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Bella's POV:

I climbed out of my truck, and slammed the door shut. If the Cullens didn't know I was here already, now they would. I walked slowly towards the door. As I was climbing up the stairs, the door flew open. Alice stood there, a wild look in her eyes. My own eyes widened at her appearance. She was not her groomed to perfection self. Her normally artistically spiky hair lay flat on her head. She was dressed in the same thing I had seen her in two days ago. Something was wrong. But even if something were wrong, Alice would have taken the time to shower and change clothes. For one terrifying moment I wondered if she were thirsty. Then she spoke.

"Edward's not here. He went to town with Esme to buy food." Her voice was the same. But that look in her eyes…wait, what?

"Food? Why?" I was well accustomed to hearing about the Cullens diet. Regular human food was not part of that diet.

"We have to keep some semblance of normalcy. We have to seem as if we eat, Bella." She lowered her voice, and muttered to herself "Not that it matters anymore anyway."

"What? Alice, what's going on? Is anyone else here?" Her behavior was making me nervous.

"Jasper, Emmett and Rosalie went hunting. They asked if I wanted to go with, but I said no. And you know where Esme and Edward are. Why he likes to shop with her for food, I will never know. So, no, I'm the only one here for the moment. As for what's going on, I've stumbled across something very….interesting. Come in." She waited patiently as I loped my way through the door, and into the white living room. The door was almost silent as she pushed it shut. "Do you want anything to eat or drink?"

"No, I'm good for now" To tell the truth, I was too worried to eat.

"Okay. You know there is an open fridge policy for humans named Bella here, so if you want something, just take it. It needs to be eaten anyway. I'm going to go upstairs and…do something with this mess," she gestured to herself. "I'll be down in about 10 minutes."

I flashed the thumbs up sign at her, and wandered further into the living room. I flopped down on the couch, and started channel surfing on the TV. True to her word, Alice was down in 10 minutes. Less than, actually. She beckoned to me with her hand, and I quickly switched off the TV and followed her up the stairs to her room. A computer sat in one corner, its screen covered with windows. As I got closer I saw that it was I sometimes went there to read Jane Austen fan fiction. Some of it was hilarious, some of it was really good, and some of it was awful. I had toyed with the idea of submitting my own fan fiction, but had decided against it. I never knew if Edward was into that kind of thing too, and the thought of him finding my steamy fan fiction was not something I cared to experience. But this was not Jane Austen fan fiction. This was for something called Twilight. I started to read the pages Alice had open, and found my mouth dropping open. I saw fan fictions about myself, Edward, Alice, and the rest of the Cullens. I even read some about Jacob and the LaPush werewolves. I was stunned. Where did this come from?

"Alice, where did you find this? Who posted this stuff? Do people know it's real?" A horrible thought occurred to me. "Has anyone from Forks seen this?" By this time, I was hyperventilating, tears streaming down my face. Alice had her arm around me, and a strange smile on her face.

"No one from Forks has seen this, or ever will. I put a block on the site so no one here can access it. I stumbled across it when I typed our last name into Google. Don't look at me like that, Bella. I was bored. No one knows it's real. Apparently there's a book called Twilight about you and Edward falling in love. It's a bestseller. Girls love it. And there's a whole bunch of fan fiction about it. Some steamy stuff too." Alice smiled at me. "Do you want to see it?"

I was about to tell her how much I didn't want to see it, when she cut me off. "Wait, Edward and Esme are coming back. We better save this until later. I need to clear my mind. Can you close all those windows, and shut down the computer?"

"You haven't told anyone?! Not even Carlisle?" I started to close the windows, as she asked.

"Um, no. I decided that I would get all the information I needed to get, and then tell everyone." She closed her eyes. "Okay. Let's go downstairs and help with the groceries." She got up, and danced out of the room. I followed.

Downstairs, Edward and Esme were coming through the door with a massive amount of food. Edward had so much in his arms that I couldn't see his face. He knew I was there anyway. "Hey, Bella."

"Hey." I shot a look at Alice. She shot one back. It was a warning look. I suppressed a smile, and followed everyone into the kitchen. Edward was there, and the groceries were already put away. He smiled at me, and I thought my heart would melt inside my chest. He took my hand, and led me up the stairs to his room.

I had always felt so at home in Edward's room. There was something about the room that was so inviting. I threw myself onto the couch. Edward switched on the stereo, and sat down next to me. Incubus drifted through the speakers, and filled the room. Edward leaned back against the couch, and closed his eyes. I scooted closer to him, and laid my head on his rock hard chest. I could feel the chill of his skin through his shirt. I shivered. Edward opened his eyes a crack, and smiled when he saw me shivering. He gently pushed me off of him, and crossed the room to his closet. He took out a blanket that matched the walls. He came back to the couch, lifted me in his arms, and sat back down, me on his lap. He draped the blanket over me. "Better?" I knew he couldn't stand to see me cold. I nodded.

"I noticed Alice was blocking her thoughts earlier. You, wouldn't know anything about that, would you?" He looked intently at me.

Oh no. "No, why would I know why Alice blocked her thoughts from you. Maybe she was thinking about something that she knew you wouldn't want to see." I was so bad at lying, and Edward knew that. He looked at me again, turning on the fire in his topaz eyes. He took my face in his hands and laid his lips on mine. He pulled back a few seconds later.

"Are you sure? Because it seemed to me from the glances that you both traded that there was something you were hiding."

"It's nothing."

"So there is something, then?" Damn. I hadn't meant to reveal anything.

"Who said that?" I was seriously stalling now. Edward's face was no longer amused.

"You said that. Spill, Bella." I tried to squirm from his arms, but he locked them around me. So instead I took a deep breath.

"ALICE!" I yelled. "ALICE COME HERE!" Almost as soon as the words were out of my mouth, Alice was there. I wrestled myself out of Edwards grip, and stood up.

"You told him, didn't you?" She stared at me accusingly.

"No, but you're going to. I can't keep secrets, and I certainly can't lie! You need to work this out on your own." I stomped out of the room. I could faintly hear Alice beginning to tell Edward her news. Then, not so faintly, I could hear Edward's roaring laugh.

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