms over his chest, looking down at me teasingly. He was in such a good mood. He was sweet, but, could I trust him?

I bit my lip slightly. "No!" I half yelled, looking up at him, still slightly frightened. He was so tall, he towered over me and it was really intimidating. "No I'm not..." I said, clearing my throat, wondering why in the world I was stuck in this.

The reality was starting to register with me and the danger I was in and how bad this could be or even end up.

His smirk widened. "Un..." He said. "Im not going to kill you, you know." He said uncrossing his arms and looked at her. "Unless you piss me off then that's a whole different story, un." He teased me.

I sighed. I didn't like being talked down to. Every time he said 'Un' it was like he was being sarcastic. It was so snarky. I took a small step away from him and continued to walk with him. He lead me into a house and I gulped. Do I really have to live with him? I looked around and then up at him. "Do all the partners live in a house like this?" I asked, trying to smile.

Could he really be trusted? I mean... he was a murderer, a killer, a mad man, but he was kinda cute. I smiled and then realized my own thoughts and sighed. I was always distracted by vanity. He was cute, but I was more than that, and that made me a bit fearful. What if he wanted me? He could turn into a rapist? Right? Murder to rape is a jump down for him... right? It wasn't a far jump from murder, and let's be real, I am so desirably hot, who wouldn't walk me?

Deidara looked at me as we walked in. "Un, what do expect? A giant mansion with a Jacuzzi, hm?" He asked leaning against one of the walls. "I have nothing against this house do you?" he asked raising an eyebrow.

I held up her hands in my own defense. "I didn't mean anything wrong by it!" I said in a quiet voice, backing up away from him when he raised his voice. "I have nothing against it." I said closing my deep blue eyes and smiling at him. My eyes opened and then looked around. "How big is this house we share?" I asked, looking around at it. It seemed fairly small, but a good size for at least two people.

Deidara thought for a moment. "Its got two bedrooms and a bath in each, a living room and a kitchen. The usual, hn." He said shrugging. "I didn't mean to scare you." He said looking at her when she gulped.

"How big is this compound? Like, how big is everything.. like the land around this apartment." I questioned looking out the window at the huge building in the distance. I had never seen anything that big, the only exception being the Hokage Mountain in Konoha. I looked up at him and walked over to him slightly. I sighed and then looked around outside. "And you didn't really scare me that much." I was still so unsure of what to do when around him.

Deidara smiled slightly. "Its pretty big, and its all our training grounds, un." He said proudly. He flew around quite often and blew things up, woke up and pissed off everyone else when he could and when he was in a good mood. However, it was all in good fun, and no one but Itachi held it against him. "I need a lot of room if I want to explode shit without killing myself, hm." he told her as his smile turned into a smirk. He then leaning against the wall and looking at me with that beautiful smirk that passed over his lips.

"Yeah but I um..." I started, not wanting to admit they'd kill her with such ease it made me seem even more pathetic then scum the brushed off their shoulders. "I can fight but no where near the level you guys can..." I mentioned, knowing he knew and looking down at the floor. "And I'm a medical ninja, I kinda had to give up training in order ro learn most fo my medical ninjutsu

"Don't worry I'll make you as strong as it gets, un!" He said looking at me his blue green eyes looking directly into my blue ones. "I'll teach everything I know, well anything that doesn't include using my mouths."

"Mo-mouths?" She asked. "As in plural?" She asked, never having seen his hands or fought him. "And thanks." She said smiling at him, feeling a bit relieved that he didn't intend to hurt her. "Are you guys always up this early?"

Deidara put up his hands and stuck out the tongues as he did the same with his mouth. He smirked at me as he did so and I stared at all three of his mouths, tongues, and sets of teeth. I was in shock. That was so... weird, amazing, bizarre, and nothing I had ever seen before.

"You've never seen my hands, hm?" He asked zipping one of the bags on his belt and putting his hand inside of it. It made a small noise, his shirt ruffled slightly, and then he pulled his hand out of the pouch and it was chewing something. I looked inside of the bag and say something that looked like clay. He closed his fingers over the mouth on his right hand and then opened it and a small elegant bird sat in the palm of his hand. He smiled and moved his hand, watching it fly to me. "Don't worry it wont explode, un." He told me quite satisfied with himself.

I reached out and looked down at it as it landed in my hands. He put his hands together in a seal and it got slightly larger, like the normal size of a bird and sat in my hands. It looked a bit like a dove and I was fascinated. That was very unique ability and something to take note of.

"That's amazing.." I said looking up at him. "And strangely creative." I smiled at him. "It's pretty how did you do that?" I questioned, looking over at him and then tilting my head slightly, wanting to know the answer. I knew I could never learn, but knowing how he did it was the next best thing, right?

Deidara smiled. "Its easy, I've been doing it since I was small, un." He said putting more clay in the mouth in his left hand then watching as it made a rose. He handed it to her. "I like making stuff, it helps me practice." He said.

I blushed when he handed her a rose. "You...?" She stammered, looking down at it. "Thank you." I finally responded. "So.. What are they? Bombs or something?" I asked, looking back at him and away form the beautiful full stemmed rose.

He shook his head. "Un, No problem, and they aren't bombs. Well those aren't. I don't want them blowing up in your face so I didn't make them bombs."

He showed me his palms again and I tilted my head to the side, slightly confused. I raised my other hand and leaned my hand towards his and let my left hand touch his right one. I was slightly unsure of what he wanted, but I did it all the same. I looked up into his breath taking eyes, and then looked at him with a smile. His hands moved against mine slowly and then his palm licked mine affectionately. Most girls would find that weird, and under normal circumstances, I would have too, but... I didn't. I found it really sweet.

"How do you make the bombs, some kind of powder?" She asked raising an eyebrow. I looked back at his hands. I walked over to him and smiled up at him. He was really sweet dn seemed exceedingly creative. She admired that in him.

Deidara nodded. "Yeah just wait until tomorrow when we train, im gonna show you how I blow up shit." He said sitting down and smirking. "You aren't afraid of heights are you? Because we're gonna be flying a lot if you're my partner."

My eyes widened. "He-heights?" She asked, looking up at him. "I don't fly.. If I was meant to fly I would have had wings." She said, looking at him and smiling. "I'd really rather stay on the ground." She said, closing her eyes nervously.

Deidara looked at me for a few seconds with a serious look on his face, then erupted into laughter. "Un, you are afraid of heights aren't you, hm!" He teased then stopped laughing.

"Come on its no that bad, unless you wanna run after me while I fly? You'll burn to much chakra like that." He reminded me as he walked over to me and stood beside me.

I was leaning against the wall across form him, watching him. I liked talking to him, even if he did laugh at me. He was sweet for the most part and made me feel at ease for some reason. I liked it. He made me feel good.

I smiled at him. "Yes, I'm afraid of heights and I'll fly with you but you have to promise not to get mad if I pop your head off.." I said, looking up at him. "But it doesn't mean I'll like it either.."

Deidara smiled. "Don't worry I wont let you fall, I don't want anymore of my partners to die, un." he said leaning back against the wall. Every partner he had died so far and he didn't want her to die. She was nice, and different from all his other partners.

"How many partner's have you lost?" I asked, leaning against the other wall and looking at him. I couldn't explain it, but I trusted him at that moment. He had a sound of regret and kindness in his voice as he was speaking to me now. It wasn't snarky like before and I was... in a way touched that he would trust me with the information he was about to confide in me with.

Deidara sighed. "I lost two already, Sasori then Tobi, hn." He told me with a slight smile. "I don't want to loose you now, so I'll protect you ok?" He asked. "And I wont let you fall don't worry." he reminded me, his smile staying on his face. "Got it, un?"

I walked over to him and then stopped walking. I froze for a minute and then moved his blonde hair from his face and touched the left side of his face, running her hand over his mechanical eye. I could admit it, I saw black on his face and was nosy. I just wanted to look at it, but I had to reach up to see it. "What happened?" I asked, thinking that it didn't come off or was attached to his face.

Deidara sighed. "Long story short: It's because of Itachi and his stupid ass Sharingan. I got it when I first joined Akatsuki because I hated feeling inferior to Sharingan.." He said leaning back. "Its fine now." He said smiling at me. He reached up and pressed a button and it released form his face and revealed an eye identical to the other one. "See? I trained it to see through Sharingan, so I cover it when I don't need it, hn ." He reached up and then reattached the eye back to his face and then looked back at me.

"Yeah.. I remember Itachi, he's the one who tried to kill me." I said, putting my hand on her neck where he had bruised me. "Why did you feel inferior, you seem really strong to me, couldn't you have just blown him up or something?"

Deidara smiled at her, it seemed like he was happy with what I had told him. This made me really happy. "Don't worry about I don't care about it anymore." He said looking at the bruise on your neck.

"He hurt you, un?" He asked putting his hand over it. "He needs to die, all he does is hurt people."

I smiled back at him. "He won't attack me, right?" I asked, nervously. "I don't want you to fight him because of me." I said, remembering he said that he would protect me. I backed up slightly. "I mean... you're really sweet but I don't want to get you killed." I told him with an innocent tilt of my head.

Deidara shook his head. "He wont attack you now that you're in Akatsuki, and he wont be able to because leader wont let him. It's one of the rules, un." he told me with a stroke of my face. "Don't worry I wont let him even if he tries, I promised to protect you, remember, hn?" he questioned as he rested his hand under my hin to make me look up at him.

I shivered and then shook my head slightly. Leader made me shiver. I didn't trust him and his eyes cared me. Along with the tattoos on his face and his dozen piercing. "Leader is kinda... creepy in his own way." I told him as I stopped shaking. "Is he always like that?" I questioned, unsure. "He just stuck me as someone who always get his own way, so is Itachi. I mean... after what he did to his clan and Sasuke-kun.."

Deidara nodded. "I don't like Sasuke either, I fought him and I was happy that I got out alive, hn." He said sighing. "I hate the Uchiha's they act so cool just because they have Sharingan and they discourage my art, un."

"Don't let them get to you. Sasuke got all his power form Orochimaru and I don't know anything about Itachi besides he's a murderer. You're art is amazing, don't let them discourage you." I said as sweetly as I could, and I meant it. Not just because he said he would protect me, but because of what I had seem him do. He turned a lump of nasty, sticky, white clay into a beautiful rose, and a bird. That was truly an amazing talent that no one else possessed but him.

"Thanks that really means a lot, no ones complimented me on that before, un." He smiled at me in the sweetest way I had ever seen a man smile at me or anyone else. Sasuke didn't even smile at Sakura like that, and they had a baby boy. "Im gonna like having you around, and I'll protect you so no one can take you away, hm."

Ino blushed slightly and then smiled at him appreciatively. "Thank you." I said walked over to him. "I want to ask you something." I said, looking up at him. "If you hate Itachi so much, how can you deal with him?" I asked, raising an eyebrow. I hated Sakura for a while, and it was al I could do to have a simple conversation for her. "Like how you can just... put up with him when you train and stuff?"

Deidara shrugged. "I guess I have to..Leader makes us, un.." He said looking at her. "But I don't care, I can just blow his ass up, hn." He said laughing slightly. "It doesn't bother me all that much now, un." he said.

I blinked a few times. "Why because you can beat him?" She asked. "If Sasuke beat Itachi once I think he can do it again, and if you lived through Sasuke then..." She trailed off, still smiling slightly. She liked Deidara. He was probably much friendlier then the rest of Akatsuki, and she liked how sweet and compassionate he was with her.

Deidara shrugged. "I don't know, Itachi's weird, un." He said leaning back against the wall then smiling at her. "Im glad you joined Akatsuki, un." He said happy that he had a new partner once again.

"I didn't really have a choice." I said thinking about what Shikamaru had said to me. "I want you to train me.. I want to be able to defeat whoever killed my parents." I sighed in regret. "I miss them."

Deidara nodded. "I'll make as strong as I am! We'll be the best Akatsuki team ever, un!" He said smiling at her. "And I promise to help you get vengeance on your parents death, hm." he told me, taking my hand into his.

I hugged him without realizing what I was doing and then smiled up at him. I let him go suddenly and backed away. "Thank you." I said blushing slightly.

"How fast can you get information form any of the five shinobi villages? I want to know who killed my parents." I asked as I went back to the wall and leaned against it.

He had hugged me back and then rubbed the back of his head. "Well..im not what you really call quiet, un." He said knowing he couldn't be quiet enough to spy on someone. "But I'll try.." He said looking at her.

I had laughed at him, but with no malice behind it. I was starting to figure him out. "Let me guess, you like to enter with a bang?" I asked smiling at him. "I like that about your personality, but I'm from Konoha, if you bring me there I can talk to Tsuande, she was in a way my sensei." I said sighing. "I just don't want to see anyone else. Like Shikamaru..."

Deidara smiled and nodded. "You want me to take you now, hn? We have the rest of the day to do what we want, un." He said shrugging. "Unless leader calls some kind of mission on us, un." he said.

I shrugged, "Yeah I guess..." I said with a sigh. "I never wanted to go back but I guess I have to." I said, closing her eyes and leaning against the wall. "This sucks... I don't want to see SHikamaru after he told me to go die." I said, wrapping her arms around my waist in remembrance of our fight and what he had told me. I still couldn't believe he wanted me to die.

Deidara nodded and got up from his crouched position."Don't worry I won't let him near you, un." He said taking my hand and helping me up and then pulling me up gently with him. "Come on if we want to get there by the need of the day we have to hurry, hn." He said running outside and throwing one of his clay birds out and jumping onto it with me as it turned larger. My eyes widened as I started to panic as it flapped it's wings and took off into the sky.

"Deidara!" I exclaimed, looking up at him and then closing my eyes, clinging to him. He sat down with me, and put me in front of him and sat down behind me.

I smiled at him and then wrapped my as around him as tightly as I could. "Oh.. my.. god!" I almost screamed, closing her eyes and burying her head into his shoulder. "I don't like high!" I yelled, never having admitting my fear to anyone before. Deidara was the only person that knew. "Ok Deidara.. we're not going to do this a lot right?!"

Deidara laughed slightly and wrapped an arm around me so I wouldn't fall. "Calm down we aren't even that far up yet, un."He said smiling at me. "I wont let you fall promise. And un we'll be doing this a lot."

"Damn it!" I said closing my eyes and holding him tighter. "I don't like being up really high." I said, keeping her eyes closed. "Thanks for bringing me though, I appreciate it, but won't you get in trouble for going into Konoha? You could sit wait in the woods, I know where you can hide without getting caught. I know everything about how the village runs." I told him confidently. And I wasn't lying. I honestly did know everything about the village and how it ran, which made me really happy to know that I could sneak around the village as I saw fit.

Deidara made his bird go down lower so it wasn't so high up that it scared me. "I could careless about what the village thinks, but if you want me to wait outside I will, un." He said keeping his arm around her.

"I just don't want you to get attacked or killed is all. Stay outside for me, It won't take long, Tsuande-sama likes me, kind of." She said sighing. "And thank you for going lower." I said, leaning on his shoulder and closing my eyes, trying to avoid looking down at the ground. He was so easy to talk to, I loved that about him. He was sweet, nice, and his presence was firm, but flexible like a breeze, strong but comforting.

Deidara nodded. "No problem, un."He said seeing the Konoha wall and going down lower so they'd stop in front of it. He slowed down and made his bird drop lower into the trees, so it was concealed. Konoha was weary of Deidara ever since he kidnaped and killed the Kazekage of the sand village, Gaara. He smiled as the breeze went though his hair, he loved flying.

I smiled at him. He looked so cute when the wind wiped through his hair. My own long hair was trailing behind me in twisting and random patterns as we flew through the smooth and strong breeze. I didn't want to let him go. I rested my head on his shoulder as they got closer to Konoha. Was he flirting with me? I was unsure. It seemed like he was. He was overly sweet, did anything I asked, and vowed to protect me... Or maybe I was just over analyzing. Akatsuki seemed to be really close, maybe it was just the partnership, 'you scratch my back I scratch yours' type of thing.

Deidara smiled at me and let me lean on his shoulder the held me close. "Hold on tight, un." He said as he pushed down on the bird and it zoomed to the ground and he hopped off with me in his strong arms. "You ok, hn?" He asked.

I looked up at him and nodded. "That wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. It was kinda.. nice?" I said smiling at him.

Deidara smiled and nodded. "Told you, un." he sad leaning back against the wall and watching me walk away, waiting for me to come back.

"Thanks. See you in a few minutes." I turned and walked off towards the village. They let me in without a fuss, mainly because they knew me and my headband, which had not yet been slashed like all the other Akatsuki members had. I went to find efficiently and failed. She wasn't in her office, outside, near it, in the hospital... She was nowhere to be found. I walked the long way, away from my house. I went into the records room which was stored near Tsuande-sama's office, and broke into the them, put all the relevant files into one folder, and ran off with them. I was already a criminal, why stop now? Once I slashed my headband it was official and I was in Akatsuki. I ran off and then went back to Deidara with it. "Got it." I declared proudly, lifting up the fat file that I only had a chance to skim though.

Deidara smiled. "Great." He said and hopped back onto his bird and wrapped an arm around me when I got on, so that I wouldn't fall off. Then motioned for the strong clay owl to go up, and it zoomed up into the air flapping it's wings on one of the currents, and we were up in they sky flying in a matter of seconds. He held onto it while holding me so they wouldn't fall off backwards when it went up.

Ino was a bit more used to it this time and just closed her eyes and held onto him tightly. "Thanks.." I said, reopening her my eyes and looking down, not as afraid as before. She trusted him, which is why she guessed Akatsuki was so strong. They all trusted one another, or where forced to in Itachi and Deidara's case. They worked together, they had two man cells, and worked quickly and efficiently. She guessed all of them where once in NABU or in running for it. She looked up at the sunset and smiled. "It's beautiful up here." She said, loosening her grip and looking around him. "Is this why you like it so much?"

Deidara smiled. "Un, and I feel free." He said looking at her then ahead of him as the breeze whipped through his hair once more, gently letting his mechanical eye come into view. He liked Ino she wasn't like any other partner he had.

Tobi... Tobi wasn't like all the other Akatsuki members, he was silly, goofy, and liked to joke around. He respected Deidara, calling him Senpai, meaning senior. Deidara thought all of Akatsuki should be serious, calm, and completely stern, but Tobi was the opposite. He was sweet, and unlike all the others. He reminded Deidara of the kid they had tried to catch, his name Naruto or something like that. Deidara never paid much attention. His bond with Tobi had become a sensei-student one.

A grin came to Deidara's face as he recalled lecturing Tobi about his over confidence, only to find that Tobi had fallen asleep. Needless to say, he had to wake his "student" with good "artistic bomb" to Tobi's ass.

Sasori... Sasori was hard to explain. He was complicated, different, and stern. He was quiet most of the time, and Itachi like in a way. He was "creepy," which Deidara teased him out jokingly. He was a puppet, not a human, and he was his own person. He used only puppets in battle was defeated by Haruno Sakura, and his grandmother, Chiyo, after they had kidnaped the Kazekage, Gaara form Suna and killed him by extracting Shukaku.

I smiled at him as his hair wiped through the wind. They did look a lot alike. Except his hair was a lot darker than mine. I leaned into him slightly and then looked at the sunset. My bangs wiped around her face and her ponytail tapped her back and she smiled at him again. The sunset was beautiful. It was bright, and from an arial view it was amazing. It took my breath away. The reds, oranges, yellows, it was to die for. I had never seen the sunset in the air or away from Konoha. We were in the middle of the woods and I couldn't help but maintain my smile. "Thanks Deidara... For showing me this amazing sight."

Deidara smiled at me. "I think you'll be the best partner I've ever had, un." She was beautiful and the way the sun was shining made her look like a goddess on Earth and he wasn't saying that just because she looked like him or something. He had heard a rumor that people fell in love with people that reminded them of themselves, which in his mind was disgusting. Who'd want to screw themselves?

I looked up the sun again and then sighed and smiled up at the sun. "It's beautiful out here..." I said, looking as the sun set over the horizon. "This is amazing..." I said happily. "I'm glad I ran away from Konoha. Otherwise I never would have seen this. And I would have never met you." I told him, slightly flirtatiously

Deidara smirked. "Yeah it is, and im kinda glad you ran away too, un. I mean I don't want you away from your home and friends but im glad I met you, un." he told me, smiling and looking at the sun, glancing at me slightly, out of the corner of his right eye.

I leaned into him a bit more. As much as I didn't want to fall in love with a criminal. This was really romantic. She closed her eyes and then smiled up at him

Deidara's smirk morphed into a sweet smile. "Hey Ino, hn? Doesn't the sun look like a giant bomb, hn?" He asked laughing slightly. He kept his arm around me. He really liked Ino, more than his heart would ever realize.

I nodded giggling slightly. "Yeah it does. A giant yellow bomb. How do you make your bombs anyway?" She asked, yawning slightly. It was starting to get late. Her day had been a pretty stressful one.

Deidara smiled and nodded. "Un, its awesome." He said smiling. "And I make the bombs with my hands." he said seeing how tired she was. He stopped his bird in front of their house and helped he off his bird and then put his hands together and it turned pocket size once more.

He walked me inside and then took my hand into his and showed me his hand. "I chew on it for a while, adding charka to it as I do so, when I do that, it makes it bomb like and I just use a simple hand seal to make it Katsu. (Note: Katsu is a phrase that means detonation, Deidara says it when he sets off his bombs.)

I smiled at him and leaned into his embrace and then walked inside with him and looked around the huge house. I smiled slightly. It was big and looked really comfortable. No wonder so many people where lining up to join Akatsuki. I didn't want to at first, but after seeing and spending time with Deidara, this seemed like a good idea. "Where's my room?"I asked, seeing the a few doors, unsure of which one to take. One was open and the other was closed. She just wanted to sleep for now.

Deidara pointed to the door on the right. "It's the one on the right, un." He said opening the door and laying her down on the bed. "Good night, un." he said walking out and into his own room. Deidara walked into his room and laid down on his bed and closed his eyes with a smile on his face. He sure would enjoy having ino as a partner. He liked her and he was going to protect her no matter what.

I walked into her room and laid down in the huge bed. It was amazing. The room was beautiful. It had architecture, amazing artwork and other things in it. I smiled and pulled the sheet up to my chin and closed my eyes, going to sleep.

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