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Rukia sat on the bed as she entered the room, she breathed in deeply and absorbed her surroundings, it hadn't changed one bit. It was still tiny and still looked the same, how could someone with such a colourful vocabulary have a room pretty much void of colour?

She hadn't seen Ichigo for a while and was looking forward to seeing the shock on his face when he entered the room. Rukia heard the activities of a Kurosaki family dinner and laughed lightly at the fathers antics. They still had a while to go from what she could tell.

She stood up from the bed and headed towards the desk and looked at the items, there was his latest homework, which seemed to have already been done. It contained a mixture of letters and numbers that she decided to avoid. She looked at the remainder of the bare desk and one thing stood out, a picture which was face down. She picked it up and a small delicate smile graced her features, this was a picture of both of them just before she left for Soul Society. She looked rather shocked by the flash and he had a cocky grin. She placed it back down, face upwards, towards the ceiling.

Her eyes then shifted towards the closet and she made her way towards it opening the door. She slightly gasped, it was exactly the same as before, he had even kept her trashy manga. She picked one up and began to read it. After a while she yawned lightly and looked towards Ichigo's bed, it did rather look comfy. Maybe she could just rest her eyes for a while.

Rukia sighed dragging herself over to his bed and lay down taking in the scent of her friend. Almost immediately after her had hit the pillow she was slightly snoring and a large smile graced her features as she hugged the pillow and curled into herself.

Ichigo's dinner had been more troublesome then usual and it seemed that his father was more active than usual, it was like his dad knew something he didn't. He also insisted that Ichigo invite Rukia for a visit.

"If only I could", he muttered darkly.

He sighed infront of his door preparing for the emptiness that greeted him every time he entered the room. Ichigo opened the door and flicked the switch turning on the light. The emptiness wasn't present. Something was different he thought to himselft, there was an odd smell. Almost as if Rukia was here, he mused.

He looked towards his bed and frowned, she was here, lying upon his bed. Curled up into a little ball hugging his pillow and messing up his bed. He had half the mind to throw her off and shove her in the closet. The other half of his mind was telling him to let her be.

Ichigo growled as the latter half of his mind won and went towards his closet, taking her sheet and placing it upon the small shinigami, all the while making sure he didn't wake her up. He turned towards his door and flicked the light switch then sat on his chair at his desk getting settled and looked towards Rukia sighing softly.

"I missed you too."

So what did you think? Better or worse?