Summary: Harry thought the prophecy would be the last revelation about his life. But it wasn't. The largest was yet to come. Harry always thought he and Draco Malfoy had nothing in common. But after a hectic summer, they find there's something they do share … their parents.

Warnings: Slash, Femmeslash, Mentioned Child Abuse, References to Past Rape/Enslavement, Torture (Off-Screen)

Rating: T in case

Disclaimer: All characters belong to JKR

Author's Notes: This fic is my response to the OC-Free Family Tree Challenge in my profile. Up till recently I was going to include Narcissa but in the end decided the plot round her made everything too complicated.


Blood Brothers

By Alexannah

Prologue: 1958

The weather was bright and sunny. A young girl, no younger than four, was roaming the streets of Little Hangleton, looking lost. She had long black hair that looked a little unkempt, a pale face and big black eyes that looked haunted, but hopeful. They grew more and more desperate, however, as she couldn't find what she was looking for.

Bellatrix was almost in tears as she searched for the Portkey her mother had instructed her to find. It was a stone cat, in a garden somewhere. To use it she had to activate it by saying the password, "sherbet lemon". Her mother had created the Portkey the day before she'd moved in at the house. Bella had never left the house before in her life – in fact, she'd spent all her four years in the same two rooms: a library and a small bathroom. It was the first time she'd been in proper sunlight and she was getting a headache. She tripped over her feet, angry, tired tears falling down her face. She couldn't give up now. If she didn't find the stone cat, Daddy would find her.

A bicycle whizzed past her and she screamed out of fright, falling over heavily. A tiny trickle of blood began to run down her face and her hands were scratched and bleeding and her ankle hurt. Sniffing and trying to restrain from wailing, she pulled herself to her feet and limped to the pavement.

Then she saw it. She knew what a cat was from pictures in the library books. This one was grey and hard, but that was good, because it meant she'd found it. She'd found it!

Bella touched the cold stone with shaking hands and said in tearful jubilation, "Sherbet lemon!"

There was a jerk round her navel and suddenly the world was whirling around her. Bella was scared to death but she couldn't let go. Finally she collapsed in a heap in a brightly lit room.

She lifted her head. There were three men in the room, staring at her. She recognised the middle one immediately from her mother's descriptions.

Bella started crying again. She couldn't help it. She hurt all over and she was scared of Daddy and finally she'd found the one person she knew she could trust to help. Huge sobs shook right through her body, but more than anything they were tears of relief.

Albus Dumbledore knelt down and offered her a handkerchief before fussing over her, asking her name and seeing where she was hurt. Bella just sat and cried at the look of compassion in the bright blue eyes. Her mother said his eyes twinkled, but she'd never mentioned this. One of the other two men tried to interrupt, to interrogate her to find out who she was, but Dumbledore just said gently, "Cornelius, I don't think that helps."

Turning back to Bella, he rubbed her back gently and told her to blow her nose. Bella did so. It seemed a bit of a waste, messing up the lovely soft cloth, but when she finally calmed down enough to speak and said so, Dumbledore just chuckled.

"P-please," Bella finally choked out, "my mummy n-needs help."

"What sort of help?" Dumbledore asked gently.

This speech had been well-rehearsed in secret away from Daddy's ears. Bella knew it by heart.

"My mummy said she knows you. She moved into R-Riddle House five years ago." Suddenly Dumbledore's expression became stony and she gulped slightly. "Daddy won't let her out."

"Say no more." The twinkle had gone from Dumbledore's eyes. Young as she was, Bella could detect a kind of fury in them instead. "What's your name?"


"Cornelius, please escort Bella to the Hospital Wing," Dumbledore said calmly, though the fire was still raging in his eyes. "I have some business with Tom Riddle and I don't believe Bella should be witness."

Bella didn't want him to leave her with the stranger, but the man was kind enough, carrying her through endless corridors filled with moving pictures. Bella looked at them all in wonder and stopped sniffing. Everything would be all right now.

She hoped.