Ziva, McGee and Ducky stepped off the elevator at the main floor, laughing. As they rounded the corner to enter the bullpen, they saw that Tony was back.

McGee and Ziva shared a smile, knowing that everyone but Tony was aware of their new status, and they took advantage of that, McGee resting his hand on the small of Ziva's back as they took up residence in front of the large screen used for videos.

Tony looked at the pair with narrowed eyes, curious. Just then, the elevator opened again and Gibbs and Abby exited, Abby bouncing over to Tony's desk.

"It's Tony!" she squealed, giving him a huge bone-crushing hug. "Only my favorite boy at NCIS." Gibbs cleared his throat. "Uh, I mean, aside from Gibbs, of course." Gibbs grinned, perusing the paperwork in his hands. She whispered in Tony's ear. "But you're really my favorite."

Tony grinned, but his attention was still on McGee and Ziva, who were still standing awfully close. "Uh, Abbs, what's up with those two?" He motioned to the duo, watching with wide eyes as McGee's hand travelled lower and lower down Ziva's back.

Abby grinned. "Well, Tony babe, let's just say there's a lot you miss when you're gone on assignment." He turned to her, a horrified look on his face, and she responded with a huge smile and a kiss on his cheek.

They turned back to the new couple, Tony simply staring in shock and Abby smirking in knowledge, and watched as McGee's hand indeed reached Ziva's nether regions, and as Ziva looked up to McGee, a devious look on her face, and whispered something in his ear. McGee's face lit up and they turned, walking past Tony and Abby, Ziva giving Abby a high five as they wandered past.

"Where are they going?" Tony asked, not really wanting to know the answer.

"I don't know," Abby responded, following their path to the elevator, "but I'm guessing wherever it is, we shouldn't interrupt them."

The horrified look on Tony's face deepened as they heard Ziva's loud giggle resonate from the silver box. Yes, chances were good they wouldn't want to be bothered.


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