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Chapter 4: One Sentence

"It's working!" Libby burst out excitedly, watching as Cindy and Jimmy headed off for their own table, arms linked.

"I still don't get how this will help," Carl complained.

Gosh. No wonder this boy annoyed so many people.

"It's simple," Libby replied. "Cindy tricks Jimmy into thinking she likes him, then gets him to admit why everyone's actin' so dang funny."

"Why would he admit it to her?" Carl asked.

"Sheesh, Carl! You probably don't get it because you've never had a girlfriend!" Sheen yelled at him.

"I have too!" Carl protested.

"Oh yeah? Who?" Sheen demanded.

"Well...one time Cindy winked at me..."

"That means nothing!" Nick joined in, out of exasperation and nothing better to do.

"Why would she wink at me unless she liked me?" Carl wanted to know.

"There could be a lot o' reasons!" Libby replied. "When was this anyways?"

"When everyone was running for class president..."

"Ugh! She was probably tryin' to get you to vote for me!" Libby told him.

"But why did she wink?" he persisted.

"Carl, do you have anything up there?" Sheen asked, knocking on the side of Carl's head.

"Sheen, you're mean!" he pouted. Then suddenly a grin formed on his face. "Hey, that rhymed!"

"Yeah, and it took you long enough to figure out!" Sheen exclaimed.

"Guys, can we please try to focus here?" Libby begged. She sure wished Cindy was having a better time on her end of things.

"So, Jimmy, since I'm your girlfriend, and all...," Cindy began (gosh, when had that word started to sound so nice?), "I was just thinking...maybe I could help you in your lab today instead of Sheen and Carl?"

Jimmy glanced at her suspiciously. "My lab? Wouldn't you much rather go somewhere else, like the Candy Bar or something?"

Cindy rolled her eyes and giggled. "No, silly. The Candy Bar is nice, but...well...I don't think any of those girls over there will give us privacy, you know?" She waved a hand to his crowd of followers. Cindy and Jimmy had not been the only ones who had switched tables. Those girls just couldn't let him out of their sight, for crying out loud!

Jimmy sighed in pleasure. "Yep, anywhere I go they just can't get enough of me," he agreed.

Cindy forced a smile. How just one little sentence from him could send her emotions flying in the opposite direction from what they had been before, she would never figure out. Oh why couldn't she just let him know how much of an egotistical jerk he was? Right, because that would ruin everything. Ugh, the situation she was in here!

"That...is true." But it won't be for long. "So in your lab we can be alone. Get it?"

"Well...sure...I guess that makes sense," he reluctantly started to agree.

Good job, Cindy, he doesn't suspect a thing!

"Of course it does. Besides, it's not like I haven't been in there before," she reminded him.

But boy, what an unpleasant memory that brought to mind. The stupid, no good love potion. She almost thought he was seriously into her, and he never even understood that she had returned his feelings without the influence of the potion. So what did he do? Just threw her out like yesterday's trash.

"Um, Cindy?"

His concerned voice broke her out of her flashback. She glanced down at the fists she had unknowingly been balling up, and released them quickly. Then, smooth as could be, she looked back up at him with yet another dazzling, albeit fake smile gracing her face. "Yes?"

"I said I'll meet you outside after school," Jimmy repeated himself, standing up to go clear his tray. "Class is about to start up again."

"Oh, right. See you then."

As soon as he took a few steps away from their table, girls rushed over, arguing about who would get to throw out his trash for him. Cindy watched on in horror. Where was their dignity? (Hmm...wasn't that a Hilary Duff song or something?) She couldn't believe this, and on top of that she couldn't stand it. This was going to end, and it was going to end today.

Back in class, the annoyance continued. It seemed like every girl was staring at him with a big pair of googly-eyes (except for the ever loyal Libby, who was trying to look away and keep her mind on something else). And to make the matter worse, Cindy was beginning to think that whatever Jimmy had done worked on older women too...only to less of an amount.

For instance, Ms. Fowl was also acting oddly out of character. Not like she was in love with him (ew, that would be too weird and disgusting, wasn't she like eighty years old?), but like she favored him out of the entire class. It had begun when he showed up late that morning and she hadn't given him the punishment he deserved, and it was continuing even now.

When Ms. Fowl asked if anyone had questions, this was Jimmy's response: "Ms. Fowl, I hate to ask this, but it's just been eating at me. If you could pick your favorite student in the whole class, who would it be?" Then he smiled around the room in a stuck-up fashion as if he already knew what her response was going to be.

"Why, Jimmy, such a handsome and smart boy like you shouldn't have to ask!" Ms. Fowl squawked happily. "Of course you're my favorite!"

It was like some ridiculous script written for a cheesy cartoon or something!

"But I'm handsome," Carl spoke up, sounding very hurt at his teacher's answer to Jimmy's stupid question.

"Yes, Carl, but I think we all know that Jimmy is the handsomest student in all the land," Ms. Fowl tried to console him.

All the girls in the room murmured their agreement.

Carl's eyes were beginning to mist over. "But...but...that was my dream!"

Cindy was completely fed up. When Jimmy was doing this to his own best friend and Ms. Fowl was condoning it, that was crossing the line to cruelty.

"Ms. Fowl," she spoke up, "I don't see how Jimmy's question has anything to do with our education."

Everyone looked at her with wide eyes.

"Well, Cindy, I'm sure you don't understand, but I think we can learn from any question that Jimmy should ask," Ms. Fowl replied.

"Well I think that showing partiality to any one student is unfair and very destructive to the self-esteem of the other students in this class," Cindy rebutted. Then suddenly an idea brightened her thoughts and she smirked. "I also feel that Principal Willoughby would agree with me."

Jimmy's face faltered over that statement, and Cindy crossed her arms in a smug victory. The fact was, Principal Willoughby wasn't female, and Jimmy's brainwashing didn't seem to work on the male gender.

"And you're supposed to be Jimmy's girlfriend?" a voice from the back piped up with a scoff.

Immediately her face burned and her tongue tied up. "Well...I mean...it's just..."

"I think I know what's going on here," Jimmy interrupted.

No! He couldn't possibly!

"You do?" The words sounded little more than a squeak.

To Cindy's surprise, he actually smiled at her! That was hardly a befitting response. After all, she had been trying to sabotage his stupid new invention...whatever it was!

"Of course. I know everything."

Oh, brother. Just go on thinking that.

Jimmy turned around in his seat so he could face all of the kids in the room. "You see, Cindy here is so smart that this intellectual sparring is her way of showing affection towards me."

Her mouth dropped open in utter shock.

"That makes sense!" Libby exclaimed, trying to aide everyone in the belief of this new theory. Not that she needed to, however; right now these girls would believe Jimmy even if he said the sky was really purple and not blue.

"You know, Jimmy," Ms. Fowl squawked, "I think you could do a better job than me teaching this class! Why don't you come up here and finish this lesson?"

He made it a bigger deal than it needed to be, standing up from his seat and giving everyone a sweeping bow before heading over to the blackboard to take Ms. Fowl up on her offer. But oddly enough, his insistent, ongoing pride had stopped bothering Cindy Vortex, who was watching him write something with chalk on the board in that sloppy chicken scratch of his. Once again, one little sentence from him caused her attitude to spin a 180. Because, well...

Jimmy Neutron thought she was smart.

A smile flicked across her face. Yes, after so long of competing with him, trying to prove how intelligent she really was, he had acknowledged it. Maybe he hadn't said she was as smart as him, but it had been close. After all, the words 'so smart' coming from a genius had to mean something.

Uh...not that she cared what he thought.

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