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Cooled droplets of water dripped from my fingertips into the collection of liquid below. My very own lazy movements caused ripples to disturb the calm of the water. This was the very place where I could relax and soak in once-warm bathwater until the skin on my fingers would shrivel. It was somehow calming, the way the water pools around my bare body. In here I can think clearly without the disturbances of unwanted guests. A fine example would be Oscar, who pops up without even a warning.

Seeing my own fingers begin to turn white, I stood. And trying my best not to slip as I stepped out of the tub, I grabbed the side of the porcelain tub in an attempt to steady myself. As my feet made contact with the floor, my body arched as I stretched. Chilly air poked at my exposed skin. I would have let out a sigh of irritation had I not looked around the room.

As always, that emotionless stare had infiltrated Riff's gentle eyes. He appeared to be distraught nearly every day. I can't seem to remember the last time he had ever smiled with true feeling behind it. It's a rare sight: Seeing Riff enjoying himself. When it does occur, I can't help but smile as well. Riff's joy is contagious.

"Riff…?" In an attempt to stir him out of his thoughts, I spoke, letting my wet fingers brush against his as I reached for the towel.

"Oh." Riff's face flushed as he looked over at me and immediately averted his eyes. "Forgive me, Lord Cain. I was thinking about a few things and I wasn't paying any attention."

"Riff, it's all right. No need to apologize."

"Yes, Lord Cain."

My playful mood was run off as something serious invaded my body. A sharp pain tugged at the flesh upon my back. I fell to the floor, gasping for breath as my lungs seemed to tighten and cease to allow the passage of air. My finger's tightened around Riff's arms the moment he knelt beside me. When my lips had parted a choked sob emerged instead of the plea for help I wanted to let out. I was growing warmer with each passing moment and the reason for this remained unknown. My eyes widened as I struggled to speak. Tears leaked out; the pain had increased. The rapid beating of my heart made me feel as if my body would pull itself apart.

All the while Riff was attempting to find the source of my suffering. I squeezed his arms tighter when I could not answer him. When he rose to go get help I grabbed at his leg and shook my head. I wanted him here, to comfort me, and to try to scare off this pain. With the shake of my head, the room began to spin uncontrollably. Riff's form blurred and then…



I don't remember much of anything right now.

My movements are limited to tapping my fingers against the soft fabric beneath me and peeking through barely open eyelids. Whatever happened was enough to leave me in this near-lifeless state. If I knew what happened I might be more relieved with finding out that I was still alive. Lying here, motionless, is growing less and less enjoyable by the minute.

Around me, childish whimpers and the shuffle of feet can be heard. All at once the sounds are attacking my ears. My head ached as the sounds continued on. I was unable to tell where and from whom the sounds were coming from.

"Mary Weather, perhaps you should go get yourself something to eat."

"O-okay Riff. Make sure brother is okay!"

"I will, I promise."

Of course Riff would be the one to look after me. Why shouldn't he take on such a task? After all, he's the closest to me in this entire household. Mary Weather was my father's second illegitimate child. She's only ten years of age, how could I leave her out on the street knowing that we're partially related? She is the daughter of the man I despise. However, I am as well.

In an attempt to open my eyes once more my eyelids fluttered up, allowing me a brief look at the room in which I occupied. Unsurprisingly it was my own room.

Riff knows me so very well.

"Lord Cain?" He was close to me. I felt the warmth of his body so close to mine. "Oh…"

I could hear disappointment mixed with worry wearing down his mellow voice. Perhaps it was the pathetic attempt to catch a glimpse of him that brought up his hopes and then dashed them away as I didn't open my eyes again. He noticed such a subtle movement and realized that I was still among the living. He must be very worried.

"Lord Cain." Riff started slowly but went on, his voice taking on an affectionate tone. "Lord Cain I admire your strength to continue on. Please don't fall victim to this, whatever it is, so easily. I can't figure out what happened and it pains me to see you as you are now and not be able to help you. Please forgive me for being useless."

Fingers trailed across my face, lingering on my lips and then drifting to my cheeks. Hair was brushed away from my face with his delicate touch.

If only I could move…

His breath tickled my neck. As his fingers interlaced with mine his lips landed down on my own lips. No sooner has they made their mark did they trail to my ear.

"I love you, Lord Cain. I only wish you felt the same way."


I still recall what Riff said to me.

He could only confess to me when he believed me to be unconscious. It could be that I intimidate him. Although it's more likely to be a fear of rejection that makes him hesitate. That must be the reason why he was usually off in his owns thoughts.

He appears to be more at ease lately. Perhaps bearing such an emotion would have caused stress. Longing to tell me his hidden feelings could make for something complicated.

I love you.

It's simply astonishing how innocent words can lead to better health. When I open my eyes I can't think straight unless the thought of him enters my mind. I must speak to him because he wouldn't dare overstep the boundaries he placed. And I would have to cross the line for him because the awkward silences and bumping into each other has gotten rather irritating.

"Yes, Lord Cain?" Riff stepped out into the sunlight, his features becoming clearer in their illumination.

"Please join me for a drink." I motioned to a seat beside me and eyed the garden surrounding us.

"Yes, of course, my Lord."

He sat stiff in the plush chair, causing me to smirk at how hard he was trying to erase the sudden coloring of his cheeks. I sipped at the lightly colored liquid in my cup, savoring its sweet flavor. Riff cautiously held the cup in his slender hands, not wanting to spill its contents.

"I wanted to talk to you." I placed the cup on the small table between us and folded my hands in my lap.

"Oh. About what?" Riff placed down his cup as well. He was so serious, his posture was perfect, and his emotionless face was very focused on mine.

"Well, it's important."

"Did I do something wrong?"

"Oh no, of course not, Riff. Don't worry about such things."

"All right."

"Let's go for a walk. We'll discuss things then."

I rose from my seat and watched as Riff nodded. Soon the two of us were walking farther away from the sweetly-scented garden. As long as we were hidden out of view from too-curious workers then we were fine.

Trees stood tall, towering over the two of us. When he was looking around with mild interest I slipped over to him and with one hand I laced our fingers together. He willingly accepted this and glanced down to conceal the furious blush that claimed his cheeks. With my other hand I placed his hand on my hip, where I guided it under the flimsy fabric of my shirt.

"Riff." I started off in a low whisper, pressing myself against him. Now our hearts beat as one. They thumped out a rhythmic tune that made me lean farther into his warm, welcoming body. "You're the only one…who can touch my scars."

"Lord…Lord Cain!" He took this as the hint it was meant to be and moved up the hand beneath my shirt, his fingertips dancing along the sensitive skin on my back.

"You were never useless to me."

Riff's hand was firmly pressed against my skin, its heat sinking into me. In a single motion he leaned forward and our lips connected. His lips were so soft, and he was being so teasingly gentle wit the way he was kissing me. I was enjoying this and he obviously was too. When he pulled back I noticed the tears building up and how he was forcing them back.

"I love you." Riff's voice caressed my ears.

"I-" My voice was silenced as two approaching pairs of footsteps signaled the arrival of people. As I glanced over at where the sound was coming from my heart quickened and I buried my head in Riff's chest to stifle the gasp I let loose. Now I could feel two sets of shocked eyes burning into us. A male's voice sounded off, causing Riff to wince at the suddenness of it.