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They had staggered inside, completely caked in mud, the both of them. I didn't know what to do. I thought perhaps they had gotten into another fight, but then, when Kyo-kun set Yuki-kun down on the couch, I was sure something had changed. Af first I was unsure, but then I watched Kyo-kun wipe Yuki-kun's forehead, and even brought him a blanket...oh, Yuki-kun, if you had been concious, you would have seen the tender way Kyo-kun looked at you...it was just sweet.

I had never thought the two of them would reconcile, but now, I'm doing my laundry, and Kyo-kun stops by in the doorway, I'm sure this would have happened someday, no matter what the circumstances. It was so funny, so cute, such a long time ago, when Yuki-kun had that horrible ashtma attack, and Kyo-kun was watching him, standing back a little, afraid. It was so obvious to me that Kyo-kun had these feelings, and so obvious that he was locking them up. He was so fightened of admitting it, but now I think he'll find a more worthwhile way to take out his energy and anger.

"Uh, Tohru?" Kyo asks me. I already know what he's going to say, but I play along. Someday he'll have to tell someone who doesn't already know, so why doesn't he get it some practice?

"Yes?" I reply, moving the iron along a crease in one Shigure's spare kimonos.

"Uh, you know that day last week when...it was raining, and I spent the afternoon in the woods?"

"Yes?" This'll be priceless.

"Well...me 'n Yuki...we're kinda..."

"What is it, Kyo-kun?" I wish I had a camera. This would make Japan's Funniest Home Videos for sure!

"Together. We're together." Kyo's blushing so hard, I think he might burst into flames. Should I torture him some more...no, that would just be cruel.

"Kyo-kun, that's wonderful!" I exclaim, my feelings finally bursting through after I've pretended not to notice for the entire week - I wanted to wait until they were ready to tell me. "I always knew it, I knew from the way you looked at him, I knew! You were so put out when you found out you had to share a room with him, those times, poor awkward Kyo-kun, but now...!"

"Y-you're not mad?" Kyo's suprised expression is so cute! He really does look like a kitty sometimes!

"Why would I be mad? You two are so cute together!" I gush. "This is just so perfect!"

"Perfect?" He asks, looking a bit confused. I know what he's thinking - he's thinking I'm in love with someone else, but that's not true. Maybe someday, I will find happiness, and but they come first. I've had so many years of happiness with my mom, and even earlier, with my father, while Yuki-kun's been locked away and Kyo-kun will be (not if I can help it!), they deserve a little ice cream at the end of the lima beans!


I've got no right to go falling in love.

I've got no right to desert you.

I've got no right to put myself before you.

I've got no right to shame you like that.

The number one place in my heart

Will always be your's,


"Y-you're sure about this?"

"Yes." Kyo insisted calmly, handing the girl behind the counter his application.

"B-b-b-bu-bu..." The girl's, who's name Kyo did not know, eyes grew very round. She glanced at the name on the application form (Sohma Kyo) to Kyo's face (indifferent, slightly impatient), and to the senior behind her (Minagawa Motoko). She spoke again, trying to harness some sanity. "B-but y-you hate him!"

"I thought I did. I changed my mind."

"W-well, it's not l-like you're the first guy..." The girl turned around and handed the application to Motoko. At her words, Haru, Manabe Kakeru and Takei Makoto waved from the assembled group inside the room, Haru winked at Kyo, but Kyo did not back down.

"We'll proccess your application," Motoko told Kyo after a moment's study of the sheet of paper. "Obviously some exceptions must be made to the rules in your case, because you have testified that you cannot arrange alternate living arrangements, due to family circumstances, but you do understand that you will not be allowed to talk to him without at least two other members of this club, touch him unless in very crowded circumstances, or any other kind of infracton upon the rules?"

"On second thought," Kyo told her, smiling politely. "Get me the hell out of here." He turned tail, and ran for his life's worth.

"Hey, you're missing out!" Manabe called after him.

"Well, maybe he's the smart one. We don't even get dental...or health benefits..." Haru complained. Motoko turned around swiftly, having previously been yelling at Kyo's back.

"SHUT IT!" She roared in his face. Haru held up a hand, and was about to say the words "say it don't spray it", but decided it wouldn't really help in this circumstance, and shut it.

"Psh," Said the pig-tailed girl. "We don't need scum like him in the Prince Yuki Fan Club, anyway."

I suppose I'm glad they're happy. I don't really know. I don't know if I can feel happy anymore - there's only one thing that makes me happy.


But we'll never be like they are, at least not any time soon, I know that. She's too controlling, I'm too obedient, Kureno-kun and Ren are in the way, so I guess I'm just jealous. Maybe I was supposed to be jealous, maybe that's just how it has to be. I don't want to envy them, but sometimes I see them, walking together when they think I'm inside, holding hands, just talking, singing together, writing poems, arguing playfully, side by side, and when they do get into a fight, they're willing to work for a solution. I can't help but want that, because when we get into an argument, it's her way, her way, all the time. There's no innocence, no sweet, childish love between us.

But now it's too late. I took hers away, and she'll never be that way again. I was greedy. I pushed too hard, far to hard. I didn't know when to stop, I still don't, and now she'll never be that happy, sweet, innocent child again. But of course, by the time I ruined her, it was too late. She was already gone, or she was going. That's what I tell myself, and perhaps it is true. But she was never happy, so I figured I might was well give her a slice of pleasure to make up for it.

But I didn't. I know I didn't.

She was in pain, I know. I could see it in her eyes, although she was far too proud to tell me so. I was a fool - I am a fool. I know what we're doing together, me and her - we can't be happy, we can't be peaceful, we can't be in tune the way they are, so we're trying to ruin it for them. But she doesn't know, not yet - I will have to tell her, I know that, but I'm unwilling, for once - so she's trying to ruin the sweetest, most innocent of them all - but I know she can't hurt the sweet little flower, not the way she thinks she can, anyway, because I haven't told her.

I'm unwilling, for once, because I know they'll never forgive me. I will tell her, because I know them never forgiving me is an eternity better than her not forgiving me. I'm unwilling, for once, because they're so happy, and it's almost managing to warm my cold heart. I will tell her, because my heart can never be warmed. I'm unwilling, because the sweet flower will be heartbroken if they're unhappy. But I will tell her, because the sweet flower is nothing, nothing at all, compared to her.

Their lovely Tohru wilts, in my eyes, when compared to my precious Akito.

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