"Dear brother, you truly do disgust me." Sickly sweet, Jizabel's faux affection soured the pure air sifting through shadowed trees. Light - filtered through fierce jade leaves – reflected off the circular lenses of his glasses and concealed vehement eyes lying behind them. His body relied on the strength of the tree trunk to hold his body while he stared half-heartedly at the distraught Cain and his forbidden lover. The man he set out to destroy was finally his. He truly was a terrible creature.

Cassian stepped into view with a limp Mary Weather in his arms. Despite Cain's shouts of protest, he refused to leave the delicate girl alone. A bittersweet smirk readjusted his lips. The child he held was placed in a sitting position with the very tree Jizabel was using to support himself against her tiny back. He glanced at the doctor expectantly, desiring praise, though the man denied him even a simple noise or look.

"Oh, I knew I forgot to mention a small thing to you…" Jizabel remained in place as he watched Cain fall, wrinkling the fabric of his shirt in his hands. "…although, it is rather important factor relating to your current distress."

Always a faithful manservant, Riff knelt beside his fallen master with worry choking his gentle eyes. All he could do was sit, captured in the arms of a vicious silence. Cain grasped the sides of his head with pain twisting down his lips. In a violent turn of events, he had become a victim of suffering reminiscent to what he felt not all that long ago. He had much to defend, yet in this state he was vulnerable. And in the sight of his rival as well!

The faces of Riff and Jizabel had begun to dim and contort themselves into odd shapes. He couldn't lose this battle; all he needed to do was hold on a little longer. This was impossible, though. A gasp forced open his mouth. He felt as if there was a dagger being driven into his skull, deeper and deeper with each wave of hurt. Without any warning he could no longer feel. Deep, dark and hollow, darkness engulfed him and everything seemed to halt.

"My, my, my. Really, you two are all the more pathetic than I assumed." A smirk relaxed Jizabel's features. Grim delight tickled him as he watched when Cassian crept behind Riff and smashed his foot into the back of the poor man's head. His merciless companion merely shrugged as they made eye contact for the first time in weeks. "Cassian…I would like for you two patch up our Riffael. Be sure not to damage him any more than you already have. After all, Cain would not enjoy it if he woke to a dead servant and could not order anyone else to tie his shoes…He would have never expected someone so close to him to…poison his tea."

Groans penetrated the thick silence. Cain exhaled heavily, forcing himself to sit upright. Still groggy from the fall, it took him moments to realize the place in which he had awoken. Cool metal caused a tingle to erupt on the skin of his palms, much unlike the smooth of his sheets. His eyes trailed over the thick bars and up to the sheet of metal plastered upon the bars. It finally began to sink into his mind that he had been forced into a cage.

But when…?

"C-Cain!" Mary Weather's shriek quivered throughout the entire room. From across a small patch of a stone walkway, her frail figure could be seen trembling in another cage. As frightened as she was, she felt she needed to keep composure, even though her brother knew how terrified she was. "How are we going to get out of here?"

"You aren't." Smug and victorious, Jizabel had walked into the room completely unnoticed. His intimidating presence and knowing smirk caused Mary Weather to slink back as far as she could, her whimpers increasing in force.

"I don't really understand what form of pleasure you attain from the suffering of others, but leave Mary Weather out of your plans." Cain was clearly allowing his anger to take a dominant position in his actions. He could see Cassian's silhouette as he dragged a frantic Mary Weather from her cage. As much as she screamed and wriggled, she was never let go.

The quiet gleam of metal caught the attention of golden eyes that momentarily averted their focus from Cassian to the scalpel Jizabel held calmly between two elegant fingers. Fear widened Cain's usually calm eyes. Though, it was fear more for his sister than for himself. The thought of the horrid things that could happen with the small object worried him the most.

"N…No! L-leave me alone!" Mary Weather squirmed, desperation for life blossoming in her stomach. She felt the rapid thumping of her heart rattling the cage of flesh and bone. Little tremors shook her body when Jizabel loomed over the table on which she was strapped to.

"You may not enjoy this, dearest Cain." The scalpel within Jizabel's hands pressed against the child's pale flesh. Lush and crimson, blood swelled up from the opened skin. Screams – from both the girl and her brother – caressed the doctor's ears. He proceeded in the removal of the child's eyes, enraptured by the sounds oozing from her pained body when his fingers slipped in and ripped out her eyes.

"…Why…?" Defeated and hateful, Cain's wide eyes attempted to penetrate the force fields of his enemy's eyes. However, he received no answer but a shy shrug of curved shoulders. Fragments of words lingered on his tongue. This man was a cruel person, taking the lives of an innocent child only to inflict pain on someone he so desperately desired to hate. It was amazing how he could continue to live on in such a morbid life filled with brutality.

"I have complete control over you." A violet colored glass was waved in front of the young earl's face. "This is the antidote to the beautiful poison infecting your body. Seeing as how you lost something terribly important to you, I am right in assuming that you will do whatever it is that I ask? If that is not the case then…Let us stray from that thought for a moment. You need Riff to survive. Now what would become of you if I were to snip the strings that bind you together? I wonder…Your suffering brings me great joy. You see, my glorious Cain, my tainted and confused Cain, I care too much for you to allow you the pleasure of a perfect life. I truly love you when you cry those heart-crushing, childish, tainted tears."

Cain was unaware of Cassian standing behind him, easing a needle into his arm. Dazed, he felt heavy lids shut out the world while pain ravaged him. He lost. And therefore he was nothing more than a failure. Soon intoxicated by the drug now writhing in his bloodstream, he smiled up at Jizabel. His arm slipped between bars and aimed for the doctor. Jizabel's blood-soaked fingers intertwined with Cain's in an affectionate manner, a genuine smile destroying the barrier he had held up for so long.

"I don't…" Cain felt a familiar taste of salt staining his tongue that came from the tears unwillingly forming in his eyes. He felt somehow apathetic, with only a newly developed desire for Jizabel to keep him grinning. His head cocked to the side when the doctor knelt down and their other hands connected. "I don't understand…but for you I will try."

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