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Things went sadly according to plan. 355 had disappeared and now could only track them by the color of their clothing. She knew she should have left the area altogether instead of lingering, too far away to hear anything. Her job, even though it had twisted far away from an agent's path, still was not really done. He had improved over the years, but it was entirely possible he could still miss Beth in the crowd.

She watched Yorick yelling her name and pulling off his hood, baring his face to the world in broad daylight. Really, she'd taught him better than that. Beth answered him immediately. When Yorick threw her off 355's pulse surged, hard and quick, suddenly as strong in her neck as it was in her chest. The sour bitter taste of adrenaline and panic filled her mouth, her throat, and in an instant she saw all her subconscious daydreams of the future play out in her head, obliterating the real world. Her and Yorick together, aging, old - an entire make-believe life.

She sucked in breath and let the chill air throw off the dream. They were kissing now, below her. She made herself watch. Yorick had been right all the while. Those close moments between the two of them, those times when she couldn't help but wonder, later, what would have happened if she had just leaned in and kissed him - even that deep intimacy, stronger than 355 had ever felt before, could not compete with Yorick & Beth. He was right to fixate on the girl all these years. It was true love down there. Searching for 355 was surely now the last thing on his mind.

The couple broke apart and moved away from the Arch, arms around each other, probably in search of the nearest private place. 355 felt an echo of pain in the pulse under her jaw, with a cramping pull deep in her guts as she watched them go. At least he had the sense not to call more attention by proposing to Beth in public. 355 didn't know how many women could help but see a man, a real man, proposing on his knees in the most romantic of cities. She would have had to watch that, too.